Poor Boyz Productions


Poor Boyz is an award winning film production company on the forefront of action sports. Since 1994 Poor Boyz has produced over 15 full-length films, focusing mainly on skiing and windsurfing, across the globe.


In early 2014 Poor Boyz teamed up with Coors Light for their Break the Ice campaign and tasked Maimed & Tamed with finding the perfect song to accompany footage they captured while filming in Detroit.


M&T coordinated the placement of “Hostage” by Aubergine Machine in the web-only edit that featured snowboarders Mason Aguirre and Christian Connors along with skier Cam Riley. The song complements the ethereal nature of the footage while still maintaining a certain edge that reflects the gritty streets of Detroit. M&T negotiated licensing fees with the artist’s publishing representatives and executed the master use and synch agreements, ensuring a hassle-free placement and clearance process for Poor Boyz.

Poor Boyz Productions

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