October 2013

Between the crisp air and the leaves starting to turn, it’s quite clear that it’s fall here in New England. M&T favorites Big Scary may have best described the turning of seasons in their 2010 song “Hamilton”– “It’s the time of year when the morning keeps you under the sheets.” It’s that time of year where we wish we could sleep a bit later with some hot cider at our bedside when we finally do rise, but now that summer is gone we’ve started sifting through new tunes to bring you 20 fresh tracks to accompany all of your favorite apple flavored treats.

Our October Spotify playlist features a spattering of artists from various genres and regions of the world. From New Zealand dance-pop quintet The Naked and Famous to Brooklyn folk duo This Frontier Needs Heroes, and of course everything else in between. Check out the full playlist below and make sure to subscribe for 20 brand-spanking-new tracks every month!

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