July Spotify Playlist of the Month

Coming back at you in July with another big-time playlist. This month features 65 fresh jams from the likes of Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Read More

Newport Folk Fest 2017: Highlights

Newport Folk and its now-veteran booker Jay Sweet has proven itself to fans year after year. This year, the festival asked us to trust. Read More

August + September 2017 Spotify Playlist of the Month

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September Spotify Playlist of the Month

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As the sun sets on summer, we can’t help but look back on all of the incredible festivals and shows we have seen from Bonnaroo to Newport and Summerfest to Solid Sound, we’ve been quite busy since June. As we turn to fall, it has become quite clear that plenty of bands are vying for that “Best of the Summer” title since we’ve seen an outpouring of amazing music over the past month. So much so that we’ve expanded our September playlist to 40, yes you read that right, 40 brand new jams that are guaranteed to tantalize your earholes.

Over 40 tracks we cover new songs from old favorites like Tan Vampires, The Dodos, and Okkervil River and also highlight tracks from groups like Dent May, Ebony Bones!, Pond, Diarrhea Planet, and many more. Take a listen to the full playlist below and make sure to subscribe for another 20 fresh tunes in October.

August Spotify Playlist of the Month

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It’s becoming a theme with our monthly Spotify playlists, but where did summer go again? Luckily we’ve still got another solid 8 weeks or so until the crisp September chill sets in and we start putting back pumpkin beers like fall won’t be back in 2014. Until then we’ve got 20 fresh jams for you to enjoy during the dog days of summer. Our August Spotify Playlist features new tracks from local favorites like Speedy Ortiz, Jetty, and Bent Shapes along with acts like Smallpools, Buffalo Tales and our good friends from Jay Kill and the Hustle Standard. As always you can check out the full playlist below and make sure to subscribe for another 20 freshies to fill your headphones next month.

July Spotify Playlist of the Month

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We have no idea how it is July already, but after criss-crossing the country on our summer festival trek we are about ready to kick back on the beach with a beer and some good tunes. Lucky for us, the past month has brought us a wealth of incredible new music that is featured in our July playlist. This month highlights songs from local artists like Potty Mouth, and Sarah Blacker along with fresh tunes from M&T faves like Hop Along, Tango In The Attic, Joy Kills Sorrow, and Houndmouth. Take a listen to the full playlist below and make sure to subscribe for 20 new tracks each month!

June Spotify Playlist of the Month

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June means summer and summer means festivals. This summer we’ve already visited the inaugural Boston Calling and there’s plenty more on the docket with Bonnaroo, Solid Sound, Summerfest, Newport Folk Festival and more on the horizon for the M&T crew. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves as we’ve got 20 new tracks for you to enjoy right now while sipping on your ice cold summer refreshment of choice. Our June Spotify playlist features some names familiar to M&T readers like Typhoon and Gold & Youth, some newfound favorites such as Mikal Cronin and a healthy helping of local artists like Old Abram Brown, Tallahassee, Tall Heights, Hallelujah the Hills, and The Dwells.

Take a listen to the full playlist below and make sure to subscribe for 20 brand new tracks every month.

May Spotify Playlist of the Month

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We know it goes without being said, but April was quite the trying month here in Boston. One thing that’s true is that through any sort of tragedy, music will always be there and it has been amazing to see the Boston music community come together after April 15th. Our blogging counterparts over at Allston Pudding put together a mixtape of over 100 songs in a mere three days following the marathon, local musician/artist Dan Blakeslee created Hearts for Boston which has become a trademark image of the relief efforts, and not to mention various other musical projects that have popped up across the city in an effort to help out the victims and their families.

Music can also be a great distraction from tragedy and heartbreak and we hope that our playlist for the month of May will help to put your mind at ease. This month we feature new tuneage from local Boston artists such as Pretty & Nice and Quilt along with some M&T faves like The Shouting Matches, Futurebirds, Phosphorescent, and Kishi Bashi. Enjoy the fresh tracks, subscribe for 20 new jams every month, and stay Boston Strong!

Spotify Playlist of the Month April 2013

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April brings plenty of great things like The Masters, Record Store Day, The High Holiday, and also with this April we have 20 brand spanking new tracks that are certainly worth checking out. For you M&T faithful out there you’ll certainly recognize some names such as Only Real, The Cribs, Marques Toliver, and Wildlife Control among others. There are also plenty of fresh names that we are very excited to share with you all, like Phox and We Were Evergreen to name a few. Plug in, enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe for new music every month!

Spotify Playlist of the Month March 2013

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March marks the beginning of spring and also the release of lots of killer new music. Bands are preparing for SXSW in just over a week and with that comes touring and of course new tuneage. This month’s playlist features a healthy helping of Boston area artists including We Avalanche, Jesse Dee, Sea Monsters, Jake Hill & Deep Creek, Kingsley Flood, The Susan Constant, and Black Light Dinner Party. Needless to say, Boston is bringing it in the month of March. Check out the full playlist below and make sure to subscribe for 20 fresh jams every month!

Soundtrack for the Single and Scorned, Part Two

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Two years ago, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we channeled our inner misanthrope and brought you The Soundtrack for the Single and Scorned. This February we’re back with another round-up of our favorite songs about love lost. Songs from both write-ups can be found on the full Spotify playlist.

Haim – “Better Off”

I’m going there: “Better Off” is the break-up song of our generation.* Danielle, singing lead guitarist of the girl group, tells her man to get gone with the embitterment of a wronged baby mama on Jerry Springer. Danielle shouts ballsy exclamations like, “You fucked me up/ What am I to do now?” only to follow it up with a wistful rumination about how good the couple was together.  The stream-of-consciousness song lyrics read like the transcript of an angry voicemail. Not only does the song appeal to the angry ex that lives in all of us, but the driving snare-rim beat and that slinky guitar riff make “Better Off” undeniably catchy.

*Excluding anything Fiona Apple has ever written, naturally.

Fleet Foxes – “The Shrine / An Argument”

Christopher Owens – “Part of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)”

Fiona Apple – “Werewolf”

This playlist would be moot without the Patron Saint of Heartbreak. And leave it to Fiona to come out the gate strong. Within the first minute of “Werewolf,” she accuses her lover of biting off her head and leaving her for dead… metaphorically, of course.

The Antlers – “I Don’t Want Love”

Neil Young – “Down By The River”

Jesse Dee – “Reap What You Sow”

Jesse Dee, a staple on the Boston music scene, proves here that break-up songs don’t have to be all doom and gloom. “Reap What You Sow” will have Jesse’s ex dancing out the door.

The Cure – “Pictures of You”

The Mountain Goats – “Woke Up New”

My Morning Jacket – “Tyrone”

This classic break-up anthem is peppered with some much-needed comic relief. “I’m getting tired of your shit / You don’t ever buy me nothin’” has got to be one of the best opening lines of all-time. Whether you listen to Erykah Badu’s original recording, or the excellent My Morning Jacket cover, take heed of Tyrone’s grave mistake: freeloaders get dumped.

The Vaccines – “Post Break-Up Sex”

Elvis Costello & the Attractions – “I Want You”

Fleetwood Mac – “Silver Springs” (Live Album Version)

The lyrics of “Silver Springs,” which detail the demise of Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham’s tumultuous relationship, are biting on their own. But to truly experience “Silver Springs,” watch the video footage of Fleetwood performing the classic track in 1997. Even twenty years after their split, the on-stage tension between Nicks and Buckingham is unprecedented. Stevie glares down Buckingham (it’d be safe to assume she’s trying to suck out his soul), all while chanting, “You’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you.” It’s uncomfortable, compelling and beautiful, all at once.


Summer In The Winter

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Let’s face it, winter in New England can suck. Walking a mile plus to work with ice cold gusts blowing off of a frozen Charles really puts a damper on your spirit. I’ve chosen that the best way to deal with this is drown my sorrows in surf rock and warm tunes that make me think of summer. In this playlist you will find a wide range of jams.

70’s British surf rock band The Barracudas book end the list with classic tributes to summer and the “surf scene of London”. In between, you’ll find classic instrumental pieces by The Fleshtones and The Rumblers while also getting a taste of current lo fi rockers Slow Animal and Ty Segall. Accompanying these artists you will find the punk rock beach scene of Guards and FIDLAR who declare that it’s time to “Stop wearing tight jeans, and put on some board shorts.” Of course, any playlist that is going to be reminiscent of a chill, low-key day at the beach is going to have some slower jams which are provided by Washed Out’s classic “Feel it All Around”, Wavves new single “Demon to Lean On” and Real Estate’s hit “Easy”.  Just for good measure, I had to throw in The Hollies legendary “Long Cool Women” because, who doesn’t like that song?

Either way, hope this gets you through the next couples of months and I plan on seeing you on the beach this summer.

Spotify Playlist of the Month February 2013

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Holy shit it’s February already!? We have no idea where January went, but with a new month comes 20 new tunes to fill your earholes with. This month features some familiar faces like Tim Noyes of Aunt Martha, and The Lone Bellow along with some new music from some of our favorite local Boston artists like Friendly People, Stereo Telescope, Larcenist, and Moe Pope. Remember to subscribe for 20 fresh tracks each month!