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New Music Mondays

Not So New Music Monday

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I know that everyone was disappointed with the lack of new music last Monday, so I figured I would come back with something a little more different and spice things up a bit. This Van Mo track is perfect for the transition into the cold winter months and also appears on my favorite Van Morrison album of all time, Hard Nose the Highway. Not only does that album kick ass all the way through, it also has some of the most creative and intricate album artwork I have ever seen. I used to have the album hung up in my room and every time I looked at it I discovered something new in the artwork. Needless to say, this track is hardly new, but if you don’t have Hard Nose the Highway then you are not my friend.

New Music Mondays: Silver Swans

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Silver Swans have been making some waves recently in the music world and if you haven’t heard of them, they are a “dream pop” duo out of San Francisco and you can listen to the title track off of their new Secrets EP below. This track really caught my attention when I first heard it and you can definitely tell why it is classified as dream pop. Listening to this song makes you feel like lead singer Ann Yu (also singer of LoveLikeFire) is whispering to you during a dream…yes it’s that good. The Silver Swans also do a cover of “Anyone’s Ghost” by the National which you can listen to below as well. Any band who does a great cover of the National is ok in my book. Thanks to Britt for the suggestion.

New Music Mondays: Generationals

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The New Orleans band Generationals are releasing a new EP tomorrow called Trust. Take a listen to one of the new tracks “Victim of Trap” below.

New Music Mondays: Kite Club

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Kite Club, which is actually just the musical moniker for Aussie artists Nicholas Futcher, has been all over the blogosphere recently and I believe that it would be a shame if we didn’t post about him on Maimed and Tamed. He very well could be the next Passion Pit or dare I say Animal Collective for all of you die hard freaks out there. Listen to the tracks below and download them for free here: http://kiteclub.bandcamp.com/album/goodtime-tea-show

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