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New Music Mondays

New Music Mondays: My Morning Jacket

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After releasing the title track off their forthcoming album Circuital just under two weeks ago, My Morning Jacket has released yet another tasty nugget to hold fans over until May 31st. The new track “Holdin On To Black Metal” is available for preview on the band’s Facebook page along with an announcement for their album release show at the Louisville Palace Theatre on May 31st. Needless to say “Holdin On To Black Metal” has exponentially increased my MMJ chubby after listening to “Circuital” about ten times a day since last week. With the newest track MMJ blends fuzzy guitar riffs with not only Jim James’ falsetto vocals but also those of a backing female chorus. Clearly MMJ is pulling out all of the stops for Circuital  and I cannot wait to see what kind of live performance they build around it at Bonnaroo. Hopefully the band will keep the tracks and tour dates coming as the release date for Circuital nears. To keep up to date with all the latest MMJ news make sure to join their Roll Call Fan Club and keep checking back at M&T.

New Music Mondays: The One AM Radio

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This week we have new music coming to you from the musical mind of Hrishikesh Hirway aka The One AM Radio. His latest EP Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread was released last week. I first stumbled across The One AM Radio last year by literally almost doing just that…the album artwork for his EP This Too Will Pass caught my eye in a local record store and I made the blind–or rather, deaf–purchase. The album was great, with the warm acoustic tones and dark imagery enhanced even more through the sound of the vinyl. I came to find out soon after that Hirway originates locally from Massachusetts and most of the album was even mastered in nearby Danvers. But Hirway’s latest release shows a very versatile switch over, with many of the songs relying on electronically produced beats and lighter melodies, occasionally brightened by a horn section appearance. Listen to the first 3 songs off The One AM Radio’s latest release right here.

New Music Mondays: Rubblebucket

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This week NMM features Brooklyn via Boston band Rubblebucket. The move to New York has become so prominent amongst breakthrough Boston acts that this year’s Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll features a category named “Best Asshole who Moved to New York.” Rubblebucket’s upcoming album Omega La La isn’t due out until June, but right now the band is offering a special free download of the album in full on their website. All you have to do is sign up for a mailing list and join their page on Facebook, which for me was a no-brainer. After seeing Rubblebucket perform in my hometown over the summer it was easy to see why they were voted Boston’s Best Live Act in 2009 as well as garnering praise from SPIN Magazine as a must-hear artist from 2009’s CMJ festivities. With 8 full-time band members you would think that the stage (and their sound) would get crowded at times, but it is quite the opposite. High energy, smooth rhythms and blaring horns are hallmarks of Rubblebucket’s live shows and on their newest album they have had tremendous success in capturing this sound. Led by singer/tenor sax player Kalmia Traver and singer/trumpet player Alex Toth (both formerly of John Brown’s Body), the band is poised to break out with the release of Omega La La. They will be playing Brighton Music Hall on April 21st and I highly suggest that you snag your tickets for that one to catch what is sure to be a phenomenal live show. Take a listen below to the Omega La La track “Came Out of a Lady” which also appeared on their 2010 EP Triangular Daisies.

New Music Mondays: The Cars

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The legendary Boston rockers are back with their first release since 1987’s Door to Door. After nearly 25 years away from the music scene, the band has reunited with their original lineup save for bassist Benjamin Orr who passed away in 2000. Although frontman Rick Ocasek had said multiple times that the band would never reunite, I personally am pretty excited that he didn’t keep that promise. With keyboardist Greg Hawkes and producer Jacknife Lee splitting the bass duties (with Hawkes paying tribute to Orr by playing a bass that once belonged to him) on the album, the band holds nothing back in trying to get back to their musical roots that made them one of the most prolific bands of the ’80s. After hearing everyone compare the new Strokes album to previous Cars records, it is great to hear some new music from the band themselves to prove that they can still hang with this generation’s new wave hipsters. Check out the track “Blue Tip” below while you wait for Move Like This to drop on May 10.

New Music Mondays: Eddie Vedder

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Pearl Jam fans just continue to get spoiled in 2011:  The re-release of Vs. and Vitalogy, talks of a Pearl Jam festival, a documentary, talks of a new album, and now an Eddie Vedder solo album.  Are you kidding me? I just wanted PJ to play Bonnaroo again…I guess I’ll settle for this.

We all got a taste of what Eddie can do with a ukulele when he did the soundtrack for Into The Wild, and now we will get the full on experience with his upcoming solo album, simply titled: Ukulele Songs.  The album will come out May 31st along with a DVD of Eddie’s solo tour from 2008.  The first single off the album is called: “Longing to Belong,” and it is just lovely. The combination of Eddie’s voice, sweet lyrics, and ukulele is just so soothing. So soothing.


New Music Mondays: The Dodos

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The Dodos are back with their fourth LP No Color which dropped last week. The album features Dodos mainstays Meric Long and Logan Kroeber, and also a diminished role for vibraphonist Keaton Snyder. Along with this trio who played together in support of 2009’s Time to Die, the boys from the Dodos are joined by songstress Neko Case of New Pornographers fame. Her backing vocals add a whole new aesthetic to the Dodos’ sound and you can hear it on the new track below, “Companions.” Of course the album is still filled with Long’s feverish finger picking and Kroeber’s bass drum driving each song forward. The Dodos made appearances at SXSW this past week and are in the midst of a North American tour in support of the new album. They will head off to Europe in April and May, but I expect to see them hit at least a few American festivals this summer.

New Music Mondays: The Strokes

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The Strokes’ first single off their forthcoming album Angles “Under Cover of Darkness” has been floating around for about a month now, and if you were starting to get hungry for a little more Strokin, your day has finally come. The Strokes are now streaming Angles in its entirety on their website. Listen to it here: http://new.thestrokes.com/featured/listen-to-angles-here

New Music Mondays: Oregon Bike Trails

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This track is a little over a month old, but I still think that it falls into the category of new music in terms of the exposure that it has gained since its release. Singer-songwriter Zach Yudin aka Oregon Bike Trails has released a flurry of tracks via his bandcamp page and for me “High School Lover” is one of my faves. I found a video for the song below on his blog and immediately fell in love with it. If you like what you hear definitely check out his bandcamp and grab those tracks while they are free.

New Music Mondays: Two Bicycles

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By now all of you know that I am obsessed with Vancouver’s Teen Daze and my recent discovery of his side project, Two Bicycles, has led me to develop a new obsession. Two Bicycles is much more laid back than Teen Daze’s My Bedroom Floor, but still retains some of the atmospheric basis of Beach Dreams without the lo-fi production touch. Two Bicycles is set to release an LP, The Ocean, in the coming months, but for now check out bandcamp for a little taste of what is to come.

New Music Mondays: Alexander Ebert

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We hope that you are all enjoying the lovely President’s Day holiday as much as we are here at M&T. Even though everyone has taken the day off from work, it is still a Monday and you know what that means…new music. With today’s edition of NMM we bring you the solo project of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros frontman, Alexander Ebert. His solo debut is simply titled Alexander and it will be available for purchase/download on March 1st. The first single, “Truth” has been floating around the blogosphere for quite some time now, but it was the more recently released “A Million Years” which really caught my ear. I think that the Newport Folk Festival put it best via tweet when they said, “‘A Million Years’ by Alex Ebert is the best song Paul Simon never wrote.” It certainly gives that afrobeat feel that was popularized by Simon in the ’70s, but we will let you make your own call after checking out the track below.