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New Music Mondays

New Music Monday: RHCP and Bush

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A couple of veteran rock groups are releasing new records this year and for both bands it should prove to be an intriguing second half of 2011. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are releasing their first album since parting ways with guitarist John Frusciante for the second time and Bush is making a comeback after going nearly 10 years without releasing a record.

It will be interesting to see how things shake out for these two rock and roll veterans, but right now I can tell you that RHCP’s lead single “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” is catchy as hell. RHCP’s I’m With You drops in late August and Bush’s Sea of Memories will be available in mid-September, in the meantime check out the singles from both bands below.

New Music Mondays: Liam Finn

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Although his newest record FOMO came out last month, it has taken me a few weeks to give Liam Finn’s latest release a proper listen. The follow-up to 2007’s I’ll Be Lightning (which has been on heavy rotation for me as well since we caught Finn at Solid Sound a few weeks ago) features some of the same driving drums and huge guitar sounds that can be heard on its predecessor. Tracks like “Neurotic World” and album closer and my personal favorite, “Jump Your Bones” keep you on the edge of your seat while the more laid back cuts like “Cold Feet” will be stuck in your head for days.

After seeing Finn absolutely own the stage at Solid Sound, I have already purchased my tickets to catch his show at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge and you should do the same by clicking here. If this show is anywhere near the energy level that Finn brought to Solid Sound, you’re not going to want to miss it. If you don’t believe me take a look at Finn playing I’ll Be Lightning‘s “Lead Balloon” at Solid Sound and then head on over to Paste to stream FOMO in its entirety.

New Music Mondays: Cymbals Eat Guitars

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Hello blogosphere, did you miss us? After working on our site a bit we are back on the interwebs and ready to share some tasty little music nugs with you. Since you probably have the bluest balls from no new music for two straight Mondays we figured what better way to start off the week than getting your nut (didn’t you miss my all my wonderful man parts references?) to a real fresh track from Cymbals Eat Guitars’ second full-length effort. The track, “Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)” will appear on Lenses Alien which is set to be released on August 30th. The song clicks in at about 8.5 minutes and could practically be three different songs. If this is any indicator of what the rest of the album will be like, then sign me up. Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments.

New Music Mondays: Dawes

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Even though they have been playing new tracks since last year, Dawes finally released their sophomore effort Nothing Is Wrong on June 7th. The new disc features guest stars such as Jackson Browne and brings more of the same pure, unadulterated folk rock that was found on their debut release North Hills. Check out a performance of the new single “Time Spent in Los Angeles” at last year’s Newport Folk Festival.

In a Buzzing Boston Music Scene, Sea Monsters are Queen Bee

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Bringing together some of Boston’s finest players and blending musical styles and backgrounds that include rock, soul, punk, roots, folk, funk, blues and jazz, Christian McNeill and Jesse Dee originally started the Sea Monsters collective as a Sunday night jam session. The stage at Somerville’s Precinct would serve as a platform for the Irish-born punk rocker and R&B throwback to craft and fine-tune each others songs while having a great time playing music with a very talented group of friends.


That was 2007. A 3+ year residency in front of a packed Precinct every Sunday night and a 2010 Boston Music Award for “best ongoing residency” later, the Sea Monsters movement has organically grown into one of the city’s most desired live acts to see with Christian McNeill at the helm. Joining McNeill (guitar, vocals) on stage on most Sunday nights is the aforementioned Jesse Dee (guitar, vocals), Tom Arey (drums), Michael Miksis (bass, vocals), Lyle Brewer (electric guitar), Ben Zecher (keys), and Boston’s hardest working horn section, brothers John (sax) and Scott (trumpet, vocals) Aruda. And on any given Sunday night, keeping in the anything-goes-spirit of the Sea Monsters movement, an honorary guest will sit in to join the musical orgy, undoubtedly providing a unique songwriters-in-the-round style of set that will blow your mind. It may even be the first time some of the musicians on stage have played that guest’s songs, but you can put MY house on it that the execution will be tight and the band will offer a fresh approach to the tunes of one of your favorite Boston songwriters. Such honorary Sea Monsters have included Tim Gearan, Dwight Ritcher, Nicole Nelson, Reva Williams, Ryan Montbleau, Will Dailey, Dennis Brennan, and Jimmy Ryan just to name a few.


With their Sunday night residency coming to a close in early 2011, Christian McNeill led the troops into the studio to embark on a new challenge – to translate their live sound and McNeill penned tunes to record. Through January and February at Q-Division Studios in Somerville’s Davis Square, the band recorded 10 songs for their debut album which is slated for fall. However, the first single, a 7” vinyl of the frenetic “Zero”, was released on May 19th on Q-Dee Records and can be streamed and purchased with its b-side, “Don’t Make Me Wait”, below for your listening pleasure.


Sea Monsters – “Lucky” Live from their debut single release party at Q-Division Studios

New Music Mondays: Portugal. The Man

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On this lovely Memorial Day Monday, it’s pretty fitting we feature a band that has never stopped working to provide your ears and minds with auditory and sensory gold. Since breaking into the scene in 2006 as relative unknowns with Waiter: “You Vultures!”, P.TM has banged out 5 (5!) more full lengths since then with the newest, In The Mountain, In The Cloud due out in July. These guys are some of the most versatile musicians out there today, able to dazzle live both acoustically and electrically and their album recordings never fail to disappoint. Check out two tracks off of the upcoming release that is sure to find its way on to the endless summer repeat.

New Music Mondays: Bon Iver

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Last week Justin Vernon and the boys of Bon Iver gave us a look into their new album Bon Iver, Bon Iver with the single “Calgary.” Unfortunately for the band, iTunes accidentally posted the whole album, instead of just the single, and before they could remedy the situation the album started popping up all over the internet. Although the album has seen the light of day a month before its intended release date, I think it’s fair to say that Bon Iver fans have certainly waited long enough for the highly anticipated follow-up to the 2007 debut For Emma, Forever Ago. With “Calgary” Vernon has begun to explore a style that expands greatly on the simple acoustic tracks found in his first album. Very often an increase in instrumentation and production can completely tarnish the merit of the music, but with Vernon’s most recent work I think we all saw it coming based on his various collaborations with artists such as Kanye West. Take a listen to “Calgary” below and be a good fan and wait until June 21 to get your copy of Bon Iver, Bon Iver.

New Music Mondays: Ben Sollee

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Lexington, KY native Ben Sollee has been making beautiful music on his cello for the  better part of the last ten years. Sollee has collaborated with the likes of Bela Fleck, Jim James and Daniel Martin Moore, but his latest release Inclusions is a solo effort that dropped last week on Tin Ear Records. Sollee’s style is genre bending to say the least as it takes quite a bit of creativity to make an accessible cello album. Sollee says of his latest album, “As a teenager, I remember being obsessed with Lauryn Hill’s music at the same time my grandfather was teaching me old-time fiddle tunes; then I’d go to cello lessons and study Bach. This record sounds like that time of my life.” See what it sounds like for yourself by listening to “Embrace” below and be sure to check out Sollee’s Vimeo page for a few more well crafted videos from Inclusions.

New Music Mondays: SebastiAn

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Although this track has been around for nearly two months, the video is just too awesome not to share it. Total is the debut full-length release from French producer SebastiAn and the track that we are highlight today is the ridiculously catchy “Embody.” My roommate showed me this one when it first came out and I was blown away by both the song and the video. Come to find out, SebastiAn has guest appearances on his album from M.I.A., Mayer Hawthorne and Gaspard Augé from Justice. With names like that on your debut LP you know you must be doing something right. Check out the video for “Embody” below and I guarantee you will start dancing right away.

New Music Mondays: The Antlers ‘Burst Apart’ from Expectations

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"Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out"

On their newly-minted second album Burst Apart, The Antlers easily defy the dreaded sophomore slump.  The group set the bar high with their first effort, Hospice.  The 2009 album was conceptualized almost solely by vocalist and guitarist Peter Silberman.  The story centers around a terminally-ill cancer patient, and its rawness won rave reviews.  Though a listen to Hospice provides an emotional sucker punch unlike many other records, Burst Apart won’t disappoint their fanbase.  ‘You wanna climb up the stairs/ I wanna push you back down” opens up the album, in true Antlers form.  However, Burst Apart isn’t a sequel to their first album, nor does it try to be.  Silberman has said, “This is not a sad record.  It’s sort of energetic and, in its way, psychedelic… It’s a little less desperate.”  What Burst Apart may lack in emotive potency, it makes up for with a stronger sense of collaboration.  The trio boasts a more unified and full sound on the new record.  Opening track “I Don’t Want Love” showcases Silberman’s flawless falsetto, and the closer “Putting the Dog to Sleep” leaves us doubtless of the band’s songwriting prowess.  By the end of the album, it’s clear that The Antlers truly did burst apart from what was expected of them.  It paid off.

Burst Apart is set for release on May 10th, but check out NPR for an Exclusive First Listen at