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New Music Mondays

New Music Mondays: Alcoholic Faith Mission

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Danish indie rock vets Alcoholic Faith Mission are back with their fourth full-length album, Ask Me This. The record was just released in their native Denmark last week, but everyone in the States will have to wait until early 2012 to get their hands on a copy. The band was kind enough though to share a video for the lead track “Into Pieces” on their website to hold over all of us anxious Americans until January.

This one is right in M&T’s wheelhouse– attention-grabbing piano intro, gang vocals in the chorus, and a sea of synth layered with some falsetto throughout. Take a look and a listen to “Into Pieces” below and we will make sure to keep you updated on US tour dates that are sure to follow the release of Ask Me This.

New Music Mondays: The Decemberists

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This one has been blowing up the blogosphere all day, but we just had to share since The Decemberists are a favorite of M&T. The band recently announced that they will be releasing a 6 track EP titled Long Live The King which features mostly acoustic tracks that didn’t end up on The King is Dead. Although the track included below was originally released in 1973 by the Grateful Dead (and The Decemberists even included it as a B-Side to “January Hymn”), we are going to cheat a little bit and say that The Decemberists cover of “Row Jimmy” qualifies for New Music Mondays. Check out the track listing for the new EP below and take a listen to “Row Jimmy” while you are at it.

01. E. Watson
02. Foregone
03. Burying Davy
04. I 4 U & U 4 Me
05. Row Jimmy (Grateful Dead cover)
06. Sonnet

New Music Monday: Tyler Ramsey

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This week, we’ve got some fresher than fresh frontier folk for you from songwriter/guitarist Tyler Ramsey, better known as the lead guitarist for Band of Horses. Ramsey started out as a solo artist who was picked up by Ben Bridwell and the rest of Band of Horses to open for them during their 2007 tour. Ramsey and the band quickly meshed and before long, Ramsey brought his guitar skills into the band proper.

The Valley Wind is a beautifully crafted album, highlighted by the simplicity of Ramsey’s acoustic guitar plucking and his weathered Neil Young-esque vocals. Ramsey’s style is similar to Band of Horses western-themed rock, but stripped down to the bare essentials. Check out a few tunes off The Valley Wind (official release tomorrow) below, and make it an essential album for your fall road trip, especially if you happen to be heading west.

And check out the full album stream at AOL’s Spinner.

New Music Mondays: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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Last Friday night, some of the M&T crew and friends went to check out the Toro Y Moi show at the Paradise in Boston. Toro Y Moi, of course, did not fail to impress and put on a highly energetic and danceable show. But the true surprise of the night was opener Unknown Mortal Orchestra or UMO as they liked to call themselves. UMO apparently came out of nowhere a couple of months ago when their rambunctious self titled debut album was released and quickly picked up on by multiple blogs. UMO was dubbed “mysterious” at first because of their utter lack of publicity and photo appearances. But front man and UMO founder Ruban Nielson was anything but on Friday night. The New Zealand native catered to the crowd, was super friendly and appreciative and most importantly, seemed to have the poise of a lead guitarist/singer who has been performing for years. UMO’s tunes translate fantastically live, losing a little of the bedroom recorded vibe but retaining the vintage and funky feel found throughout the album. Check out two of the highlights from Unknown Mortal Orchestra below.

“Ffunny Ffrends”

“How Can U Luv Me”


New Music Mondays: And The Giraffe

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It is not very often that you come across music that has the ability to transport you to a completely different place. The guitars of Explosions in the Sky bring me to a long, dusty desert road to watch the sun set and The Low Anthem bring me to a simpler time, a time where I have never physically been but I can visit with the touch of a button.

There are a few other bands who have this ability, but I immediately thought of these two when I first listened to And The Giraffe and I think you will hear why when you listen too. Singer Nick Roberts brings to mind the somber yet endearing folk voice of Ben Knox Miller (a voice that also sounds aged well beyond his 20 years) and the guitar arrangements could very well be mistaken for Explosions in the Sky if you close your eyes and let them take you to that desert road.

Roberts is joined by friend Josh Morris to fill out the rest of And The Giraffe and I guess it only takes two to create my new favorite EP. Something For Someone is available for download now on the Gainesville duo’s bandcamp and you can pay what you want to get it. Take a listen to “Underground Love” and “Still” below and I think you will agree with the band when they sing on the latter, “We’re gonna be big stars someday.”

New Music Mondays: Dreamers of the Ghetto- “Tether”

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I came across this gem when I was reading IGIF the other day as they were debuting the video for “Tether.” The 4 piece group is signed to Temporary Residence and their debut LP Enemy/Lover is due out in early October, but for now the incredible video for “Tether” will certainly be enough to hold me over.

The band blends ambient soundscapes with the raspy vocals of frontman Luke Jones, while his brother Jonathan, wife Lauren and drummer Marty Sprowles fill out the rest of the lineup. Typically Bloomington, Indiana isn’t a breeding ground for up and coming bands, but I am certainly expecting big things from Dreamers of the Ghetto, check out the video for “Tether” below and I am sure you will feel the same way.

New Music Mondays: Atlas Sound

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It is pretty obvious that we dig Deerhunter here at M&T if you didn’t already notice from Neil and Jeff’s trip to NYC to catch them one more time before they wrapped up their 2011 tour schedule. When we caught wind of new Deerhunter related music of course we had to take a listen to the single from frontman Bradford Cox’s side project Atlas Sound. Parallax is set for release in November and the lead track “Terra Incognita” could very well go into the archives as an alien transmission from Planet Bradford.

The soft yet vast vocals build into a chorus of monosyllabic chants and slowly fade back into outer space from where they first came. Cox is the master of creating eerily beautiful music and after a few listens to “Terra Incognita” I can’t wait to hear what else he has in store for Parallax. Take a listen to the single below and if you want to catch Atlas Sound this year check out Moogfest.

New Music Mondays: Peter Wolf Crier

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This week we have a great new track from Peter Wolf Crier, who are set to release their sophomore album, Garden of Arms, on September 6th. The song is called “Settling it Off” and it’s a little different from anything off their debut album, Inter-be. It still has the haunting feel that Pisano and Moen do such a tremendous job creating, but it’s not as overwhelming as some of their other tracks. Most of their songs contain a fuzzy distortion sound with strong drumming and overlapping vocals. “Settling it Off” has more of a laid back feel to it and is a great addition to the duo’s repertoire.

We saw Peter Wolf Crier open for Dawes last year at the Royale in Boston. It was the first time that I was so impressed with an opening band that I went directly to the merch table after their set to pick up their album. It is unbelievable how much energy and how much sound these two produce. In fact, after seeing them perform “Hard as Nails” they snuck their way onto our Top 20 of 2010 list, that’s how good they were. They will be playing on September 27th at the Middle East (Upstairs) in Cambridge. I know a few Maimed and Tamers that are going to be there, and for only 10 bucks it will be well worth your time. Trust me.

New Music Mondays: Wilco

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Wilco posted this video on their website yesterday and even though it isn’t a full song I just had to share. The video is labeled as “Almost” which I am guessing means that this tasty little nugget is a portion of the lead track off of the forthcoming The Whole Love record which is titled “Art of Almost.”

I don’t know about all of you, but I cannot wait for this new Wilco record. “I Might” has been on repeat for me since I bought the special edition 7″ at the Solid Sound Festival back in June and with the fuzzed out guitar and psychedelic effects heard in this video I can barely wait until September 27th.

Make sure to check back to M&T for all of your Wilco updates, and remember to grab a ticket to their Boston show at the Wang Theatre on September 20th, we will be in the right center Orchestra Row R so come hang out.

New Music Monday: Cymbals Eat Guitars- “Definite Darkness”

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This week we’ve got another new track from Cymbals Eat Guitars forthcoming release Lenses Alien, which is set to release at the end of this month. “Definite Darkness” clocks in at slightly longer than half the length of “Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)” while still packing a heavy psych-pop punch. Trying to follow up their debut “Why There Are Mountains”, which was subsequently blown up by Pitchfork with the lofty endowment of a “Best New Music” tag, CEG seem to be free of pressure judging by the freshness of the first two tracks to come off of Lenses. Hear for yourself.