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New Music Mondays

New Music Mondays: The Big Pink

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British duo The Big Pink is back with their follow-up to 2009’s A Brief History of Love. Although we have been hearing “Stay Gold” off of Future This, there are plenty of other tracks to keep a look out for with the release of the record tomorrow.

After a few listens, there isn’t a knockout track on Future This like “Dominos”, but the boys from Britain have certainly come closer to perfecting the electro-pop sound that they began crafting back in ’09. Tracks like “1313” and “Rubbernecking” will satisfy those looking for more of the airy, arena-filling sound that Big Pink fans are used to, while “77” and “Hit The Ground (Superman)” delve into a more earnest and sincere side of synth rock.

With a solid follow-up to a breakthrough record, it will certainly be interesting to see how the public and the critics receive the 10 track 45 minute symphony of synth.

New Music Mondays: Wooden Dinosaur

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Now that the end of the year hullabaloo is finished, we are back to business as usual here at M&T, and with Mondays comes new music. Today we are featuring the new record from Vermont Americana group Wooden Dinosaur. Spaces, which will be released on February 7th, is the follow up to the band’s 2010 release Nearly Lost Stars.

The group is led by Michael Roberts, who some of you will recognize from his time with David Wax Museum. Roberts’ songwriting may cover some dark and weighty topics, but it is still quite endearing and charming in its own way.

In “Don’t Make It Hard” Roberts sings, “Wouldn’t mind if I could take you to my final resting place/I wouldn’t mind if I could take you there to stay,” but laid over a perfect blend of strings, soft horns and pedal steel guitar it almost sounds optimistic.The record is filled with elegant harmonies from Roberts and fiddler Katie Trautz especially on the album opener “Talking About Death.” Again here the title may be a bit misleading for a track that ends up being quite hopeful and inspiring. On the album closer “Feels Like Home” the pace picks up and Roberts leads a sing-along chorus that will have you tapping your foot in no time.

Check out the video for “I Shot A Gun” below and make sure to get yourself a copy of the record early next month.

New Music Mondays: LaRaisha & The Hustle Standard

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Our friend Charley Hustle is back with his second installation in The Hustle Standard series. This time around Charley has teamed up with Brooklyn songstress LaRaisha to produce a 5 song EP entitled Drums and Sass. We knew it would be difficult for Charley to follow up his work with Jake Hill on the first Hustle Standard EP, but what is beginning to make this series of releases so special is how dissimilar each release is to its predecessor.

On the first EP, New Men Old Boys, Jake and Charley attacked the songs with a swagger and attitude that was cooler than the other side of the pillow. With LaRaisha the songs are more subtle, more gentle, but that’s not to say that they aren’t as powerful. Take for example the opening track on Drums and Sass, “Tainted Hearts.” This track features a piano driven melody, LaRaisha’s smoky yet smooth vocals and tapping on beer bottles filled with water. Yup you read that last one correctly, and it is nuances like this that separate Drums and Sass from the previous Hustle Standard release.

You can stream the full EP on The Hustle Standard website (as well as in the player below) and purchase the EP on their bandcamp for the very worthwhile price of $1.

New Music Mondays: Nick Camillo

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One of the very few things that make Mondays tolerable is new music and this week we have got some tremendous new music coming to you from Nick Camillo whose debut album Ad Infinitum was released over the weekend. The album has its share of lush strings, soft harmonies and also an impressive vocal range from Camillo. Stand-out tracks include “Eight Foot Flower”, ” Silver and Sweet” and “Who Are You”, but you can make your own decisions on your favorites after downloading the album for free on his website.

New Music Monday: The Antlers

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Now that the turkey hangover is gone, who is ready for some new music? The Antlers are back with some fresh tunes on their latest release, (together), which became available last week. The EP is made up of remixes, and b-sides and alternate versions of tracks from their last full-length effort Burst Apart. The EP also features an interesting cover of The XX’s “VCR.” For fans of The Antlers it is definitely a step outside of the comfort zone found on Burst Apart and Hospice, but I wouldn’t recommend it for first time listeners. In order to appreciate what the band has done with (together) I think you would need to give Burst Apart plenty of spins first.

The track that jumped out at me was the 18+ minute version of “Parentheses” for which the band collaborated with Bear In Heaven. The only time that I have seen the band live is when they opened for Explosions in the Sky last month and I would be interested to see if they would experiment with an extended jam such as this one given a longer set time.

The entire album is available for streaming on Rdio and you can let us know what you think of the EP in the comments.

New Music Monday + EP Release Party: Kingsley Flood

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M&T favorites and darlings of the burgeoning Boston Americana scene, Kingsley Flood, are set to release their new EP Colder Still on January 10, 2012. The EP features 6 tracks including “I Don’t Wanna Go Home” which was released as a single earlier this year. The other tracks are familiar too, as we heard most of them performed at this year’s Nor’easter Festival.

Much like their previous release, Dust Windows, the band never settles into a distinct style, rather challenging themselves to incorporate elements of folk, bluegrass, punk and country throughout the EP. “I Don’t Wanna Go Home” immediately grabs your attention and I can guarantee will be stuck in your head for days. “Quiet Quiet Ground” provides the harmonies and banjo picking that seem perfect for a summer’s day on Newport harbor while “Mannequin Man” pushes the band more towards The Clash than Johnny Cash. The sonic diversity of Dust Windows was a breath of fresh air, and with Colder Still I was very pleasantly surprised to hear the band capture a comparable breadth of musical themes in just 6 songs.

If you want to hear all of the songs off Colder Still before January 10th then you are in luck. The band will be performing at the Lizard Lounge December 8-10 for a string of EP release shows and each of the three nights will feature different opening acts including another friend of the blog Jamie Kent. Take a look below for the full schedule of shows as well as a link to the event page for more info.

Kingsley Flood Boston EP Release Party:

Thursday, Dec. 8: Son of the Sun and Balthrop, Alabama

Friday, Dec. 9:  Paper Thick Walls and Swear & Shake

Saturday, Dec. 10: This Way and Jamie Kent


New Music Mondays: Trophys

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This elctro-synth trio out of Maidstone, England reminds me a lot of M&T favorite Teen Daze. Very much like their Canadian counterpart, Trophys combines synth and guitar to create dreamy, danceable soundscapes. Take a listen to their debut single “Electro Track” below and head over to their Tumblr page for more info.

New Music Mondays: The Black Keys

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Last week The Black Keys released the first single from their upcoming album El Camino. “Lonely Boy” is the first look into the Ohio duo’s second release in as many years and is the third straight record that they have sought the production skills of Danger Mouse. The band’s 7th LP is set to be released on December 6th although “Lonely Boy” will also appear on a special edition 12″ along with another new cut “Run Right Back” at the end of November.

New Music Mondays: Still Corners

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Creatures of an Hour is the full-length debut of London’s Still Corners and was officially released last week by Sub Pop. Led by American songwriter Greg Hughes and vocalist Tessa Murray, the band draws greatly on cinema as an inspiration as Hughes cites his passion for film as one of the main influences on the record. After reading an article about the band in Clash Music I had to share the track “Velveteen.”

The cinematic effect is very prominent on this song as the band mentions Alice in Wonderland as a direct influence. In the aforementioned Clash Music article the band notes, “Alice crosses the line entering into another world, a fantastical and strange world. Mute the original score and play Velveteen and follow Alice down the rabbit hole.”

I did just that and the result can be described as nothing short of eerie. I think it matches up best if you fast forward the clip to about 3:20 and then start “Velveteen.”  The airy vocals and atmospheric tone complement the film perfectly even though the two works were created over 100 years apart.

Take a listen to “Velveteen” below while you watch the Alice in Wonderland clip and if you will be in Boston this weekend you should strongly consider catching Still Corners at Great Scott on Saturday 10/22.