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New Music Mondays

New Music Mondays: Darlingside and Jamie Kent

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Two of our recent favorites, Darlingside and Jamie Kent, will be teaming up for a string of record release shows to promote their newest material. Darlingside has just released The Ancestor 7″ which features “The Ancestor” and “The Woods” as part of their subscription album Pilot Machines. In addition to the two songs, the group has also released a masterfully animated video by Eric Tostevin for the latter of the two tracks (see below).

Meanwhile Kent will be officially releasing his sophomore LP Navigation on April 20th. The album features work from Charles Neville on sax (of the Neville Brothers), Jon Graboff on pedal steel (Ryan Adams & The Cardinals), and Scott Murawski on electric guitar (Max Creek and the Mike Gordon band). The album takes on songs like “Rosalita” which is a staple of Kent’s live set and the title track which sounds to me like it could be a lost b-side from The Band.

Both bands will be performing together on Friday April 20th at the Iron Horse in Northampton and then will be individually playing shows in town on Saturday April 21st. Take a look below for tracks from each release and full tour dates for both groups.

4/20/2012- Darlingside and Jamie Kent @ The Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA

4/21/2012- Darlingside @ Bullmoose Records in Salem, NH (2pm Record Store Day performance) AND Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA

4/21/2012- Jamie Kent @ The Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA

4/26/2012- Darlingside and Jamie Kent @ The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA

4/27/2012- Darlingside and Jamie Kent @ 92Y Tribeca in New York, New York

4/28/2012- Darlingside and Jamie Kent @ Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse in Washington, DC



New Music Mondays: Charles Ellsworth and the Dirty Thirty

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This week’s New Music Monday features Utah via Arizona crooner Charles Ellsworth. His newest release Charles Ellsworth and the Dirty Thirty is a perfect piece of Americana. The album, recorded with the help of “creative collective” the Dirty Thirty, has everything you want to hear in a well-crafted folk album. Ellsworth blends his vivid storytelling with simple yet beautiful arrangements, making for an accessible and engaging record that holds your attention from the first track to the last.

If you dig other New Music Monday vets from 2012 like The Wooden Sky and Wooden Dinosaur, then Charles Ellsworth and the Dirty Thirty will be right up your alley. Take a listen to “Arizona Pines” below and check out a video made by Ellsworth that gives a deeper look into the Dirty Thirty.

New Music Mondays: Spotify Playlist of the Month

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In March we kicked off our monthly playlist series with a bang, featuring new tunes from artists such as Delta Spirit, Dr. Dog, My Best Fiend, Heartless Bastards and more. Now that we’re in to April, with a new month you get 20 new tunes, with the best part being that you don’t even have to move a muscle. If you subscribe to our most recent Spotify playlist (see the widget on the right sidebar or the link in the menu to the left), it will automatically be updated each month with 20 fresh tracks. Make sure to subscribe to the April playlist and if you check out the Playlist of the Month link in the menu to the left you can also find playlists from previous months. Check out the tracklist and the link for the April playlist below–

New Music Mondays: Beach House- “Myth”

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This one has been blowing up the blogosphere for the last week or so and if you haven’t heard it yet it is certainly worth a listen or 50 as I have given it over the past few days. Beach House’s new album, Bloom, is due out May 15 and you can check out “Myth” below as well as the full tracklist for their forthcoming LP.

Bloom Tracklist:

1. Myth
2. Wild
3. Lazuli
4. Other People
5. The Hours
6. Troublemaker
7. New Year
8. Wishes
9. On the Sea
10. Irene

New Music Mondays: The Wooden Sky

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Ever since our friends over at Visible Voice started campaigning for The Wooden Sky to play at Newport Folk Festival 2012 we began to take a closer listen to the Canadian group. With their most recent release, Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun, the Toronto quartet develops their sound into an ethereal blend of alt-country which results in one of our favorite albums of this young year. The earnestness in singer Gavin Gardiner’s voice is layered perfectly over 13 spin-tingling tracks. Gardiner told Canadian magazine Exclaim that Every Child nearly became an 18 track double-disc opus…oh and how we wish it did. The record certainly doesn’t feel unfinished, but you wouldn’t find me complaining about an extra five tracks.

The video below for my favorite song off of the album, “Bald, Naked and Red,” sums up the record perfectly. Filmed as the first installment of a five part series at the Grace on the Hill Church in Toronto, you can’t help but get goosebumps when Gardiner belts through the song’s final chorus. The Wooden Sky may not be on the lineup for this year’s Newport Folk Festival, but that doesn’t mean that 2012 can’t be a breakout year for the Canadians.

Stream the full album on Exclaim here

New Music Mondays: Delta Spirit

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This week we take a look into the upcoming album from M&T favorites, Delta Spirit.  Their self-titled album is due to come out on March 13th, which will be the official date the band shakes off the “Americana” and “Folk” labels that have followed them around since 2008’s Ode to Sunshine.  Not that being labeled as “Americana” or “Folk” is a bad thing, and it’s something they have greatly appreciated, it’s just not the sound that the band is apparently most comfortable in.

The transition towards their “new sound” is a smooth one. Delta Spirit kicks off with “Empty House” which has a twangy, familiar feel, but the distortion quickly kicks in with a killer guitar riff, giving us a preview of things to come. The second track, “Tear It Up,” gives off a modern rock vibe that will have fans chanting along this summer at various festivals (i.e. Coachella, Bonnaroo). “California” is a lyric driven, long-distance relationship song, that I’m sure will get plenty of radio play this spring. Some other key tracks on the album are “Money Saves” and “Tellin’ The Mind.” “Money Saves” is a well layered, aggressive piece, where even Vazquez has a little distortion on the mic. “Tellin’ The Mind” is fast paced and features quite the tribal scream (I don’t know how else to describe that noise).

The album as a whole is much more rock and roll than their previous two efforts, with a very noticeable sonic shift, but still staying true to the lyrical aspects of Ode To Sunsine and History From Below. It’s great to see bands progress and play the music that they want to play as I find that my favorite artists tend to experiment with sound and no two albums turn out the same, which also translates to a superior concert-going experience. Frontman Matt Vasquez defines the band’s new direction best when he says, “We found the sound that we’ve been looking for, that we’ve been growing into, and as soon as we hit on it, we ran with it. That’s why it’s a self-titled record, so we could connect our identity with what we think Delta Spirit is”


New Music Monday: Howlin’ Rain

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This week we have freshies coming from San Fran outfit Howlin’ Rain, led by former Comets on Fire lead man, Ethan Miller. The Russian Wilds is Howlin’ Rain’s sophomore effort, but it couldn’t be further from “sophomoric” with iconic producer Rick Rubin manning the production behind this sprawling, guitar-heavy LP. The record contains some Allman Bros-esque rambling jams, in terms of both pure song duration and groove factor, with the occasional psych twinge. I expect these guys to be making the rounds on the fest circuit this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited to catch one of their ’70s infused, Winterland Ballroom worthy shows. Check out standout “Phantom in the Valley” below, or stream the whole thing on Spinner.

Stream via Spinner

New Music Mondays: Here We Go Magic

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After catching Here We Go Magic’s frontman Luke Temple on tour with Chris Taylor’s CANT, we began to wonder when the band would be releasing their follow-up to this summer’s January EP. Well Secretly Canadian has our answer as the label announced that A Different Ship will hit stores on May 8. The record was produced by longtime Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich with the intention of capturing the band’s live sound.

It seems like that is the intention of every band nowadays, but after seeing some of Here We Go Magic’s set at Solid Sound 2011, it will be interesting to hear how Godrich and the band approached the task of re-creating their spontaneous and spacey style in the studio (how’s that for alliteration?).

Check out “Make Up Your Mind” below as well as a full tracklist for A Different Ship.

01 Intro
02 Hard to Be Close
03 Make Up Your Mind
04 Alone but Moving
05 I Believe in Action
06 Over the Ocean
07 Made to Be Old
08 How Do I Know
09 Miracle of Mary
10 A Different Ship

New Music Mondays: Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen

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This spring Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles frontman Daniel Rossen will be releasing his first solo effort via Warp Records. The Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP will be available on March 20, but you can get a sneak peek of the track “Saint Nothing” below. The simple piano arrangement and melancholy tone on “Saint Nothing” is what we expected from a Rossen solo album, but what makes the EP even more interesting is that Rossen recorded practically the whole thing on his own, taking a page out of Ed Droste’s book.

The EP draws its name from from the last track where Rossen sings, “For a silent hour, for a golden mile/There’s bliss in this mess/There’s madness all around.”

New Music Mondays: The Morning Birds

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When you first hit the play button on The Morning Birds’ new EP you may get a quick hint of Deee-Lite (yes I just referenced Deee-Lite), but this California duo is far from a dance-pop one-hit wonder. Each track on Surrender To This has its own unique style whether it’s the aforementioned “Born To Be Alive”, or the quirky handclap driven “Treasure”, Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus utilize a full range of sounds on this 7-track EP.

Songs like “The Fox” take the duo in yet another direction as it gives a modern feel to an old folk song which Thorington’s grandfather used to play her on his f-hole silvertone. The title track even garnered quite high praise from Consequence of Sound with a comparison to early ’60s Beatles. The standout track for me though is “Yellow Moon.” This track is probably the best example of the duo’s ability to harmonize and also includes my favorite line on the album– “All things material and spiritual originate from one source the original.” It may seem a bit tacky to read it here on the screen but once you buy the album and reach this track you’ll see why it will be so hard to get this one out of your head.

Free Download- Born To Be Alive