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New Music Mondays

New Music Mondays: Ben Sollee

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It’s been a while since our last post, but we will be back in action all week as anticipation builds for Newport Folk Festival 2012. With the festival less than a week away we will be highlighting artists and info from this year’s festival all week long on M&T. Today we are kicking things off with a brand new song from Newport Folk veteran Ben Sollee. “Unfinished” will appear on the master cellist’s album Half-Made Man which is due out September 25, 2012. We’re expecting big things from Sollee this weekend down in Newport as he has proven himself to be a festival warrior over the years and we wouldn’t be surprised if he sits in on more than a couple sets down at the Fort (My Morning Jacket? Preservation Hall Jazz Band? Sara Watkins?).

You can stream “Unfinished” via Paste Magazine and read about Sollee’s bike tour from Newport here.

New Music Mondays: Spotify Playlist of the Month July 2012

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It is that wonderful time of the month again where you get 20 fresh tracks delivered to your Spotify account from yours truly. If you subscribe to our most recent Spotify playlist (see the widget on the right sidebar or the link in the menu to the left), it will automatically be updated each month with 20 new, hand-picked songs. The July playlist features tracks from Tango In The Attic, The Black Cadillacs, Japandroids, The Antlers and more. Check out the full tracklist below and click anywhere in the widget to the playlist in Spotify. And remember you can always find playlists from previous months on our Playlist of the Month page on the left sidebar.

New Music Mondays- The Black Cadillacs

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The Black Cadillacs hold a special place in our hearts here at M&T as they were one of the first music submissions that we actually featured on the site after starting the blog almost 2 years ago. Back then Neil wrote that the Knoxville group would be a front-runner of the “Rock Revival” which he predicted was “bound to happen sooner than later.”

With The Black Cadillacs latest release, Run, I think it is safe to say that the aforementioned Rock Revival has arrived. Like their 2010 LP All Them Witches, The Black Cadillacs’ most recent effort showcases their brand of in-your-face rock that will ultimately draw comparisons to The Black Keys and The Black Crowes and not only because of the similarities in name. Paste Magazine has already dubbed the sextet one of “12 Tennessee Bands You Should Listen to Now,” along with Young Giant labelmates Vinyl Thief, and one listen through Run is all you need to get hooked on these Southern alt-rockers.

Tracks like the epic “I Know It’s Hard” and album closer “Go On, Go Off” offer a sense of nostalgic balladry whereas “Choke” and “Find My Own Way” are more along the lines of the in-your-face rock that sparked the Black Keys comparison. The standout track for me though is the album opener “Classic Fool.” It’s a slow-burner with Americana influences and a classic heartbreak story that serves as a great way to ease listeners in to the rest of the album. Run has quickly made it’s way into our favorite albums of 2012 thus far and you can hear why below with a recording of “Classic Fool” via Ardent Studios.

New Music Mondays: Only Real

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When we first profiled London’s Niall Galvin aka Only Real we could not get enough of his tracks “Drivethrough” and “Cadillac Girl.” The latter especially is a track that needs to be played full blast with the windows down on a summer’s day, and now Galvin’s latest, “Cinnamon Toast”, is more laid-back, but still with same nostalgic feel of its predecessors. Take a look/listen to the delicious track below.

New Music Mondays: The Cost of Living

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Having great music delivered right to your inbox is certainly one of the perks of writing a blog such as this one. Most of the time you find yourself sifting through music submissions that don’t quite cut it, or don’t cut it at all, so when you come across some wonderful ear candy it makes it all worth it. Some of this ear candy came to us by way of Wisconsin from a rock band called The Cost of Living.

The Poet Serves Her Sentence is the most recent release from the punky duo made up of Colin Bares and Jesse Nowaczyk, and upon first listen it immediately evokes thoughts of Built To Spill and Modest Mouse. The 6-song album is a carefree expedition that is noticeably influenced by mid-90s punk and alternative rock, making it an easy favorite for the M&T crew.

The group plans to embark on an ambitious tour at the end of the month, crossing the country eastward from Wisconsin and returning back again by the end of July while doing some WWOOFing along the way. Check out “The Way Things Are Shaking Up” below and visit The Cost of Living’s bandcamp page to grab the whole album for FREE, can’t get any better than that people…literally.

New Music Mondays: Darlingside

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It’s no secret that we love local quintet Darlingside and as the anticipation builds for their new LP Pilot Machines, we can’t help but contain our excitement when new tracks start to surface ahead of the July release date. We previously spoke to Darlingside violin/mandolin player Auyon Mukharji about the concept of releasing Pilot Machines as a subscription album and now we have the pleasure of enjoying the final pre-release- The Edge Of The Earth 7″.

The pre-release disc features the title track as well as a song named “Sweet and Low” which highlights the band’s trademark harmonies and gorgeous arrangements. Check out a live video of “Sweet and Low” below and make sure to get your Pilot Machines subscription so that you can enjoy everything that Darlingside has to offer.

New Music Mondays- Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

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Bassnectar, Gotye, Grimes, Washed Out, Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard… One of these names may seem out of place in this list, but what do they all have in common? All of these artists are currently in the Top 15 selling Electronic Albums on iTunes, and Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard even held the #1 position for the 5 days following their EP release of Battle Tested on Tuesday May 15, 2012.

If you read M&T regularly you may recognize The Hustle Standard moniker from the previous collaborations of Brooklyn based producer Charley Hustle. First there was New Men Old Boys which was recorded with Massachusetts folk balladeer and M&T fave Jake Hill, and then there was Drums and Sass, an EP featuring Hustle along with fellow Brooklynite LaRaisha. Now The Hustle Standard has teamed up with Flag Nor Fail clothing brand founder Rob Bailey to produce a 5 song EP that they are calling a mix of “aggressive vocals and elements of dubstep, hardcore, hip-hop, and punk.”

These genres aren’t the mix that you would normally hear on M&T, but Hustle’s ability to create music in such a versatile range of genres from EP to EP, and be successful at it, has definitely caught our attention. The producer won’t be resting on his laurels either after reaching the top of the iTunes charts as he has already begun work on two new Hustle Standard EPs, including a follow up to New Men Old Boys with Jake Hill.

While we wait on more Hustle Standard goodies take a listen to “Hold Strong” and download a copy of Battle Tested in the iTunes store.

New Music Monday: The Cribs

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The Cribs have made a name for themselves by constantly releasing new albums and touring heavily for the past decade. Yet how did they go under my radar for so long? Luckily the well timed release of their most recent album In the Belly of the Brazen Bull coincided with my recent fascination with everything British. This release has almost everything I am looking for in an album. The loud start provided by the lead track “Glitters Like Gold” then diving right into my favorite single off the album “Come On, Be a No One” gets the tempo up and the blood flowing. “Glitters like Gold” deserves praise in the sense that it gives you a nice layout of what to expect from the album, catchy melodies that are not too fine tuned, loud guitars with feedback and a little rawness that might turn some off, but anyone who can appreciate early Weezer will find something in this album for them. Track 6 “Uptight” might be the best comparison for this.

What really strikes me about this album is how bold the band seems to be moving from one theme to another. As I mentioned, the opening couple of tracks have college pool hall anthem written all over them and at the halfway point of the album we hit the climax with “Chi-Town,” a song that is also bound to be released as another single and to gain a certain level of celebrity in Chicago for obvious reasons. Moving past this point we enter the second half of the record which seems to be the heart and soul of the album’s message. Songs like “Back to the Bolthole”  and “I Should Have Helped” utilize a lo-fi sound to provide overtones of ’80’s mix tape heartbreak.

The last four tracks are strung together using a reoccurring military snare march, an explosive sendoff that sounds as big as you would hope it to be played live. Starting with the chaotic “Stalagmites” we move quickly through the short “Like a Gift Giver” which sets up for the catchy upbeat “Butterflies” bound to be the most underrated track on this album. The album finishes with “Arena Rock Encore with Full Cast” which uses soaring gang vocals and heavy rock riffs to counter the airy track of “Butterflies” and leaving you with a still bobbing head.

New Music Mondays: The Civil Slingers

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Some of you may recognize The Civil Slingers from our show at O’Brien’s Pub a couple weeks back, but for those of you who weren’t able to make it out we’ve got some high priority listening for you on this sunny Monday afternoon. The trio of Mike Sampson, Joe Aaskov, and Sean Taggersell have just released their debut LP, Tried and True, and as we mentioned in the recap of our show, it is going to be exciting to keep tabs on these guys as they grow into their sound.

In my opinion, Tried and True is a folk record with punk sensibilities, think Ted Leo or Frank Turner, and through 10 foot stomping tracks the band shows off a wide range of sounds and styles. The album opener “King of the Swamp” finds Sampson grabbing your attention straight away with a guttural scream over distorted guitar and a breakneck drum beat. On tracks like “Cope” and “You’re On Your Own” the boys lay off the distortion and deliver a sound that warranted the aforementioned folk designation (watch a clip of “Cope” from our show here).

With Tried and True The Civil Slingers have created something that is part Americana, part rockabilly, part punk and all awesome. Check out two of our favorite tracks from the record below and make sure to visit The Civil Slingers’ bandcamp page where you can name your price for a digital download of the LP.

New Music Mondays: Moss Points North

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Last week I had the pleasure of catching a behind-the-scenes look at Moss Points North, who will be rocking the stage at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston this Friday April 27th for a showcase presented by yours truly. The show starts at 8pm and you can find out more info about how kick-ass it is going to be here and while you’re at it, buy your tickets here.

But back to the real reason why we started talking about our showcase in the first place– Moss Points North. The Boston based quintet was kind enough to invite me into their home and capture some footage of their rehearsal, where they were not only working on a setlist for our show this Friday, but also working out some tunes from their forthcoming record. The LP doesn’t have a name yet or even a tracklist, but the band already has four tracks solidified and aim to whittle down the dozen or so remaining song ideas in to a 10-12 song full-length.

We were able to capture two of these new tracks below and you can take a listen for yourself to “Carnivore” and “Black Orchid.” The band worked through a cover of David Byrne’s “Strange Overtones” which you can expect to hear alongside the fans’ choice of My Morning Jacket’s “Mahgeetah” to be performed at the Maimed & Tamed show on Friday at O’Brien’s. If you like what you hear below and you want to check out some more new tunes as well as old Moss Points North favorites, don’t forget to grab your tickets for the show on Friday before they sell out!