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New Music Mondays

New Music Mondays: And The Giraffe

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Last fall we featured Gainesville’s And The Giraffe and their debut EP Something for Someone, and last week the band independently released the follow-up Creature Collector. The new release is highlighted by the dark yet alluring vocals of lead singer Nick Roberts, who we previously compared to The Low Anthem’s Ben Knox Miller. Creature Collector presents a sound that is certainly more mature than ATG’s previous release and it is one that delivers beautifully layered soundscapes which the group has dubbed their own brand of “dream-folk.” The opening track “Find My Name In The Sun” builds from an ethereal island melody into a cacophony of percussion, horns, and distorted guitar while tracks like “Sorry” and “The Silent” take a more airy, and beatific approach similar to the tracks from Something for Someone.

You can stream “Find My Name In The Sun” below and support these wonderful indie artists by purchasing your own copy of the record.

New Music Mondays: Mean Creek

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Boston quartet Mean Creek has been around for a while, but in an interview with the Boston Phoenix, lead singer Chris Keene said of their new album Youth Companion, “I feel like this is our first record in a lot of ways– we found our sound on it.” All of us here at Maimed & Tamed are quite happy that the group’s search for their sound proved to be fruitful as Youth Companion is certainly a triumph for Boston music. After officially hitting the shelves on October 16th, Youth Companion is an album that makes me proud to be a Boston music blogger. Knowing that music like this is created by others who also call Boston home gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over that makes me totally forget about the dismal season that our Red Sox just had (sorry I had to go there).

Youth Companion is an album that you will find yourself listening to on repeat, from the opener “Do You Know” to the epic finale “The Comedian,” as the track for track strength of this album is a rarity in this age where there is such a focus on the “single.” When listening to the album and deciding which track to feature on our November Spotify Playlist of the Month, it felt almost like choosing our favorite child. It was a difficult decision, but in the end we would have felt great about any choice. If you want to hear what we decided on you will just have to subscribe to our monthly playlist and wait for November 1 to roll around when the playlist will refresh. For now check out the video for “Young & Wild” below.

New Music Mondays: Darlingside Video Premiere

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We are very excited to have the pleasure of premiering a brand new video from our friends in Darlingside. As we would hope you all know by now, we LOVE this local quintet and their new record Pilot Machines. “The Ancestor” is a collaboration between Chinese Takeout and Crazy Lake Pictures, both young production companies forged in the fires of speed-filmmaking challenges. Crazy Lake Pictures has previously worked with Darlingside on their quirky video for “Terrible Things.”  The beautifully animated video for the track “The Ancestor” gave me goosebumps as I followed the video’s main character on a cosmic journey through the afterlife. I know it sounds a bit heavy, but just take a look and we know you’ll be sharing with all of your friends.

Remember to catch Darlingside along with The Black Cadillacs and eight other amazing bands at the Young Giant Records + Maimed & Tamed CMJ showcase. We will be bringing you an afternoon of incredible music from 12pm-6pm on Thursday October 18th at Arlene’s Grocery and we couldn’t be more happy to have Darlingside involved in the festivities.

New Music Mondays: Engine Room Records Presents- A Tribute To Pinkerton

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Last week New York based record company Engine Room Recordings released a tribute to one of the most important albums of my adolescence– Weezer’s Pinkerton. After witnessing Weezer revitalize the Blue Album in the winter of 2010, and missing out on the Pinkerton night of the Memories Tour, we were excited to hear that some up and coming musicians would be paying tribute to the latter. The compilation features artists like Dinosaur Feathers, Aunt Martha, Jenny Owens Young, and more as they attempt to re-create the magic that was produced by Weezer nearly 16 years ago.

The album opens with Dinosaur Feathers taking on “Tired of Sex” and they nailed it (pun intended). There is just enough originality within the composition to not feel forced, while still staying true to the original. Xylos’ cover of “The Good Life” may be the most adventurous of the bunch as they dress up the track with an ’80s electronic feel. It’s always difficult when making a tribute album to infuse some originality while at the same time not disappointing those fans who want to be able to recapture the emotions of the original track. With “El Scorcho” being one of our favorite cuts on Pinkerton it was tough to stomach Wakey!Wakey!’s version as it fell quite flat in delivering the drive of the original.

There was redemption though in the form of Tim Noyes’ version of “Butterfly.” The Aunt Martha frontman creates a simple, yet effective version of the Weezer slow jam and in this video explains the adventure of taking on the album closer.

You can stream the full album below via Spotify and let us know how you think the tribute measures up to the original.

California Wives Release Debut, Set To Open For Stars @ The Paradise

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Earlier this month, Chicago-based band California Wives released their debut LP and have since been garnering steady buzz from many a music publication. With an eye (or two) locked on their upcoming Paradise show on September 21 opening for Stars, here’s our review of their recently released LP, Art History.

From the first tune to the closing number, California Wives can be best described as, simply, catchy. The soft vocals resound between your ears long after you stop listening. Part of that may be because the lyrics are a bit repetitive, but when has that taken away from a band’s status? Have you heard of the Police? Don’t turn on the red light, or at least a blind-ear, to California Wives.

The LP comes out strong with three upbeat, chorus driven songs that, had I been at a rock club rather than at a computer writing this review, would’ve picked me up out of my seat (they still may have, but you’ll never know).

The fourth song, “The Fisher King”, slows it down. Eerily-synthed keys and a roundabout chorus send you into a daze, so use caution if driving when number four comes on.

“Los Angeles” picks it up, and this time does give you something to drive to, but “Photolights” drops you right back into that stupor. “Photolights” throws together a trippy, Pink Floyd-style jam with a little more of a mainstream pop feel.

“Purple”, sure to be a favorite among listeners, grabs you with one of those perfectly simple guitar riffs. If there were to be some modern update rat-pack films, the song “Twenty Three” would fit on that soundtrack flawlessly. My favorite track, the “New Process”, gets a little Pink Floyd-y again, and then “Light Year” closes the LP with another fast-paced, Indie Pop creation.

This quartet sounds good in the studio, but I have a feeling they sound pretty great live. Get out to the show on the 21st because you’re going to get hooked on Art History and need more California Wives.

New Music Mondays: September Album Streams

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September is going to be a big month for new music and if you’re looking for the best stuff you should probably check out our monthly Spotify playlist first, but that’s actually beside the point (but really, you should subscribe). What we really wanted to share with you all today is a few full album streams from some of our favorite bands. Band of Horses, Grizzly Bear, The XX, and The Avett Brothers are all releasing new albums this month and you can hear them all now before they come out. We will be headed out to catch Grizzly Bear at the Orpheum next weekend and we’re holding out hope for another BOH show at the Paradise, but these streams will do in holding us over while we wait.

Shields by Grizzly Bear via NPR

Coexist by The XX via NPR

The Carpenter by The Avett Brothers via NPR

Mirage Rock by Band of Horses

New Music Mondays: Zulu Wave

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Last week Tampa’s Zulu Wave released Nyami Nyami, a follow-up EP to their 2011 release Theep. The EP’s title comes from lead singer Mike Barrow’s upbringing in Zimbabwe and South Africa and his interest in African black magic. Apparently Nyami Nyami is the name for a man-eating fish with a body of a snake that is said to live in the Zambezi River. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we wanted to and we know that story is intriguing enough for you to give this man-eating EP a listen. Stream the full EP below via bandcamp and if you like what you hear (which we think you will) you can pay what you want for it with all proceeds benefitting Ray of Hope, a charity in South Africa that provides for the abandoned and elderly.

New Music Mondays: Nick Miller & The Hustle Standard

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Not too long ago we were writing about Charley Hustle and the third installment of his Hustle Standard recording series, an electro-punk/dubstep/hip-hop EP entitled Battle Tested. A mere three months after collaborating with Rob Bailey on Battle Tested, Hustle is back with a new EP. For his fourth EP under The Hustle Standard moniker, Charley enlisted the help of Nick Miller to create The Brave Abraham Judah. The six song EP tells the story of one Abraham Judah and his “murderous adventures across the Wild West.” I don’t know about all of you, but I’m a sucker for a concept album and TBAJ does not disappoint.

The imagery in the lyrics of each track help to paint a picture of outlaw cowboys from a time long gone by, while Charley’s production gives the EP a modern edge. On “At The Bottom” Miller sings, “A trusted arm shoots true and straight/In his palm three pounds of weight/His fingers curl, he closes one eye.” Now if that isn’t intriguing enough, Hustle brings back Rob Bailey and Jake Hill aka Jay Kill to contribute vocals to the EP’s rousing finale “Rodeo.”

In six tracks Hustle and Miller create a world worthy of a Sergio Leone film, and one that makes me feel like a badass by just sitting in my room and listening. Check out the video for “The Ghost” below and pick up your copy of the full EP here.

New Music Mondays: Fat Creeps EP

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Last month we wrote about local trio Fat Creeps in 5 Boston Bands You Should Know and now the lo-fi garage rock group has released the new EP that we mentioned in that article. The Fat Creeps EP features 6 tracks that create a perfect soundtrack for the end of the summer. Check out “Horoscope” below and grab the whole EP on Fat Creeps’ bandcamp page for only $5.

New Music Mondays: Spotify Playlist of the Month August 2012

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With Newport Folk Festival 2012 coverage taking up quite a bit of our time, our monthly playlist was temporarily moved to the back burner, but have no fear the playlist is here! The August 2012 edition of the Maimed & Tamed monthly Spotify playlist is one of our favorites yet as it features new tracks from Twin Shadow, Darlingside, Gold & Youth, and more. If you subscribe to our most recent Spotify playlist (see the widget on the right sidebar or the link in the menu to the left), it will automatically be updated each month with 20 new, hand-picked songs. Check out the full tracklist below and click anywhere in the widget to listen to the playlist in Spotify. And remember you can always find playlists from previous months on our Playlist of the Month page on the left sidebar.

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