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Music News

Local Natives on Jimmy Fallon

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The Natives took on the Jimmy Fallon set last night with the opening track from their 2010 release Gorilla Manor. As many will agree, “Wide Eyes” is exactly the kind of track that record producers love to see at the front of an album. It immediately grabs the listener’s attention through a staggered introduction of the instruments and holds it there through perfect harmonies and a catchy hook, not to mention the bridge which features one of my favorite lines on the album, “All the men of faith and men of science had their questions/Could it ever be on Earth as it is in heaven?” Although their harmonies weren’t spot-on last night, it is still worth a listen.


Double Bonus

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Spoon released a demo version of their song “Mystery Zone” off their latest album Transference, its up for grabs on their website today. But in case you’re too lazy to do it yourself, you can just get right here. And since we’re feeling extra good here today, I’ve also included the video for the best commercial on television right now. Stunning visuals, outstanding backing track, makes me yearn for the good ol days.

Mystery Zone

So it begins…

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So Adam Zacks and the Sasquatch! Music festival landed the opening punch for the 2011 festy circuit by announcing that Foo Fighters will be headlining a day at next years event. Also, the festival will be expanding its reaches to rival that of biggesr festivals (i.e. Bonnaroo) by adding a fourth day to the musical mayhem. These are two huge steps for Sasquatch! as last year may have seen its best lineup yet, and they have already hit the ground running for 2011. Expect big things for the lineup this year, you heard it here first.

Band of Horses Debut “Dilly” Video

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Band of Horses debuted the music video for the song “Dilly” off of their latest release Infinite Arms today. Hilariously violent mix of Easy Rider and The Devil’s Rejects with the ending. Nontheless still one of the best songs to come off Infinite Arms. Check it out exclusively on IMDb, maybe its actually a trailer for a feature full length with BOH contributing the soundtrack. Or not.


Foo Fighters’ Team Up With Novoselic and Vig

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As reported in this months issue of Rollingstone, former Nirvana bassit, Krist Novoselic will join the Foo Fighters in the recording studio.  Also joining them is former Nirvana producer, Butch Vig.  Together they plan on making the heaviest Foo Fighters’ album yet.  Vig, Grohl and Novoselic haven’t all worked on a record together since Nirvana’s critically acclaimed album Nevermind.  They plan to finish recording the new Foo album December 1st.

This is exciting news for Foo fans. Grohl had his fun playing drums for Them Crooked Vultures, but now he’s back doing what we all want him to be doing, making a true Foo album, heavy and fast paced.  All I can hope for now is that Novoselic goes on tour with them so we can see some awesome bass throwing skills.


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False. But at least I got your attention, and while I’m on the topic what was up with Soundgarden’s performance last night on Conan O’Brien’s new show? I stayed up late like a little kid waiting for Soundgarden to give me a good night face melting, but all I got was three old looking dudes and an out of place, over-enthusiastic Matt Cameron. It was especially heart-breaking because I had been keeping my hopes alive for some new tour dates to be announced, but now I’m not even sure I would pay for the no-doubt extremely overpriced ticket. Sure, all my favorite jams would probably be there, but to watch Chris Cornell run on a half tank in front of a band that was his heart and soul…well, I’d just as soon go see a Journey reunion show. Maybe not that far, but you get the point. Overall, my point is: what happened to you Chris Cornell? First the monstrosity of a solo effort that was Scream, now this? Kim Thayil could probably shred forever and he’s a chill dude anyways, Ben Shepard was supposedly homeless before this mini-reunion, so he’s just happy to be there, Matt Cameron’s got Pearl Jam and he’s still out there having a good time….so what gives Chris? Watch the video below

The Pixies go spanish then get generous

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So unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past month, you’ve probably heard about the group of 33 Chilean miners who became trapped in a collapsed mine for two and a half months and were finally all rescued earlier this week, and relatively unharmed to boot. In honor of the joyous occasion, Pixies frontman Black Francis decided to dedicate one of their songs to each one of the miners. Plus an extra two for good luck (read: encore), a total of 35 songs for all you math wizards out there, equaling a pretty healthy setlist from a band that’s not exactly a bunch of fresh young whippersnappers. They cranked out a little something for everyone playing hits like “Where is My Mind?” and “Monkey Gone to Heaven” and fan favorites such as “U-Mass” and “Holiday Song”. So overall, a good week for Chile.

But the Pixes didn’t stop at just one gift, they kept the generosity going with a little something for the rest of us non-Chiles. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of their mainstay album “Doolittle”, they released a free–thats right, free–four song EP featuring live versions of “Gouge Away”, “Monkey Gone to Heaven”, “Crackity Jones”, and B-side “Dancing the Manta Ray”, all recorded from a show in Mexico City. You can download the EP here, all you have to do is enter in your e-mail address.

Free Dr. Dog Track

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Last week Dr. Dog released a free track called “Nobody Knows Who You Are,” which you can listen to below and download on their website (http://d.drdogmusic.com/). Along with this new track Dr. Dog also released dates for their east coast tour in the winter and I highly recommend checking out one of the shows at a venue near you, I will definitely be at the Boston show. They will also be releasing this new track along with three others on iTunes in the coming weeks so keep your eye out for that.

January 28 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
January 29 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
January 31 – Bijou Theatre – Knoxville, TN
February 1 – Minglewood Hall – Memphis, TN
February 3 – Music Farm – Charleston, SC
February 4 – Variety – Atlanta, GA
February 5 – Cannery – Nashville, TN
February 7 – WorkPlay – Birmingham, AL
February 8 – Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
February 9 – Jefferson Theatre – Charlottesville, VA
February 11 – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA
February 15 – Higher Ground – Burlington, VT
February 16 – TBA – Rochester, NY
February 17 – Mr. Small’s – Pittsburgh, PA
February 18 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY
February 19 – Paradise – Boston, MA

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