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Music News

Best New iPhone App?

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I’m just going to post the link for this and let the hilarity ensue:

Pocket Hipster

Lineup for 2011 Solid Sound Festival Announced

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The lineup for Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival happening June 24th-26 in North Adams, MA at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art was announced this morning and not surprisingly it features a lot of Wilco and Wilco related products. But if you’ve seen Wilco perform live, you know that this is far from a bad or boring thing; it’s actually a great thing that allows people to experience the broad spectrum that Wilco and its members encompass. Check out the lineup below:

Wilco related products

-Wilco (performing twice)

-Glenn Kotche

-Pronto (Mikael Jorgensen & Friends)

-The Autumn Defense (John Stirratt and Pat Sansone)

-Pillow Wand (feat. Nels Cline and Thurston Moore)

Everyone Else

The Levon Helm Band

-Thurston Moore

-Syl Johnson & the Sweet Divines

-Here We Go Magic

-Dave Douglass and Brass Ecstasy

-Handsome Family

-Laim Finn

-Sic Alps

-JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

-Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion

-Various comedy acts

SS has the ingredients to be an awesome little festival experience, especially if you’re looking for a 2011 Wilco fix. Three day passes are available now at:  http://solidsoundfestival.com/

Trent Reznor Nabs Oscar; Joins Likes of Prince, Three 6 Mafia

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I don’t mean to detract from the achievement that comes with winning a coveted Academy Award, but lets face it: the appendage of “Oscar Winner” affixed to the front end of a name doesn’t carry the same weight as it once may have. This may have something to do with the overloading of nominations for certain films that began in the nineties, with arguably marginal films such as Shakespeare in Love and Titanic receiving 13 and 14 nominations in the field, respectively. It’s all become so…predictable. And anyone who couldn’t see this year’s heavyweight The King’s Speech (with 12 noms) being crowned the big winner from a mile a way probably couldn’t tell the difference between IMAX and Flomax. But there was some justice in Christian Bale taking it home for his portrayal of crack addict boxing trainer Dicky Ecklund in The Fighter and also with Reznor’s victory for his work in The Social Network. Along with Atticus Ross (who has produced multiple Nine Inch Nails albums), the duo showed that a haunting, thought-provoking score can stand with the heavyweights (i.e. Hans Zimmer). Their score made progress in changing the way music is utilized in film and you can look forward to more of their work in David Fincher’s next film, the adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Check out a few of Reznor’s gems below, but watch the film to get the full effect.


TV on the Radio Freshies

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The boys from Brooklyn are back with the first track off of their forthcoming album Nine Types of Light. The follow-up to 2008’s critically acclaimed Dear Science has been eagerly awaited and a release date of April 12th has been confirmed. TVOTR will also be doing some touring and they are hitting the House of Blues in Boston just a few days after the album drops. Tickets for that show go on sale tomorrow at 10am, so don’t forget to set your alarm if you want to catch that show. The track below “Will Do” is the first release off the new album and although it is different from some of their past work, I love it already. Other than MMJ’s new album, Nine Types of Light is the 2011 release that I am looking forward to most. WIth Dear Science dominating best of lists back in ’08 it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of feel this new album has and if it will be received with as much fanfare as its predecessor.

Floating Fest & Idiot Glee

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James Friley at the pulpit


First off, if you are within driving/flying/hovercrafting distance of South by Southwest YOU SHOULD GO. The informative music blog I Guess I’m Floating is putting on a nice little show on the 17th of March at Lovejoys in downtown Austin. Two of the those listed to play are favorites of ours here at M&T. First, Unknown Mortal Orchestra a catchy electronic band with pulsing beats and a lot of potential.



Second, Idiot Glee is composed of one James Friley and to be honest, one James Friley is enough to make your soul melt. It’s hard to describe what Idiot Glee sounds like but a YouTube comment pretty much sums it up for me. “It’s like someone gave Grizzly Bear some heady weed and a mellotron.” I was blown away by Idiot Glee’s cover of Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” which I found on Daytrotter and it became my anthem during the long dark nights of New England’s winter. Look below to find Idiot Glee’s referenced Daytrotter session and more on Floating Fest.

Floating Fest; 12 PM to 8 PM March 17th at Lovejoys

Radiohead- The King of Limbs

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Finally the day has come, the newest Radiohead release The King of Limbs is here. I just purchased it via http://kingoflimbs.com and I must say that I wasn’t too impressed after the first listen. On the other hand Radiohead can grow on you and grow on you very quickly. Obviously one listen is not enough to fully comprehend the intricate layers of a Radiohead album so we will be sure to toss up our full review after a few more listens. For now check out the first track off the album, “Bloom.”

Bonnaroo Megapost

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Before we get into our reactions to the Bonnaroo 2011 lineup announcement, I would like to introduce all of you to our newest contributor. We are excited to have Trevor on board and as we expand our readership it is important to introduce new angles and perspectives on today’s music to our website. Now that Trevor has joined the M&T crew, 4/5 of us will be attending Bonnaroo this summer, so let’s get into our initial thoughts/reactions for this year’s weekend on the farm:

By now everyone has seen the lineup for Bonnaroo 2011, and if you are big Roo fans like us you are most likely very pleased with yesterday’s announcement. Sure there are some omissions that would have brought the festival to a whole new level (i.e. Radiohead, Wilco, Dr. Dre), but all of those rumors may have just been wishful thinking to add to the already stellar lineup. Today we are going to give you M&T’s take on yesterday’s announcement by letting you know how each of us feel about different aspects of the lineup. Here goes–


Most Excited to See:

1. Buffalo Springfield– Earlier this week I read they were getting back together for a fall tour. I was hoping they would start that tour in the summer so they could play Bonnaroo. Well I got my wish, and maybe if we get even more lucky we’ll see Neil Young join MMJ on stage.

2. Black Keys– I missed out on Black Keys last year because I was busy fending off people running at me with glow sticks while watching the Flaming Lips. Hopefully there won’t be any scheduling conflicts this year.

3. Portugal. The Man– They’re gonna rock the shit out of Roo. Nuff said.

Can’t Miss Show:

My Morning Jacket– I’m expecting a set that is at least 4 hours long with lots of collaborations. It would be a shame if Bonnaroo didn’t schedule them late night on the Which Stage.

Artist/Band of Intrigue (would never buy a ticket to see outside of Bonnaroo, but will definitely catch down on the farm):

Eminem and Lil’ Wayne– I’m not a big rap guy, but I’m definitely going to check out these hip hop superstars.

Video Pick:


Most Excited to See:

1 & 2. Arcade Fire and My Morning Jacket- I have not seen two of the most prolific musical acts of our generation in concert yet. Better hurry up before the Indie Credibility Commissioner revokes any shred of coolness I got.
3. Atmosphere– If you’ve ever listened to Atmosphere, you know the sheer amount of emotion and energy that radiate out of your speakers. I can’t wait to see how that energy will transfer live. I expect a truly explosive performance.

Can’t Miss Show:

  • Robyn- Sorry I’m not sorry. Her music is quick (in both tempo and wit), her voice is on-point, and I know that her stage performance is going to impress. Robyn is going to make a lot of new fans via this show.

Artist/Band of Intrigue:

  • The Head and the Heart– Buzz has been picking up steadily for this Seattle fivesome over the past year. Though honestly I’d not heard much of them until the lineup came out, I was immediately smitten by The Head and the Heart. Each member contributes individually to create a united Americana sound. Watch their performance for KEXP radio below, and try not to love them. Also, watch the video for a 6 minute tutorial of indie style today. From Ray-Bans to plaid to chest hair, The Head and the Heart pretty much nail it.

Video Pick:


Most Excited to See:

1. Dr. John and The Original Meters performing Desitively Bonnaroo– Dr. John and The Meters might be the most underrated performance on the lineup in my mind. The Meters, pioneers of the funk genre in their own right, combined with 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Dr. John should be more than an amazing show. If you like to dance you better be there. Oh did I mention they are all New Orleans legends? Who else in the lineup is from New Orleans? Oh yeah. Lil’ Wayne. Don’t be surprised if you find him on stage at one point with the locals.

2. Mavis Staples– Just coming off her Grammy win with the Best Americana Album for You Are Not Alone, I think we should expect an impassioned performance. Oh and if you didn’t know, Wilco’s frontman, Jeff Tweedy, produced the album and it just so happens to seem that Wilco has all of June off during their current tour. Maybe a surprise cameo from Mr. Tweedy?

3. Dam-Funk– Come on, I’m clearly on the funk/soul train so how could I not mention Dam-Funk? With beats that sound like they come off an early 90’s West Coast rap album you’re gonna wanna be there if you like The Chronic, take that any way you want.

Can’t Miss Show:

  • Black Keys

Artist/Band of Intrigue:

  • String Cheese Incident– Don’t really know them and haven’t delved deep into jam bands but I think this would have to be the place to take the plunge.

Video Pick:

Cat’s out of the bag-


Most Excited to See:

1. The Strokes– With an album of fresh material to work with and plenty of old faves, this could be a sing along set for the ages.

2. Portugal. The Man– The fact that A.) These guys already have so many albums worth of material, B.) They know how to jam out and rock out with the best of em, and C.) They love Bonnaroo, means PTM has got my presence guaranteed.

3. Jack White’s inevitable appearance– Even though his name may not appear on the lineup, he’s listed as his wife’s (Karen Elson) drummer and he has recently collaborated with Wanda Jackson and Loretta Lynn, AND he lives in Nashville…how could he not be there?

Can’t Miss Show:

  • MMJ and Dr. John/Auerbach Superjam- Stating the obvious.

Artist/Band of Intrigue:

  • Ratatat- Would never go out of my way to catch them, but I have to see how they operate live.

Video Pick:

I don’t care how cliche it is, I can already feel myself getting goosebumps during this-


Most Excited to See:

1. Arcade Fire– Haven’t seem them yet and they have been near the top of my must see bands list for a few years now.
2. Buffalo Springfield– Are you kidding me? I thought Stephen Stills and Neil Young still hated each other, but I guess I will be the beneficiary of that falsehood.
3. Explosions in the Sky– If Bonnaroo schedules this right it could turn out to be one of the most epic late night shows of the last 4 years.

Can’t Miss Show:

  • My Morning Jacket– Do I even need to say anything here?

Artist/Band of Intrigue:

  • Dr John and the Original Meters performing Desitively Bonnaroo

Video Pick:

Prepare for the return of the Superjam-

Viva Viva

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Boston based outfit Viva Viva, known for their electric live performances, will be holding it down tomorrow night at the Middle East for their Valentine’s Day Prom– http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=104641036276895. If you have left all of your Valentine’s planning until the last minute, I ensure you that this show will be the perfect solution for all of you hipster couples out there. Led by singer Dave Vicini and guitarist Chris Warren, Viva Viva dominated the Boston music scene in 2010, taking in awards for Album of the Year from Time Out Boston! and an appearance on WFNX’s Top Ten Local Songs of the Year where they beat out artists like Dom and Deer Tick to take the #3 spot with their track “Valentine.” Check out that song below as well as “Little Dirty Angel” and “Sympathy for the Devil’s Little Helper,” all off of their debut self-titled album which is available for $10 digital download on their bandcamp.


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The Bonnaroo lineup will be announced this Tuesday February 15; who’s got a boner? As you all know we are huge Roo fans here at M&T and we have been impatiently awaiting this day for months now. Will our questions and prayers be answered? No one really knows at this point, but there have been some leaks and unofficial confirmations, most notably Arcade Fire and My Morning Jacket for Friday night headliners. I know that all of us here will be glued to our computers come Tuesday and we will definitely let you know how we feel about the lineup once it drops. As for now here are a couple of possible reunions that I heard may be happening at this year’s 10th Anniversary Bonnaroo.

Foo Update

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We know that all of you got some blue balls after we dropped a nice little teaser of a track from the new Foo Fighters album, but I hope that now you are ready to get your nut. Yesterday Consequence of Sound featured an article with videos for all the tracks on the upcoming album being performed live. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel pretty dirty watching this, like I’m some peeping tom staring at the foxy lady that is Dave Grohl and co.’s musical prowess. The album doesn’t even have a name yet, but some camera wielding fans have allowed for a live compilation that will serve as a nice little treat until the mastered version drops. Check out the album in its entirety here COS- Foo Fighters, and take a look at the lead single “Rope” below, before it drops on February 23.