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Record Store Day 2K12: What You Need To Know

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That magical time of year is almost upon us again when the vinyl gods reward their unwavering followers by sprinkling fresh analog goodness across the land. I’m of course speaking of the observed indie holiday of Record Store Day, a time to head on down to those forgotten downtown record stores to become apart of an exclusive event. RSD is growing bigger by the year, with hundreds of artists and bands releasing either brand new or previously released work on every audiophiles favorite medium. The shear amount of stuff coming out is a little intimidating, so I’ve done the work for you and skimmed out some of this year’s highlights. Please feel free to lambaste me in the comments with any releases I’ve forgotten and therefore deemed irrelevant.

-Beach House-“Lazuli” b/w “Equal Mind”, both tracks off of forthcoming Bloom

-Bonnie Prince Billy- Hummingbird feat. one-off renditions of three oldies, including Merle Haggard’s “Because of Your Eyes”

-Bruce Springsteen-“Rocky Ground” from forthcoming album b/w live rendition of “The Promise”

-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Two previously unreleased tracks

-Iggy and the Stooges-Picture disc featuring live renditions of the bands performance at ATP

-Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, Jim James- New Multitudes featuring the group’s inventive takes on classic Woody Guthrie lyrics

-Jimmy Fallon- “Tebowie

-Flaming Lips/Mastodon-Part of the exclusive Side by Side series featuring a Flaming Lips original b/w a cover of the same song by Mastodon

-Minus the Bear- Two unreleased tracks from the Omni recordings

-Sigur Ros- Hvarf Heim featuring both previously unreleased tracks and live acoustic renditions of previously released songs

As well as a bunch of limited release/regional only releases. Check out the full release lineup via RSD official here. Happy record hunting y’all.

Maps & Atlases Set To Release Beware and Be Grateful On April 17th

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Only recently did a friend turn me on to the aural orgasm that is Maps & Atlases, and I know what you’re going to say, I was a little slow on the uptake. All that matters now is that I have the ship pointed in the right direction, although it may be 5 years behind everyone else…

The aforementioned friend, who calls Maps & Atlases his all-time favorite group,  mentioned that the best way to enjoy the band is by listening to all of their releases in chronological order. To me that seemed a no brainer, but after sampling the two tracks below from the upcoming Beware and Be Grateful I can tell that I have a lot of listening to do in order to close the gap on the Chicago quartet’s stylistic evolution.

The timing of me finally digging into 2007’s Tree, Swallows, Houses couldn’t have been more perfect though (if I do say so myself) as Beware and Be Grateful‘s release is set for April 17th. This comes a little over a year after the Living Decorations EP and the band seems to be on a mission to get the word out about the LP with a strenuous tour that includes over 40 North American dates and a European mini-tour spread over 3+  months. If you’re a Boston area fan make sure to grab tickets for the Middle East Downstairs show on May 18th and enjoy “Winter” and “Fever” for the next two weeks until the album release.


Tan Vampires Nominated for IMA, Set to Play O’Brien’s, Plan To Take Over the World

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Ok that last part may be a stretch, but playing our show at O’Brien’s and being nominated for an Independent Music Award certainly is a start. If you follow our blog you will know that Tan Vampires put out one of our favorite albums of 2011 and that they are headlining a show presented by yours truly at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston on April 27th. You can find more info about that show here and make sure to grab your tickets if you haven’t already.

In addition to joining Moss Points North and Jake Hill at our show on April 27th, Tan Vampires also received some recent recognition from the Independent Music Awards. Their song “Digital Rot” has been nominated for Best Indie/Alt. Rock Song and if I had myself a vote on the judging panel along with Keith Richards, Tom Waits, Del McCoury, and a slew of others, you can be sure as shit that my ballot would have Tan Vampires written all over it. Other artists nominated for IMAs this year include Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three, Yuksek, Filligar, and The Postelles.

You can expect to hear “Digital Rot” along with plenty of tunes from For Physical Fitness (and maybe even some new tracks!) on April 27th at O’Brien’s. Don’t forget to buy your tickets while they’re hot and take a listen to the IMA nominated track “Digital Rot” below and stream the full album here.


The Rocketboys at SXSW 2012

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After the madness of SXSW had died down we were able to catch up with Austin’s own The Rocketboys. With the band set to release their lastest record, Build Anyway, this summer I asked keyboard player Justin Wiseman what it’s like to see SXSW from a local’s perspective and how they have been preparing for their album release on June 5th, 2012.

Maimed & Tamed: What is SXSW like for a band from Austin, to see your city turned into a circus of showcases and industry folk for a week?

Justin Wiseman: On one hand it’s really great because we got to play our music on our home turf for tons of people from all over the planet. Although, like most locals who don’t have stake in beer companies or own bars or hotels, the flood of people was at times aggravating because of excessive traffic and litter and stuff like that.

M&T: Were you able to see any bands at SXSW that we should know about?

JW: Although I didn’t really get to see much music, the best band I saw was Vanaprasta from LA.

M&T: What was the highlight of the week for the band?

JW: It was all a highlight – we’ve had great SXSW experiences in the past, but almost every show was a head above anything we’d ever done before. The most gratifying moments I think were when on two separate occasions, when we were playing outdoor venues, when folks came late to the show and told us they could hear our music resonating in the street from blocks away!

M&T: With Build Anyway set to be released this summer what can we expect sonically after having the band lost three of its members?

JW: Brandon, myself and Josh wrote the entirety of Build Anyway, but there’s no way we could ever, just the three of us, replicate it all live. And we’ve been lucky to find a replacement drummer and guitarist. Though, up until now, the band has been a sextet, throughout the last year, we’ve found that we can replicate what we did with 6 with only 5 now. So every live show we do has those guys filling in.

M&T: Buzz bands come and go and fade away into obscurity sometimes more quickly than their rise to popularity, in an industry saturated with social media and top 40 taking over the radio airwaves, what does it take for an indie band to maintain longevity?

JW: I don’t know if we really know that honestly. And it may not even be half due to musical reasons. Honestly, the only reason our band has been on the brink of not existing was just real life stuff like jobs, marriages, buying houses, etc. But then again, most “indie” bands that have been around forever i.e. Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf, Appleseed Cast continually put out great music.

Take a listen to “Bloodless” below, the first single off of The Rocketboys’ upcoming album Build Anyways. You can also catch the band on tour this spring and summer, check out the dates closest to you on the band’s Facebook page.



SXSW Recap- Saturday March 17, 2012

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Here it is, the final installment of our SXSW 2012 recap. It was a whirlwind week and we were able to catch nearly 50 bands over four days. Our feet are aching and our livers are hurting but that doesn’t mean we won’t be back for more next year–

Big Easy Express w/ a performance by members of Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Old Crow Medicine Show @ Paramount Theatre– Again we found ourselves in a dark movie theatre smelling of popcorn instead of a dark club smelling of sweat and spilled Lone Star. This time it was for the premiere of Big Easy Express, a film that followed the three aforementioned bands as they embarked on the Railroad Revival Tour in an homage to Festival Express. Director Emmett Malloy who premiered his White Stripes doc Under Great White Northern Lights at the festival two years prior, spoke before the screening about the process it took to create the film and capture the emotion and camaraderie from the bands on the train. Ultimately the film did a tremendous job of re-creating the companionship and general sense of community on the train as Marcus Mumford affirmed in the Q&A session following the screening.

After the Q&A session the packed house at the Paramount was treated to a performance by members of all three bands which included “Roll Away Your Stone” (see video below and excuse the quality, I was way up in the nosebleeds) and “Train In The Sky” which Alex Ebert wrote while travelling from California to New Orleans on the Big Easy Express. The performance proved that the chemistry was still there between the bands and with new albums coming from all Mumford and Edward Sharpre this year it will be interesting to see how the Big Easy Express experience influenced their songwriting.

The Lumineers @ St. David’s Church Historic Sanctuary– My mother will be proud that I didn’t spend all my time in Austin drinking and listening to music in dirty clubs and that I was able to go to church at least three times. With those holy attendance numbers I’d say that I’m covered for at least the next few Christmases and Easters… One of the bands that we saw preaching at St. David’s was a favorite of ours from this summer, the Denver trio The Lumineers. The group immediately caught the crowd’s attention with sing-alongs and plenty of opportunities to clap with the jangling beats of songs old and new.

The band mentioned their mission of the week to convey the message of, “Keep your head up, keep your love,” and in no time they had the whole church singing along like a scene out of Sister Act. They even performed “Gun Song” in “surround-sound” with each of the band members spread throughout different aisles in the church using no amplification to tell the story of the pistol that lead singer Wesley Shultz found in his father’s sock drawer. The night ended with Shultz telling everyone in the crowd to “rise up” out of their pews and clap along to “Flowers In Your Hair,” the perfect ending to a wonderful service.

SXSW Recap- Friday March 16, 2012

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The week is almost over, but we’ve still got plenty of music left to go. Check out what caught our ears on Friday–

Sonicbids Showcase @ Maggie Mae’s– Sonicbids did an excellent job of programming their party with alternating sets on the downstairs stage and the upstairs roof deck from 11:30 am all the way up until 6pm, the free food and drink tickets certainly didn’t hurt either. Highlights of the morning included Bloomington, Indiana’s Hotfox rocking on the downstairs stage and the Netherlands’ Go Back To The Zoo tearing through a set on the rooftop. It was M&T favorites Rubblebucket who stole the show though, proving to the rest of the crowd at Maggie Mae’s what we at M&T already know- Rubblebucket is one of the best live bands in the country right now. With fans donning giant robot suits during “Came Out of a Lady” (see above) the entirety of the rooftop at Maggie Mae’s couldn’t help but dance along to the group’s horn-driven grooves. Other sets of note from the Sonicbids party included Miami’s ANR, Quebec’s Ariane Moffatt and England’s Clock Opera, who was one of our 5 bands to watch at SXSW 2012. Check out a video of Clock Opera’s “Belongings” from their Sonicbids set below.

Built To Spill @ Lustre Pearl– The indie rock vets from Idaho are one of the biggest names on the SXSW 2012 lineup, but that didn’t stop them from playing plenty of sets throughout the week and we were elated to have been able to catch them at Lustre Pearl. Doug Martsch led his band of merry rockers through a set highlighted by “Sidewalk” and their final song of the evening “Goin’ Against Your Mind.” My only complaint was that the set was far far too short and even when the crowd erupted into an enormous roar after the final note, the band still couldn’t play another tune because of time constraints. I guess that makes our decision all the more easier to see them at the Paradise this summer.

SXSW Recap- Thursday March 15, 2012

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Another day in the books at SXSW 2012 and here’s what stood out from all the flanel and Shiner Bock on 6th–

Shut Up and Play The Hits @ The Stateside Theatre– Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t make a conscious decision to take nearly two hours out of our day and dedicate it to non-live music activities, but when LCD Soundsytem calls it quits those are not normal circumstances. After watching the moving and extremely powerful film I had a brand new appreciation for being able to attend their final show at MSG and also a sense of something much larger, maybe even so far as to say a piece of history as Reggie Watts remarked when he introduced the film to the audience at The Stateside Theatre. This is a must-see for all LCD lovers and any music documentary buffs.

SPOILER ALERT: You are probably going to cry

Howlin’ Rain @ Valhalla– This had to be the most entertaining set of the evening for me as the San Francisco 5-piece took to the tiny stage at Valhalla and cruised through no more than 6 or 7 songs over the course of an hour and fifteen minute set. I can hear the wheels turning in your brain right now and yes your math is correct, each song averaged more than 10 minutes. The band opened with a raucous version of “Self Made Man,” the lead track off of their newest record The Russian Wilds and winded their way through other extended jams, both new and old. Lead singer Ethan Miller even made his way through the crowd to serenade us from atop the bar, only to make his way back down in to the audience and sway arm in arm with a few sweaty hipsters while belting out one of the band’s ballads. I’m not going to say I told you so, but I think we nailed this one with our SXSW preview picks.

Check out a clip below of “Can’t Satisfy Me Now” from Howlin’ Rain’s Valhalla set. As I mentioned before each song was regularly hitting the 10 minute mark so unfortunately my memory card filled up before the end of this jam, but you can still enjoy four minutes of shredding and harmonies.

SXSW Recap- Wednesday March 14, 2012

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Night 1 of our SXSW 2012 trip is in the books here are some of the highlights–

You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown @ Karma Lounge– For this Portugese band it was their  first time playing in the US and they began a campaign on their website and social media pages to raise enough money to make the trip. Boy are we glad they did. There weren’t many people at the Karma Lounge to catch the band’s eclectic style, but with a drummer who rocks out like nobody’s business with brushes and a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Who By Fire” we’re hoping that this band starts gaining some buzz.

Solander @ Bethel Hall, St. David’s Church– Another group who was playing their first show in the U.S. and we were very excited to have them here as well. The Swedish group put on an incredible performance in the seemingly surreal setting of Bethell Hall at St David’s Episcopal Church. The trio certainly lived up to our designation as one of the five bands to catch at SXSW 2012 and will be on a short US tour following the conference. Like YCWCB our hope is that the small crowd won’t hold them back from gaining some much deserved traction in the US.

Alabama Shakes @ Stubb’s– This set had to be the highlight of the night as lead singer Brittany Howard certainly knows how to put on a show and engage the audience with some real emotion. The band played their single “Hold On” near the beginning of the set, but that didn’t stop them from captivating the audience for 45 minutes worth of straight up rock ‘n roll at Stubb’s. If there were any other Folk in the crowd last night I’m sure you’re just as excited as we are now to catch Brittany and the boys down at the Fort in July.

Parasol- “Firecracker”

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How did we miss this song? “Firework” from local trio Parasol is absolutely perfect for the surprisingly sunny day here in Boston. The track comes from the band’s 2011 EP Crush Season which you can grab for free on their bandcamp page. Parasol will be playing a slew of shows this spring, check out the dates below.

FRIDAY MARCH 23- Smash it Dead Fest 2012

MONDAY MARCH 26- Boston, MA w/ Ghost Mice @ TBA

Mini Tour!

SATURDAY MARCH 31 – West Chester

Maimed & Tamed Presents: Tan Vampires at O’Briens Pub 4/27/2012

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The Maimed & Tamed crew is ridiculously excited to announce our first ever concert showcase at O’Briens Pub in Allston on Friday April 27th! We’ll be bringing you three M&T favorites, all local to New England: Tan Vampires, Moss Points North, and Jake Hill & Deep Creek. We’ll be packing the house, so make sure to get your tickets here and show up early to enjoy some beverages and mingle with some fellow fake hipsters. Doors will be at 8pm and the show is 21+ with a $10 cover. We can guarantee that this will be the best $10 you spend all spring and if you don’t believe us here’s why–

Tan Vampires– After hearing For Physical Fitness, the New Hampshire quintet’s debut album, it was love at first listen. After hearing the band perform at the Nor’easter Festival and chatting with the guys afterwards, we were hooked. We love the record so much that it found its way into our Top 20 Albums of 2011. If you’re still not convinced then take it from NPRNME, The Boston Phoenix, or NPR again if it didn’t quite register the first time. These guys are incredible and we are elated to be able to share their music with you.

Moss Points North– After graduating from Berklee and releasing their debut EP last summer, the band has played many a room in their hometown of Boston and more recently as part of an official CMJ showcase in NYC this fall alongside artists such as Passwords, Friendly People and Said The Whale. The band is currently hard at work on their debut full-length effort due out at the end of 2012, so expect to be some of the first to hear new tracks from their forthcoming release.

Jake Hill & Deep Creek– It seems like every time we turn our back that Jake Hill has released another album. Whether it’s solo, with his band Deep Creek, or joining producer Charley Hustle to create one of our favorite tracks of 2011 under the name Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard. We love his music so much that we have campaigned for Jake to appear at the Newport Folk Festival and after you see him perform in April we know you will jump right on the same bandwagon.