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M&T Featured In Moodsnap

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Are you a fan of music and photography? Do you wish there was a way to translate your emotional reactions to images into playlists that totally captured that specific vibe? If you find yourself asking these questions often then Moodsnap is the app that you need in your life. Moodsnap is basically image-driven radio that takes individual photos and associates them with a playlist that is meant to evoke similar emotions to that particular photo. When we were approached by Moodsnap to choose an image and curate a playlist to be added to the app we jumped at the chance.

The process was certainly harder than we had first imagined, but it proved to be quite rewarding in the end. The image we chose (the one situated at the top of this post) immediately caught our eye and forced a flow of song ideas into our minds straight away. The photo, taken by Twenty20.com user @carleez, got us thinking of songs that were airy and epic, yet still very much hopeful. With the photo’s main subject always looking forward, presumably to a long and fulfilling future, we thought it appropriate to choose songs that were vast and sweeping, but still very much uplifting.

The best part about Moodsnap is that all of the playlists are collaborative. We kicked things off with the first 25 songs, but once you find our image in the app you can add and remove songs that you want to hear for that image as well. You can find our playlist and many, many others on Moodsnap all for free by downloading the app via the link below. Plug in, pick an image, and enjoy!

Get Moodsnap

Exclusive Video Premiere: The Novel Ideas – “Lost On The Road”

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We’re big fans of local folk group The Novel Ideas, so needless to say we were beyond thrilled when asked to premiere their new music video for the single “Lost On The Road.” The video, directed by band member Danny Hoshino, provides the perfect backdrop for the road-weary and nostalgic song. Cutting between live performance footage, and candid moments on the road, the video gives us a deeper look into what it’s like to be a young band on the road. Something tells us though that The Novel Ideas won’t be crammed into a beat up van for long. We think you’ll agree after checking out “Lost On The Road” below. Scroll down for tour dates and make sure to catch the band at Great Scott next week.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

August 17th: Lancaster, PA at Tellus360

August 20th: Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY with Frances Cone

August 22nd: Great Scott, Boston, MA with Frances Cone

August 23rd: The Basement, Northampton, MA with Frances Cone

August 26th: The Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH, with You, Me, & Apollo

August 29th: Oswego Beats & Eats, Oswego, IL

August 30th: Uncommon Ground Rooftop Sessions Presented by Lagunitas, Chicago, IL

September 2nd: Scoot Inn, Austin, TX

September 3rd: Opening Bell Coffee, Dallas, TX

September 4th: Lola’s Saloon, Fort Worth, TX

September 5th: Rhino Coffee, Shreveport, LA

September 6th: Cafe Prytania, New Orleans, LA

September 7th: Moonlight on the Mountain, Birmingham, AL

September 8th: Americana Sessions at the Rooftop of the Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA

September 9th: The Basement, Nashville, TN with Jacob Thomas Jr.

September 11th: House show, Pittsburgh, PA

September 12th: Pittsburgh Winery, Pittsburgh, PA

September 13th: Hill Country, Washington, DC

September 14th: American Field, Boston, MA

2014 New England Music Awards Nominations

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A couple of weeks ago the nominations were announced for the 3rd annual New England Music Awards (NEMA) and it just so happens quite a few M&T Favorites were recognized. Here is the list of said acts, including their respective nominated categories. Please go support your local musicians by voting. Voting closes this Friday, January 31.


Deer Tick (Band of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year)
Kingsley Flood (Band of the Year, Album of the Year)
The Mallett Brothers Band (Band of the Year, Album of the Year)
Sarah Blacker (Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year)
Dwight & Nicole (Best in State: Vermont)
Jesse Dee (Male Performer of the Year)
Will Dailey (Male Performer of the Year)
Darlingside (Indie/Pop Act of the Year)
Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons (American/Roots Act of the Year)
Coke Weed (Indie/Pop Act of the Year)
Moe Pope (Hip Hop Act of the Year)
Low Anthem (Best in State: Rhode Island)
Tan Vampires (Best in State: New Hampshire)
Tall Heights (Best in State: Massachusetts)
You Won’t (Best in State: Massachusetts)
Hayley Jane & The Primates (American/Roots Act of the Year)


Local Musicians Rally to Raise Hope and Funds for The One Fund

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A couple of days following Marathon Monday I received an email from Eric (who you all know is the fine being who runs this here blog) connecting me with an organization called Hold On Another Day (HOAD), whose mission is to connect people and causes through music. HOAD was in the beginning stages of organizing a special music project to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. The vision of the project was to source local musicians to record or donate songs to help the people of Boston heal through music while raising funds for the victims of the attacks. Being that I represent a number of talented local acts, Eric felt I could be a good resource for the project.

Needless to say, I immediately hopped on board and began reaching out to some of my artist friends and clients. The responses I received were consistent – prompt, with an unconditional willingness to dedicate whatever efforts they could to be a part of the healing process. Thanks to an overwhelming response from the local musician’s community, HOAD quickly had 41 artists signed onto their Boston Strong Music Project. Over the following couple of weeks, more than half of these artists entered the WERS Live Performance Studio to record songs, with the remaining roster donating songs previously recorded.

The end result is an inspired compilation of 41 songs comprised of uplifting stories, experiences and messages – some specifically about Boston, some specifically written in response to the Marathon tragedy – all intended to connect with people in a positive way. And if you’re a follower of Maimed & Tamed Music Blog, you are sure to recognize names like Dwight & Nicole, Ballroom Thieves, Will Dailey, Christian McNeill, Tim Gearan, Jesse Dee, and Air Traffic Controller – all M&T favorites who have been featured on the site in the past.

The process itself, with the willingness and enthusiasm of those involved to donate their time, efforts, and art, was an incredible experience that I am proud and honored to have been a part of.

To learn more about the Boston Strong Music Project and all the artists involved; and to donate and download the music, CLICK HERE! The minimum donation required to download the music is $1. All proceeds go to The One Fund Boston to support the families of the victims.

Tame The Giant

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Back in October we collaborated on a CMJ Showcase with our good friends from Young Giant, and now we are beyond excited to announce the strengthening of that partnership. Together we have formed Tame the Giant, Inc. which is a deeper collaboration between the two partners focusing on programming and promoting the most kick-ass shows around. The first shows from Tame the Giant will be hitting the clubs of Boston this summer so make sure to keep your eyes peeled to our new Tame the Giant page for more news!


Vinyl Thief Releases New Live Videos

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The last time that we were hanging with the boys of Vinyl Thief was at our CMJ 2012 showcase with Young Giant Records. Since then the Nashvillians have been hard at work on their follow-up to the 2012 EP Rebel Hill. While the band is set to release their full-length debut by the end of 2013 they have also just partnered with OurVinyl to release a series of live video performances featuring tracks from Rebel Hill. These videos do a perfect job of capturing the band’s live energy and the magnetic presence of lead singer Grayson Proctor. You can check out the performance of “Faces” below and take a look at the full series of videos on the OurVinyl website. Stay tuned for more news from Vinyl Thief this summer!

Phox: A Best of 2013 Already?

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There’s been an abundance of excellent folk/indie/whatever popping up lately, but one thing tends to be missing for me: the element of surprise. Enter Phox. This Wisconsin septet (and recent SXSW darling) just released Confetti, a six-track album that provides a listening experience equivalent to riding Space Mountain: you have no idea where you’re going or what’s coming next, but all you know is that IT’S FREAKING AWESOME. Exhibit A: “Slow Motion” begins with a rhythm as random as a dripping sink. In under six minutes, the song manages to incorporate a mellow clarinet solo, a mid-song electro break-down, a whistle interlude… oh and that backbeat? It’s created by the tapping of paper cups on a table. No joke. Now friends, please remember all of these aural treats are packed into the opening track alone. And the very best part? Confetti never sounds crowded at all. The unpredictable twists and turns within each song end up making perfect, quirky, gorgeous sense.

If the outlandish creativity of Phox hasn’t piqued your interest thus far, the vocals surely will. Lead singer Monica Martins is one of those lucky ladies with an androgynous timbre that you truly have to be born with. Martin’s voice is timeless, limitless, and just another reason why Phox is my early pick for Best Band 2013.

To see Martins and crew at work, I implore you to watch their video for “Slow Motion” below. It’s the most fun five minutes I’ve had sitting in front of a screen, ever.

A Sad Farewell to WFNX

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Not to sound dramatic, but Wednesday May 16, 2012 will be a day that will go down in infamy. Why? It was the day that the last meaningful radio station in Boston sold its soul to the radio devil. Yesterday Phoenix Media/Communications Group announced the sale of the legendary station to radio conglomerate Clear Channel. When I read the news my heart sank into my shoes. How could this be happening? Was it not only 3 years ago when I listened to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” followed by an eerily unsettling silence on WBCN? Now the last remaining hope in local alternative radio is gone. Rumors are Clear Channel has planned to move one of their AM talk stations in to the 101.7 slot, others have said the format will change to country or Spanish talk…

Being a lifelong fan of WFNX, and even lucky enough to be a part of the FNX family for a short time as an intern in college, to see the outpouring of support via social media is emotional to say the least. Sure there were times where FNX may have lost their way (Eminem and Panic! At the Disco in heavy rotation in the mid 2000s to name a couple instances), but over the past 4 or 5 years they have truly hit their stride. A great example of this would be last year’s Clambake lineup which featured Young the Giant, The Naked And Famous, and Foster the People all on the same stage. Look at what all three of those bands have done in the past year- Foster the People performed at the Grammys with the Beach Boys, The Naked And Famous are literally everywhere in television, commercials and video games, and Young the Giant sold out nearly every date on their headlining tour earlier this year. Who was there to break these bands and promote the shit out of them in the Boston market? WFNX was, and with Foster the People and Young the Giant especially, you can’t tell me that their FNX airplay and sold-out Boston shows are no coincidence.

Does this mean the end of indie music in Boston? I wouldn’t go that far, but I would say that it will be a hell of a lot more difficult for the next Foster the People or the next Young the Giant to sell out venues like The House of Blues without the support and airplay of WFNX. People need to realize that we are not just losing a radio station, but also the personalities and the artists that come along with it. Afternoon DJ Adam 12 was lucky enough to catch on with FNX after BCN went by the wayside, but now there are no other alternative stations for our favorite DJs to turn to in this market. WAAF? I’ll try not to laugh. Radio 92.9? I’m convinced that they have the MTV Buzz Bin records set on a permanent loop. WXRV? Not nearly edgy enough to call themselves alternative.

Not to mention the impact that WFNX has had in supporting local bands. I think that Boston’s Weekly Dig Music Editor, Hilary Hughes, put it best in her article yesterday

WFNX also incorporates the music of local bands into it’s regular programming seamlessly, showcasing bands like Mean Creek and You Can Be A Wesley and Viva Viva alongside the Foster The Peoples and Funs and Joy Formidables that strangers to the Boston music scene may recognize.

To play a Bostonian underdog’s song before or after a major, recognizable single is a GOOD thing by association. It introduces the local band to listeners tuning into WFNX as one on par with the national hit-maker, and hey, maybe the local band will get a few more new listeners out to the show and cultivate more fans.

I couldn’t agree more whole-heartedly with this statement. WFNX has done so much to help promote local bands and as I already mentioned, without that support the local music scene will suffer. Personally I am still trying to digest the news of the sale and the end of WFNX, but I wanted to take this opportunity to formally thank everyone at WFNX for the incredible run, especially Julie, 12, Driscoll, Henry and Fletcher.

One of my favorite song lyrics of all-time comes from Ted Leo’s “The Lost Brigade” where he repeats over and over– “Every little memory has a song.” For this reason and for many others WFNX will never die or completely fade away into obscurity, at least not while I’m around. Every time we hear “Pumped Up Kicks” or Pearl Jam’s “Alive” for an older generation, we will remember the first time that we heard it on WFNX. There are so many memories that I have of WFNX whether it was last year’s Clambake, the ’07 Best Music Poll or going into the office two times a week to produce and schedule commercials, I plan on reliving all of them over the next few months.

Thank you for the memories WFNX, Boston will never be the same without you.

Out With the Old and In With the New: Father John Misty

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It pains me to say this. It really does.

But I’m kind of really sick of Fleet Foxes, and it’s all my fault. I spun Helplessness Blues to death, just like every other young adult out there with a half-baked taste in music. And now I’m simply heartsick for a fresh fix of my favorite folk superstars.  Helplessness Blues was folky-rock perfection, but it’s time to retire the album for a bit before I turn vegan, move to Seattle, and apply for a job combing Robin Pecknold’s beard or something.

But have no fear indie-philes, because hope is approaching on the horizon in the form of Father John Misty. Former drummer and singer of Fleet Foxes, J. Tillman, has released two killer tracks under this bizarre stage name, and they easily fill the Fleet Foxes shaped hole in my heart. The first cut off of his upcoming LP Fear Fun is “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.” What the song may lack in token Fleet Foxes harmonies and woodwinds, it makes up for with distorted electric guitars and witty, endearing lyrics. From “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” to the bongo-riffic second single “Nancy From Now On,” we gain a few takeaways:

1. Tillman needs to cool it with his song titles; this is getting ridiculous.

2. Father John Misty won’t just tide us over until the next Fleet Foxes album. Rather, his work is poised to become an integral part of our music collection in its own right.

View the trippy video for “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” below (featuring Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation), and be sure to join us at the Father John Misty show on May 16th at Brighton Music Hall.


The Civil Slingers Added to O’Brien’s Show on April 27th

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Just when you thought that our show at O’Brien’s on Friday April 27th couldn’t get any more awesome, we went ahead and out-awesomed ourselves and added a fourth band to the O’Brien’s stage next week. The Civil Slingers will be joining our previously announced lineup of Moss Points North, Jake Hill & Deep Creek and Tan Vampires with a special acoustic set to begin the night. These guys play shows all around town and if you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, next week at O’Brien’s is definitely worth checking out. The trio from Boston via Maine play songs with an old-time feel at a breakneck pace and are certain to kick off our show with a bang.

Check out “One Shot Kill” from The Civil Slingers below and make sure to buy your tickets for the show here!

The Civil Slingers- One Shot Kill

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