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“Sacrilege”: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Best Single since “Maps”

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito

I’m more of a Karen O enthusiast than a Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan. Her raw vocals and unfiltered stage presence have always inspired me to root on YYY, though I haven’t truly loved any of their material since their debut, Fever to Tell.  The best song off that album, “Maps,” continues to floor me just like the first time I heard it. (Yes, the song did come out in 2003, which was my freshman year of high school a.k.a. the peak of my emotional fragility, but even still the track wrecks me.) Finally, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s newest single “Sacrilege,” accomplishes a similar effect for the first time since “Maps.”  “Sacrilege” may not leave me a hot crying mess, but it has finally sparked my interest in YYY’s upcoming album, Mosquito. What the track lacks in emotional heft, it makes up for with classic Karen O vocals (coos, yelps and banshee cries are all accounted for), perfectly-placed guitar-noodling, and a fat gospel chorus. Irreverent, unexpected and just in time for the Lenten season! – “Sacrilege” is just what I needed to get excited about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs again.

Will Dailey Set To Release New Album

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Local rocker Will Dailey is back in the studio working on his next album, and like so many indie artists he has embarked on an intimate journey with his fans to help fund his new venture. We caught up with Will and talked about his new album, crowdfunding, where he draws inspiration from, and of course, alpacas. Read on below for the full interview–

Maimed & Tamed: What prompted you to use a crowdsourcing platform to help fund your album?

Will Dailey: Well, for starters, I’ve seen a lot of fellow musician friends have great success with it. I started sending bands (that I produce on the side) that way to get their funding. But the real reason was the reaction I had after pledging to a couple of artists that I’m a fan of. I was driven by that feeling and connection, that I now have to their music, because I was a part of getting it made. It’s not just a way to raise money anymore but it’s a way to make a real connection in our mad dash digital world. I knew it would really push me and I was looking for a different experience with this album.

M&T: How has crowd funding changed the way that an independent artist approaches the process of recording an album?

WD: It is a huge hustle and task that you add on top of that already huge hustle and task of actually recording. However, it strengthens and comforts the process exponentially. It’s a lot more work but totally worth it.  It’s inspiring. You don’t realize how many people are actually willing to back your music and trust your artistic vision until you give them that opportunity to express that. Pledge Music allows artists in any area to work communally with their fans instead of just for their fans. The constant support continues to propel me forward and seeing the pledges come in while we are recording a new kind of emotional rush I have not experience in the studio.

M&T: What do you think is the most intriguing/fun reward that you are offering to fans in exchange for their support as part of the pledge music campaign?

WD: Music. The music we are making is the most intriguing thing that I am doing, honestly. I feel there is a real primal excitement surrounding these songs. The rest of the exclusives are really just a bonus but I’m also offering insider access to our process with weekly updates that include a whole bunch of media taken right from the studio. It’s a great thing when you can offer rewards for support.. It’s really rather karmatic, you know?  But it is much harder than you think trying to come up with incentives you think people might want. It’s a damn good feeling when I can offer up a Skype guitar lesson to some fans in France or someone wants my typed lyrics on my vintage 1931 Remington. I’m pretty excited to see who goes for the one-on-one hot chocolate hang sesh or my personal tape deck complete with a mix tape I put together myself. It’s gold! Gonna be tough to depart with that, actually (haha). There’s even an option to sponsor side B of our album, which I never even thought of until I teamed up with Pledge. I’ll even record a ringtone of your choice. I like knowing there’s something up there for everyone and that what we offer is what surrounds my personal musical experience.

M&T: Any good anecdotes from the recording of the new album? Any horror stories? Anyone sell their soul to the devil for some badass fiddle skills?

WD: I’d say 5 people sleeping in the studio for 7 days straight has been pretty wild. We figured we’d save on hotels and rough it. Bounty, the alpaca right out side the studio door, has a judgmental yet beautiful gaze. She makes us think twice.  The worst thing to happen is that my best acoustic guitar cracked from the super cold and dry weather. THAT is certainly a casualty.

M&T: Who or what were some of your influences while making this album?

WD: Seeing the pledges coming in has been the most unique influence I’ve ever had. I can see each name when they come in and more often than not someone will write a special note that honestly makes me choke up once or twice. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Turkish funk music from the 70’s… Not sure how it will influence the whole thing but it might.

These songs represent all of my musical experiences to this point only with the gloves off. I’m always trying to make the last album I’ll ever make. It adds an urgency and a risk factor. Of course it’s never the last one but this one feels like my band and I have reached new heights.

M&T: Most important question– Pepsi or Coke?

WD: Coke for cleaning my car battery and Pepsi 2 liter bottles for arts and crafts projects.


For more info on Will and his new album check out the links below–

To Pledge: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/willdailey

‘Sunken Ship jam’: http://vimeo.com/58195999

Facebook: www.facebook.com/willdailey

Twitter: www.twitter.com/willdailey

The 25th Boston Music Awards

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Dwight & Nicole Boston Music Awards 2012

Each music awards show has its own style. The Grammys are the self-important Type-A character, the American Music Awards are your standard teeny-bopper affair, and the CMAs have the down-country, Sarsaparilla-swilling flavor. Last Sunday night, we realized that the Boston Music Awards is that cool older brother who casually smokes a cig out back behind the gym. Upon entering the Liberty Hotel amongst Boston’s indiest musicians and fans, we realized just how much coolness was packed into one venue. The BMAs are a perfect iteration of what the Boston music scene is comprised of: artists and fans alike clinked their glasses and mingled together, stellar live performances were booked at every moment of the evening, and most importantly, truly great local music was recognized.

M&T favorites Dwight and Nicole were able to knock out all of the above. Prior to the awards ceremony, the power couple took the stage for a quick and dirty four-song set. We had the pleasure of hearing a brand new track off of their forthcoming record called “Plead.” The bluesy track featured Dwight on vocals, in addition to his signature shredding abilities. You can view a rough video of this performance here. The last song of the set was a stripped-down version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Nicole’s heavenly cover made us teary-eyed when she first sang it as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice, and this time was no different (video below). After this moving set, it came as no surprise to M&T when Nicole nabbed the award for Female Vocalist of the Year. It’s been a hallmark year for Dwight and Nicole, and we are stoked to see them do even bigger and better things in 2013.

After the D&N set, we hiked up to the 5th floor to catch Air Traffic Controller. Yet again, the set was short but sweet. While the band didn’t win Song of the Year for “Hurry, Hurry,” their performance of the undeniably catchy track won us over. Dave Munro as lead singer and songwriter held a wonderfully charming presence on stage (despite the fact that they were basically playing in a corner or a well-lit room). Air Traffic Controller’s tight live show left us blown away by yet another talented Boston-based band.

Other Maimed and Tamed darlings made a strong showing throughout the Awards Ceremony. Kingsley Flood won for Americana Artist of the Year, David Wax Museum took home the Song of the Year, Tim Gearan Band captured the Best Live Ongoing Residency award and Christian McNeill of Sea Monsters fame won the prize for Male Vocalist of the Year. See below for the full list of winners, and we’ll see you at the BMAs next year.

Check out our photo coverage of the event here.



Song of the Year
Harder Before It Gets Easier, David Wax Museum

Album of the Year
Youth Companion, Mean Creek

Artist of the Year

New Artist of the Year
Cam Meekins

Live Artist of the Year
Debo Band

Blues Artist of the Year
Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers

Jazz Artist of the Year
Omar Thomas

Rock Artist of the Year

Pop/R&B Artist of the Year
Shea Rose

Hip Har of the Year
Moe Pope & Rain

Americana Artist of the Year
Kingsley Flood

DJ of the Year
Frank White

Electronic Artist of the Year
Andre Obin

Folk Artist of the Year
Caleb Groh

Gospel Artist of the Year
Berklee Reverence Gospel Choir

International Artist of the Year
Evolfo Doofeht

Metal/Hardcore Artist of the Year

Punk Artist of the Year
Dropkick Murphys

Singer/Songwriter of the Year
Will Dailey

Female Vocalist of the Year
Nicole Nelson

Male Vocalist of the Year
Christian Mcneill

Rock Producer of the Year
Dave Minehan

Hip Hop Producer of the Year
Malik Williams

Video of the Year
252 Gem Club

Best Boston Artist Who Doesn’t Live In Boston
Passion Pit

Best Dance Night
The Pill

Best Live Music Venue

Best Live Ongoing Residency
Tim Gearan Band At Atwood’s Tavern

Best Music Blog
Allston Pudding

Unsung Hero
Ed Valauskas

Humanitarian of the Year
Jillian Jensen

Outstanding Achievement
Clinton Sparks

Yale MA, Atlantic Thrills, Ravi Shavi at Great Scott 12/3

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The time has come for us to awake from our winter hibernation and start posting some more music that we think you will love. We know that it’s been a while since our last post, but we have been plotting our triumphant return to the blogosphere and what better way to do it than with a local rock show? Tomorrow night Boston punk rockers Yale, Massachusetts will be joined by Providence-based groups Atlantic Thrills and Ravi Shavi at Great Scott in Allston. Named the Best New Act in 2012 by the Boston Phoenix, Yale, Massachusetts has taken to the local scene with their fast-paced guitar-driven punk rock. This show is sure to be a rowdy one so if you plan on attending (which you should), remember to bring your dancing shoes.

For more info on the event click here and see below for a track from each band.

Johnny D’s Thanksgiving Pre-Heat

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Got plans for this Tuesday November 20th from say 830-11pm? Now you do! Maimed & Tamed is proud to be a party of Johnny D’s Thanksgiving Pre-Heat event. Yours truly will be spinning some local M&T favorites on Tuesday evening and there will also be DJ sets by other local bloggers/musicians including Township, Andrea Gillis, For the Sake of Song, and more.

It’s bound to be a fun night full of tunes and drinks, so clear you calendars and make your way to Johnny D’s at 830pm on Tuesday November 20th. Let us know via Facebook and Twitter what songs you’d like to hear and then come out on Tuesday to hear what made the cut. For more info check out the Thanksgiving Pre-Heat event page. Here’s a little preview of what you may be hearing on Tuesday–




Jake Hill & Deep Creek- Eagle

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This week, November 17th to be exact, Jake Hill & Deep Creek will be releasing their full-length album Eagle. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Jake and the boys around M&T, whether it was the full band playing our show at O’Brien’s in the spring or us campaigning for Jake to play the Newport Folk Festival, we’ve always been fans of his work.

If you aren’t familiar with the musical musings of Jake Hill, Eagle will be the perfect introduction. Jake’s signature snarl permeates throughout the record while the Deep Creek boys take a dirty, distorted approach to country music, and I mean that in the best way possible. Tracks like “Red Magic Marker Marquee” and “Coverin’ The Ground” could be classified as honky-tonk grunge (if you can even imagine that) while album opener “Old Man And The Sea Song” is simply a catchy rock and roll tune, one that attendees of our show in the spring will certainly recognize. Then there’s “Transom Dance”, quite possibly one of my favorite songs on the record, with it’s sitar outro which was quite the pleasant surprise upon my first listen. The album culminates in the impassioned ode, “Talkin Fuckin Steve Earle Blues” where Hill repeats over and over, “Steve Earle/Steve Earle/Spent all my money on Steve fuckin Earle” as only Hill could do.

You can celebrate the release of Eagle with Jake Hill & Deep Creek this Saturday at The New World Tavern in Plymouth, MA. The record release show will also feature sets by The Mallet Brothers Band and Joseph Aaskov of The Civil Slingers, needless to say it’s sure to be a rowdy night. Find out more info on the record release show here and enjoy an acoustic version of “Talkin Fuckin Steve Earle Blues” and the official video for “Long Long Way” below.

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes Hit The Road

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If you missed Nashville quartet Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes at our CMJ showcase (shame on you), you’ll have plenty more chances to see them in the month of November. DE&TGL are embarking on a 15-city tour that brings them from Missouri to Seattle, down to Fort Worth with a stop at the Daytrotter studios and a handful of other cities in between. Their most recent release, 2011’s Civilized Man, has caught the ears of Spinner, Paste Magazine, Consequence of Sound and others, and it’s safe to say that you will be hooked too if you check them out next month. Check out a video below of the band performing “Shoe Fits” at the Maimed & Tamed + Young Giant Records CMJ 2012 showcase and scroll down for a full list of tour dates.

11/9 – St. Louis, Missouri – Blueberry Hill (The Duck Room)

11/10­­­ – Carbondale, Illinois – The Hangar 9

11/11– Rock Island, Illinois – Rozz-Tox

11/12 – Rock Island, Illinois – Daytrotter

11/13 – Colorado Springs, Colorado – The Modbo

11/15 – Seattle, Washington – Seattle Living Room Show

11/16 – Seattle, Washington – Comet Tavern

11/18 – Redding, California – Vintage

11/20 – Sacramento, California – Torch Club

11/21 – San Francisco, California – Hotel Utah

11/23 – Santa Monica, California – TRiP

11/25 – Long Beach, California – DiPiazza’s

11/26 – Yosemite National Park, California – Yosemite National Park **Private Event**

11/28 – San Antonion, Texas – 502 Bar

11/29 – Austin, Texas – The Parish Underground

11/30 – Fort Worth, Texas – The Wild Rooster

New Music Mondays: Mean Creek

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Boston quartet Mean Creek has been around for a while, but in an interview with the Boston Phoenix, lead singer Chris Keene said of their new album Youth Companion, “I feel like this is our first record in a lot of ways– we found our sound on it.” All of us here at Maimed & Tamed are quite happy that the group’s search for their sound proved to be fruitful as Youth Companion is certainly a triumph for Boston music. After officially hitting the shelves on October 16th, Youth Companion is an album that makes me proud to be a Boston music blogger. Knowing that music like this is created by others who also call Boston home gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over that makes me totally forget about the dismal season that our Red Sox just had (sorry I had to go there).

Youth Companion is an album that you will find yourself listening to on repeat, from the opener “Do You Know” to the epic finale “The Comedian,” as the track for track strength of this album is a rarity in this age where there is such a focus on the “single.” When listening to the album and deciding which track to feature on our November Spotify Playlist of the Month, it felt almost like choosing our favorite child. It was a difficult decision, but in the end we would have felt great about any choice. If you want to hear what we decided on you will just have to subscribe to our monthly playlist and wait for November 1 to roll around when the playlist will refresh. For now check out the video for “Young & Wild” below.

The Return of Titus Andronicus

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It was just over two and a half years ago that Titus Andronicus spit in the face of the dreaded sophomore slump that so many of today’s buzz bands face and released the outright epic The Monitor to widespread acclaim. Regarded as one of the best punk albums of the 2000’s (and often beyond), The Monitor contains 10 tracks clocking in at over 65 minutes and “uses the American Civil War…as an extended metaphor for feelings of responsibility and the destructive relationship between the self and the other”, to quote frontman Patrick Stickles. So…how the hell is anyone supposed to follow that up?

The short answer would be that you can’t. Any follow-up is going to seem light-hearted in comparison and in order to avoid repetitiveness, cannot include allusions to Abe Lincoln, which can clearly be an integral component to crafting punk anthems. So with this month’s release of the highly anticipated follow-up Local Business, the question at hand is how exactly Stickles would approach his songwriting with the shadow of The Monitor looming large behind. And not being one to stick with consistency, the first thing Stickles did was trim down the man power. The 2010-2011 version of Titus was a veritable revolving door of musicians, seeking assistance from the likes of The Hold Steady, Wye Oak, and even local faves Hallelujah the Hills, along with many more. Now trimmed down to a comparatively thin core of five members, some old and some new, Stickles got down to business (heh) and successfully crafted an honest, genuine, and kick-ass album.

Right from the get go, Local Business punches you in the face, grabs you by the hair, shoves you in the mud, picks you back up, hands you a beer, and then pushes you into the mosh pit. Opener “Ecce Homo”, or as all you Latin lovers know “Here is the Man”, is the thesis of Local Business, with the boys of Titus letting you know that they don’t give a shit about what you think; they’re just here to have a good time. From there, “Still Life With Hot Deuce On A Silver Platter” is a raucous romp featuring former Hallelujah the Hills piano contributor Elio DeLuca tingling the keys, doing his best Old West barroom pianist impression. “Deuce” leads up to my early favorite “My Eating Disorder”, which takes you on an 8-minute plus ride featuring a glorious twin-lead guitar lick followed by Stickles’ shouting of “spit it out” repeated over and over with increasing vigor until tumbling to a close. Lead single “In A Big City” broods hopefully, with Stickles likening himself to a robot from New Jersey who may be a dirty bum, but still wipes his own ass.

And it’s raw and gritty lyrics like these, mixed in with the occasional political charge, that make Local Business an anthemic collection of punk rock songs that can hold its own up against The Monitor, if you’re the type to draw conclusions from such comparisons. Either way, this album deserves a fresh look, full volume, and bountiful beers. And I for one can’t wait to see these guys for the first time in Boston at the Sinclair at the end of next month.

CMJ 2012 Artist Feature: The Black Cadillacs

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As our CMJ showcase with Young Giant Records comes closer, we will be featuring each of the artists on the lineup to help get you prepared an afternoon of incredible music at Arlene’s Grocery on October 18th. Today we will be featuring a familiar name in Knoxville sextet The Black Cadillacs. The Cads have been touring the country in support of their new record Run which has caught the attention of Paste Magazine, Hypetree and others. Their brand of bluesy southern rock is perfect for a long summer road trip or a fall afternoon in New York City…

Check out “I Know It’s Hard”, one of our favorite tracks from Run, and make sure to keep your calendar open for Thursday October 18th from 12pm-6pm!