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The Ballroom Thieves’ Guide to Touring

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All this week we will be travelling with one of our favorite hometown bands, The Ballroom Thieves, as they venture out to Milwaukee, WI for a performance at this year’s Summerfest. After Day 1 of driving (in our badass tour van courtesy of Greenvans) took us through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania it felt like a good time for the Thieves to reflect on their past tour experiences. We asked each band member, and their manager Livingston, to discuss their favorite things about being on the road. And yes Doritos Locos Tacos is one of them.


Favorite Tour Snack: “Naked pita chips… naked”

Road Trip Jam: “Born of a Broken Man” by Rage Against The Machine

Favorite Pit Stop: Antiquing and/or yard sales (“Anything I can turn into a haggle-crush-fest.”)

Best Tour Memory: “We were in West Virginia and we had pulled over to make a stop when it was just about dusk. It was a great evening and where we stopped we walked down this path in the woods that opened up to a deck that had a beautiful vantage point looking over a valley. Martin turned to me and said ‘You won’t pee off that,’ so I peed off that.”

The photo above is evidence from the crime scene


Favorite Tour Snack: Applesauce (“It comes in a bag…might be baby food.”)

Road Trip Jam: “Animal Skins” by Dry The River

Favorite Pit Stop: Brewery tours

Best Tour Memory: “Hangin’ in Burlington at Lake Champlain with Caroline Rose and Jer Coons.”


Favorite Tour Snack: Banana and peanut butter

Road Trip Jam: “Will You Be There” by Michael Jackson

Favorite Pit Stop: “This bar in Pennsylvania where we ordered a 12-pack to-go. It was $12 and they just handed us the cans over the bar.”

Best Tour Memory: “Our tour with [fellow Boston duo] Tall Heights was a lot of fun. We picked them up in Wisconsin and they were with us through Michigan on a week-long tour. That whole tour was hilarious and inspiring in terms of travelling with other musicians and seeing how they work together, like seeing the dynamic between the two of them and the dynamic between them and us. It’s always great to play shows with them.”


Favorite Tour Snack: Doritos Locos Tacos (“Cool Ranch who are we kidding?”)

Road Trip Jam: “That’s All” by Genesis (“We start every car ride with it.”)

Favorite Pit Stop: Bodies of water, “Like lakes, rivers, and oceans mostly. Puddles, ponds, and creeks are cool too. I dig hangin’ out by the water.”

Best Tour Memory: “We were going to play a college gig at Keene State and we took two different cars, Rachel and Martin in one car and Devin and myself in the other. Devin and I got off the highway on the way up to get Boston Market so Martin and Rachel got up there first. They sent us what we thought was the address for the college, but when we made it to the address we drove back and forth multiple times before realizing the address that they gave us was actually for a bowling alley. We noticed their car in the parking lot so we went in and they had beers waiting for us and we played a couple strings before the gig. It was a great pre-show warm-up.”

We Avalanche Talks About Barber Shops, Chicken Nuggets, and More Ahead of 6/25 Tommy Doyle’s Show

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Three weeks ago we announced that the M&T crew will be jumping back into the local concert scene to present a show at Tommy Dolye’s in Harvard Square with our friends Young Giant. The show will feature two amazing local bands that we’re very excited about at the M&T headquarters, We Avalanche and VAVÁ. Recently we had the chance to chat with We Avalanche’s lead singer and guitar player, Brady Custis. Our conversation covered their most recent record Time Travels, new music, and most importantly- chicken nuggets. Read on for the full interview below and make sure to keep your calendar free for Tuesday June 25th at 930pm at Tommy Doyle’s. It’s only $5, so you have absolutely no excuse.

Maimed & Tamed: What’s on the horizon for the We Avalanche? Any new music, videos, or content that you want to share with the M&T faithful?

We Avalanche: Lots of new music. I don’t think we’ve played a show in the past few months without premiering a new song. We’ve just started recording a new record that we think will be exactly what the people have been waiting for.

M&T: What’s your favorite gig that you’ve played?

WA: Last January we were on tour and stopped in a little town called Collegeville, PA. They have a barbershop there run by the most beautifully bearded men you’ve ever seen. There is a nice stage in the back (yes, in the back of the barbershop) and in a small town everyone there appreciates having such a hip place like that. So it was an attentive crowd full of good people in an atmosphere we really loved. We can’t ask for more than that.

M&T: Tell us a little bit about your album Time Travels and the recording process. There’s a lot of sounds going on there, but only three of you guys, how did you pull it all together?

WA: We recorded it in Nashville at Trapdoor records. It was a great place to be, really inspiring surroundings, and I think we just went into it knowing exactly what we wanted. We recorded everything except vocals in 4 days straight down there. All the marathon days of extreme excess of coffee, cigarettes and cheap quick food allowed us to just focus and get it done in the limited time we had to do it. The “time traveling” chord in there that appears between a lot of the songs I made by having Eric record each note of the chord so many times until it sounded almost electronic, and then I pitch-shifted and time-shifted it all over the place so it feels like the record is actually moving. Or that was the idea anyway. We’ve never actually time traveled so we’re not exactly sure how to portray it.

M&T: What is your favorite food to eat on the road?

WA: You know, the answer WAS Burger King. Recently however I went back there and they changed their chicken nuggets to taste exactly like McDonald’s [bad idea]. They were so delicious and comforting before and now they just taste terrible. Honestly, I don’t know what we’re gonna do next time we’re on the road. Getting Burger King was half the fun.

M&T: What’s your band spirit animal and why?

WA: Uhh. A good chicken nugget?

M&T: Who has a better mustache, Tom Selleck or Hulk Hogan?

WA: Lanny McDonald.

Local Musicians Rally to Raise Hope and Funds for The One Fund

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A couple of days following Marathon Monday I received an email from Eric (who you all know is the fine being who runs this here blog) connecting me with an organization called Hold On Another Day (HOAD), whose mission is to connect people and causes through music. HOAD was in the beginning stages of organizing a special music project to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. The vision of the project was to source local musicians to record or donate songs to help the people of Boston heal through music while raising funds for the victims of the attacks. Being that I represent a number of talented local acts, Eric felt I could be a good resource for the project.

Needless to say, I immediately hopped on board and began reaching out to some of my artist friends and clients. The responses I received were consistent – prompt, with an unconditional willingness to dedicate whatever efforts they could to be a part of the healing process. Thanks to an overwhelming response from the local musician’s community, HOAD quickly had 41 artists signed onto their Boston Strong Music Project. Over the following couple of weeks, more than half of these artists entered the WERS Live Performance Studio to record songs, with the remaining roster donating songs previously recorded.

The end result is an inspired compilation of 41 songs comprised of uplifting stories, experiences and messages – some specifically about Boston, some specifically written in response to the Marathon tragedy – all intended to connect with people in a positive way. And if you’re a follower of Maimed & Tamed Music Blog, you are sure to recognize names like Dwight & Nicole, Ballroom Thieves, Will Dailey, Christian McNeill, Tim Gearan, Jesse Dee, and Air Traffic Controller – all M&T favorites who have been featured on the site in the past.

The process itself, with the willingness and enthusiasm of those involved to donate their time, efforts, and art, was an incredible experience that I am proud and honored to have been a part of.

To learn more about the Boston Strong Music Project and all the artists involved; and to donate and download the music, CLICK HERE! The minimum donation required to download the music is $1. All proceeds go to The One Fund Boston to support the families of the victims.

VAVA Chats About New EP, Ligers, and Mustaches Ahead of 6/25 Tommy Doyle’s Show

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Two weeks ago we announced that the M&T crew will be jumping back into the local concert scene to present a show at Tommy Dolye’s in Harvard Square with our friends Young Giant. The show will feature two amazing local bands that we’re very excited about at the M&T headquarters, We Avalanche and VAVÁ. Recently we had the chance to chat with the latter of the two acts and what resulted was quite the insightful yet comical conversation. Read on for the full interview below and make sure to keep your calendar free for Tuesday June 25th at 930pm at Tommy Doyle’s. It’s only $5, how can you say no?

Maimed & Tamed: Tell us about how your band was formed, but tell it in the style of a fairytale…

VAVÁ: Once upon a time a big city girl and a country boy met in a small town. They  learned that the other loved to play music, and soon began playing music all over the place to whomever would listen. This went on for several years, but then the girl began to miss the city, and boy his country home. So, they went their separate ways but continued to write and perform.

While in the city, the girl met another girl who loved to make music, too, and they worked together for many years. The boy visted the girls for a long time and they all became good friends. But, one day the girls both decided that they wanted to spend some time learning more about music, so they both moved back to the small town. They worked separately for awhile, but then something magical happend:  the boy moved back to the small town! They all began playing music together and they lived happily ever after.

M&T: What’s on the horizon for the band? Any new music, videos, or content that you want to share with the M&T faithful?

VAVÁ: We are in the final month of recording our first  five  song EP, for which an August release date is predicted. The EP will be released on vinyl and electronically via websites like iTunes, Amazon, and BandCamp. Other merch is in the works as well, and we are gearing up for several shows (TBA) on both the west and east coasts. Check out facebook.com/vavamusique or vavamusique.com for updates!

M&T: What’s your favorite gig that you’ve played?

VAVÁ: Sarah (drums) – Midway Café,  March 2013.

Rich (lead guitar, backing vox) – Berklee Performance Center, Feb 2004.

Vanessa (lead vox, guitar) – Middle East Upstairs,  Sept 2004.

M&T: What is your favorite food to eat on the road?

VAVÁ: Sarah– apples and fruit n’ nut mixes

Rich– skittles

Vanessa– fresh apricots

M&T: What’s your band spirit animal and why?

VAVÁ: The Liger. 

First, here is a little overview of the liger’s parentage:

The liger, as its name suggests, is a cross between a lion (male) and a tigress. Lions hunt in a pack to increase their advantage over prey, so it  is not so coincidental that they possess a highly developed set of social cues. When they are not hunting, they primarily spend their time together relaxing in the sunshine.

Tigers are the largest of the cat species. They are territorial animals that keep a limited home range and lead mostly solitary lives, but congregate under special conditions. As opposed to the desert dwelling lion, tigers are fond of swimming and spend much of their time in a lakes, ponds, or high up in a tree.

The lion/tiger hybrid does not occur in the wild as they come from different habitats. Ligers are only found in captivity in zoos, wild life parks, or with people oddly interested enough in their breeding.

The liger possesses both the social and fun loving exuberance of the lion, but is tempered by the calculated nature of the tiger. This hybrid speaks to us as individuals, as a group, and to our music, which is both unique and yet deeply referential.

M&T: Who has a better mustache, Tom Selleck or Hulk Hogan?

VAVÁ: Hulk Hogan. It’s not as classy as Tom’s, but it’s not as sleazy either.

Alice and the Glass Lake- “Higher”

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If you’ve never heard Alice Lake, be prepared to get addicted, and don’t say we didn’t warn you. Alice is a Brooklyn native by way of Wisconsin whose upcoming Evolution EP is due out June 11 under the moniker Alice and the Glass Lake. The lead single from her new release, “Higher”, is catchy as hell and comes along with a gorgeous video to boot. As I am writing this now the video, which premiered two days ago, has 684 views on YouTube and I’m quite confident in saying that at least a couple hundred of those are me. Well I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get the point…THIS SONG IS LIKE CRACK! If you’re heading to Bonnaroo like we are then you’ll have a chance to catch Alice down on the farm in a few weeks, but if not you’ll just have to watch this video a couple million times until she comes to a city near you.

Typhoon Set Release Date For White Lighter and Share New Single

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FINALLY Typhoon’s White Lighter has been given a release date and now all we must do is count down the days until August 20th. Along with that announcement the Oregon collective also gave us the cacophonous new single entitled “Dreams of Cannibalism,” which certainly isn’t as dark musically as one would imagine given the title. It’s no secret that we are ridiculously excited for the group’s follow up to the 2011 EP A New Kind of House and it seems like we have been waiting forever. First there was the captivating album teaser video, which still gives me goosebumps, and then the release of “Common Sentiments” in October 2012. The latter of which ended up in the #7 slot for our favorite songs of 2012 even though at the time we had no idea when we would hear the full album.

We’ve been enamored with each and every tidbit that Kyle Morton and co. have given us on the new record and now that a release date has been set we can barely sit still. Not to make any bold predictions or anything, but Typhoon has made appearances on our Best Of lists in both 2011 and 2012 and we wouldn’t be surprised if White Lighter makes it a third consecutive year. Check out “Dreams of Cannibalism” below and join us in marking the X’s on your calendar until August 20th.

Lucius Set For A Big Summer

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Here at Maimed & Tamed we’re no one trick pony. Although music is quite clearly our passion, we’re also very much like every other lazy 20-something out there and love to plop our rumps on the couch for some good TV. That being said, one of our favorite shows on television right now is Fox’s New Girl. We too think Schmidt is one of the best characters on television, and loved it when Nick manned up last week and finally tried to do something romantic for Jess, but that’s not what this post is about. This is about the NYC 5-piece Lucius and their incredible new single “Until We Get There.”

The track was featured in the final scene of last week’s New Girl episode, but it wasn’t until I listened to the song without the backdrop of Jess, Nick and co. that I found out how wonderful it actually is. “Until We Get There” is intoxicating, distant, warm, contemplative, and radiant all at once. The song’s placement on the Fox hit show is the perfect kick-off to Lucius’ summer which includes stops at Bonnaroo, Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, and a slew of other dates. We’re elated to be able to see the group at least twice this summer (Roo + Solid Sound) and after checking out “Until We Get There” below as well as their self-titled EP, we know you’ll want to join. You can download “Until We Get There” for free on Lucius’ website in exchange for an email address. Totally worth it.

Tame The Giant

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Back in October we collaborated on a CMJ Showcase with our good friends from Young Giant, and now we are beyond excited to announce the strengthening of that partnership. Together we have formed Tame the Giant, Inc. which is a deeper collaboration between the two partners focusing on programming and promoting the most kick-ass shows around. The first shows from Tame the Giant will be hitting the clubs of Boston this summer so make sure to keep your eyes peeled to our new Tame the Giant page for more news!


Vinyl Thief Releases New Live Videos

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The last time that we were hanging with the boys of Vinyl Thief was at our CMJ 2012 showcase with Young Giant Records. Since then the Nashvillians have been hard at work on their follow-up to the 2012 EP Rebel Hill. While the band is set to release their full-length debut by the end of 2013 they have also just partnered with OurVinyl to release a series of live video performances featuring tracks from Rebel Hill. These videos do a perfect job of capturing the band’s live energy and the magnetic presence of lead singer Grayson Proctor. You can check out the performance of “Faces” below and take a look at the full series of videos on the OurVinyl website. Stay tuned for more news from Vinyl Thief this summer!

Phox: A Best of 2013 Already?

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There’s been an abundance of excellent folk/indie/whatever popping up lately, but one thing tends to be missing for me: the element of surprise. Enter Phox. This Wisconsin septet (and recent SXSW darling) just released Confetti, a six-track album that provides a listening experience equivalent to riding Space Mountain: you have no idea where you’re going or what’s coming next, but all you know is that IT’S FREAKING AWESOME. Exhibit A: “Slow Motion” begins with a rhythm as random as a dripping sink. In under six minutes, the song manages to incorporate a mellow clarinet solo, a mid-song electro break-down, a whistle interlude… oh and that backbeat? It’s created by the tapping of paper cups on a table. No joke. Now friends, please remember all of these aural treats are packed into the opening track alone. And the very best part? Confetti never sounds crowded at all. The unpredictable twists and turns within each song end up making perfect, quirky, gorgeous sense.

If the outlandish creativity of Phox hasn’t piqued your interest thus far, the vocals surely will. Lead singer Monica Martins is one of those lucky ladies with an androgynous timbre that you truly have to be born with. Martin’s voice is timeless, limitless, and just another reason why Phox is my early pick for Best Band 2013.

To see Martins and crew at work, I implore you to watch their video for “Slow Motion” below. It’s the most fun five minutes I’ve had sitting in front of a screen, ever.