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M&T Favorites

Dirty Gold

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Dirty Gold is a beach-pop trio out of San Diego and surprisingly none of them have yet to graduate…high school that is. The past few months they have been making waves on the interwebs with the single off of their upcoming EP, Roar. “California Sunrise” has hints of Vampire Weekend and Beach House at the same time and it is very impressive that a song with this level of texture came from three San Diego high school kids. The artwork for the single is perfect and is very fitting for the vibe of the song. Check it out below and keep a lookout for their EP in the spring.

Dinner Playlist Update

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Here is the Grooveshark link if you want all the songs in one place. No Beatles on there though, so unfortunately the list is not complete but you can still have a toast to all the douchebags at your next meal and enjoy some M&T dinner party faves while you do it.


Dinner Playlist

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For the past few days I have been visiting friends in North Carolina and the other night we went out to the Piedmont Ale House in Burlington, where they have some phenomenal burgers just in case you were wondering. Along with the tasty meat patties, the pub also had a stellar soundtrack for all of the patrons to enjoy while they were chowing down. Some of the highlights included “Sprawl II” by Arcade Fire, “Seven” by Sunny Day Real Estate, “The Beast and Dragon, Adored” by Spoon along with some Mumford & Sons and Florence + the Machine. After enjoying my meal as well as the accompanying beats I got to thinking what would be on my personal dinner playlist if I were to have some friends over for burgers and beers. Below is what I concocted for my dinner party so if you want to join me for some good food, drink and music, let me know and we can do dinner the Maimed & Tamed way.

1. Bon Iver- “Flume”

2. Grizzly Bear- “Cheerleader”

3. young minds- “underground”

Another great track off of Jim Hewitt’s image demos EP

4. James Taylor- “Carolina in My Mind”

Wouldn’t be a dinner party without some Sweet Baby James

5. The Band- Atlantic City

Might be better than the Boss’s original

6. LCD Soundsystem- “Home”

7. Band of Horses- “Monsters”

8. The Beatles- “And I Love Her”

9. Radiohead- “Scatterbrain”

10. Kings of Convenience- “Little Kids”

11. Procol Harum- “Whiter Shade of Pale”

Classic. Enough said.

12. Ween- “Freedom of ‘76”

13. My Morning Jacket- “The Bear”

Every good playlist needs a little MMJ love

14. Matthew Good Band- “Strange Days”

15. Pela- “Your Desert’s Not a Desert At All”

16. Phoenix- “North”

Underrated instrumental off of the the Frenchmen’s 3rd disc

17. Telepopmusik- “Breathe”


Flaming Lips = Possibly the Weirdest Band in America

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Here is why:

I hope you watched the whole thing because Coyne gets really into it at the end and I may or may not have nightmares as a result of it.

Guilty Pleasures

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There is always pressure for bloggers to be the hippest cats out there, with impeccable tastes and usually some pretentious opinions. All of us here at M&T do our best to be on the cutting edge (while trying not to be pretentious of course), but sometimes I like to sneak some bands into my iTunes rotation that my indie blogger counterparts may scoff at. Everyone has a few guilty pleasures so I thought I would share a couple of mine with you.

Taking Back Sunday– Definitely my favorite band in my early high school days and I love to revisit their old stuff every once and a while. I stopped keeping up with them after 2006’s Louder Now, but I may have to listen to their new disc (expected for early 2011) since their lineup now features all of the same members from the Tell All Your Friends days.

Armor for Sleep– I was never into these guys as much as TBS, but I can say that they put on a great show. I saw them on a tour with Saves the Day (another guilty pleasure) and the night was filled with a lot of energy and some skanking to boot. Apparently they broke up in 2009, but who knows, maybe being featured on Maimed and Tamed is just what they needed to inspire a reunion.

The Used– Most people know them best for their 2002 hit “The Taste of Ink” which definitely prompted me to check out the rest of their debut album. Here is another cut off of that album which I still love to jam out to from time to time.

Robyn Hits the US

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Facebook. Baseball. The Ipad. Bruce Springsteen. The superpower that is Amurica is considered a forerunner in world culture. But sometimes, we screw up. And aside from the likes of William Hung and Teen Mom, one of America’s most flagrant oversights has got to be Robyn. After releasing singles from her last albums (Robyn and Body Talk) that are topping charts in Europe, Robyn is barely making waves in mainstream America. Though she hasn’t hit it big here yet, you may recognize the name from the 1997 pop confection, “Show Me Love.” But after one decade (and one split from her smothering record label), Robyn is now kicking ass and taking names as one the most inventive, daring, and downright fun musical acts today. Robyn’s specialty is writing electro-pop songs that are as dance-party-starting as they are tear-jerking. Crying at a rave is not an ideal situation for most, but if anyone can make it happen, it’s Robyn. Take her current single, “Dancing on My Own.” This track’s undeniable beat can and will make your great-grandmother break it down, all while it outlines the universal tale of unrequited love. “Yeah I know it’s stupid/But I gotta see it for myself,” Robyn sings, as she watches her man fall for someone else from the shadows of a crowded party. Heavy stuff for a club-banger, right? Yep. And Robyn wouldn’t have it any other way.

I completely understand if “pop” isn’t your thing. But, listen, Robyn is one of us. When she muses about “initiating slut mode” in the hilarious “Fembot,” girls around the world will clink their glasses. And when she tells you that “we’re better off outside, looking back in” on “In My Eyes,” you can rest assured that Robyn is singing from experience. Today, Robyn is an outsider in the music industry. But if and when she blows up, her songs and their lyrics will continue to challenge listeners. At the very least, all I’m asking is that the next time that someone puts on “If You Seek Amy” by Britney Spears at a party, make an executive decision and throw on some Robyn. Amurica will thank you later.

Thanks to all the readers out there for hanging through my very first post on the blogosphere!   And a special thanks to the boys of Maimed & Tamed for making all my girlhood dreams come true (I’m still waiting for that Barbie Dream House, though).  And don’t forget, Robyn will be playing at House of Blues Boston on February 4th.

Cat Scratch Fever

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Everyone loves Ted Nugent and his crazy antics, not to mention his impeccable shredding abilities. In this post I would like to focus on the latter of those two characteristics as we witness below that even a 20 year old Nuge could melt faces like no other. His time with the Amboy Dukes was certainly a springboard for his solo career and a sign of great things to come. Enjoy the video as Nuge directs you on a “Journey to the Center of the Mind,” with his pounding and screeching guitar licks.

My Morning Wood

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I know that everyone’s My Morning Jacket boner is growing as the rumblings and grumblings are beginning to emerge surrounding MMJ’s sixth LP which is due out in the spring. They have already been rocking some tracks off of the new disc in their live sets and needless to say, all of us here at Maimed and Tamed are extremely excited to hear the final product. Actually that is an understatement, I feel like I should heed the warnings from the Viagra commercials about going to the doctor when you have an erection that lasts for longer than 4 hours, because the anticipation for this album has been giving me a chubby since the summer. Now that you all have a great image of my man parts in your heads, here is some new MMJ to rock out to from their final show at Terminal 5 back in October, this one is called “Circuital.” Enjoy.

Throwback of the Week: BSS

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As one youtube commenter put it so bluntly: “If this song doesn’t make your day better, you must be dead.” I agree completely.


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Gearing up for French class next semester with the original French badass, Jacques Dutronc. This song was introduced to me by my worldly friend Trevor who is a big fan of French culture. The last time that I took French was freshman year, but I think that the musical stylings of Dutronc will be enough to bring me up to speed. The song below, “Et moi, Et moi, Et moi…” was featured in the 2002 Matt Dillon film City of Ghosts which has some great French songs on its soundtrack. So get a little culture and enjoy the music people