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M&T Favorites

Pinegrove- Meridian

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Pinegrove - Meridian

Pinegrove is the Brooklyn based project of Nandi Plunkett, Evan Hall, and brothers Zack and Nick Levine. The latter three of the group all grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, but it wasn’t until Hall met Plunkett at Kenyon College (also the proving grounds for Walk The Moon) that the music of Pinegrove began to develop.

After relocating back to Montclair and then on to Brooklyn upon graduation from Kenyon, the group created Meridian, their debut album. Upon first listen it was difficult for me to think of other bands to compare the sound of Pinegrove to. I struggled to grasp a band who resembled the sound of Pinegrove and after a few listens to Meridian it became apparent to me that the situation I found myself in was nothing to fret about. Pinegrove has created a sound all their own, highlighted by syncopated guitar lines, driving percussion, and delectable harmonies from Plunkett and Hall.

The group has played with artists like Johnny Flynn and Born Ruffians, and are currently in the midst of a tour that has taken them to Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and will have them traveling through Vermont, Montclair, Richmond and Nashville over the coming weeks. Pinegrove will also be stopping through Cambridge tomorrow night for a set at All Asia, which we highly advise that you check out (details here). Take a listen to “The Metronome” below and make sure to pick up your copy of Meridian on the group’s bandcamp page (pay what you want, support good music!).

Alcoholic Faith Mission at TT the Bear’s: Live Review

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Well the M&T crew had quite a weekend. Not only did we host (and sell out) our first-ever concert, but we were lucky enough to film a live session with Danish indie-pop band Alcoholic Faith Mission. The videos from our porch session will be up shortly, and as you’ll soon see, the quality of their performance and the pleasure of hanging out with such a great group of Danes merited a celebration. In true AFM fashion, celebrate we did with many a daydrink. By the time AFM took the stage at 8:30 at TT the Bear’s, we were pretty much mascot status for Alcoholic Faith Mission, and in prime condition to enjoy their eleven song set.

On stage the group featured a seamless synergy, one that certainly grew out of their many years living and recording together in Brooklyn. And even when repeating absurdist lyrics like “you shock me/you f*** me,” the band remained spirited and joyous throughout. The dissonant guitars and fierce gang vocals of “Alaska” were the perfect tone to start the show on. It’s one of the strongest new songs we’ve heard since the release of Ask Me This. Later in the set, the band played “Into Pieces,” the song that began our love affair with AFM 6 months ago. That chopped-up staccato beat we heard back in 2011 is still undeniable. An intricate record like “Into Pieces” is a challenge to recreate live, but the gang interpreted the tune with staggering precision, thanks to excellent vocals contributed by each member of the band. Alcoholic Faith Mission has quickly become an M&T favorite, and we hope you all follow suit.

Set List:


My Eyes to See

Running With Insanity

Into Pieces

I´m Not Evil


Got Love? Got Shellfish!

Ask Me This

We Need Fear


Nut in Your Eye

Review and Live Videos- Maimed & Tamed at O’Brien’s Pub 4/27/2012

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Thank you once again to everyone who came to O’Brien’s Pub on Friday night and helped to make our SOLD OUT show such a blast!

It was a night of incredible music featuring four great bands that you will certainly be hearing a lot more about in the future. The night kicked off with Boston trio The Civil Slingers whose raucous and impassioned performance certainly gained them some new fans. Moss Points North kept the energy level high featuring new songs from their forthcoming LP as well as a fan’s choice cover of My Morning Jacket’s “Mahgeetah” that brought the house down (see below). Jake Hill brought along his bandmates from Deep Creek and delivered a rockin’ set that saw plenty of originals as well as an electrified cover of John Prine’s “Fish and Whistle” which was certainly a pleasant surprise for the O’Brien’s crowd (video below). Of course our headliner Tan Vampires closed out the show in style and we could not have asked for a better way to end the night.

We expect big, BIG, things from all of these bands in 2012 so check back to M&T for the latest news and updates on each of the four bands. Thanks once again to everyone who came out and make sure to check out the videos below that we took of each band on Friday night!

Our Show Is Finally Here!

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See you all tonight at O’Brien’s! The first 20 people will receive free merch from the bands including t-shirts, CDs, stickers and more so get there early!


Toro Y Moi: June 2009

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Toro y Moi is set to re-release some early recordings on vinyl from the June 2009 compilation. The mainly guitar-based songs date back to the days soon before Chazwick Bundick became chillwave royalty in 2010. Every track still has the signature Toro dance vibe while adding complexity to his impressive catalog of early recordings. The release of this vinyl comes days after the announcement of the Lollapalooza lineup which features Toro y Moi in what might turn out to be his only festival appearance of the summer here in the states. Be sure to pre-order the vinyl here which includes the previously unreleased track “Dead Pontoon” or even better, hit up your local record store on Tuesday, April 24th and get a fresh copy.

June 2009:

Disc 1:
01 Best Around
02 Take the L to Leave

Disc 2:
01 Girl Problems
02 Dead Pontoon

Disc 3:
01 Ektelon
02 Drive South

Disc 4:
01 Sad Sams
02 Talamak (First Version)

Disc 5:
01 Warm Frames
02 New Loved Ones

Newport Folk Festival Spotlight: Brunch Sessions w/Spirit Family Reunion

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What’s better than bacon? Bacon and mimosas one might say. What’s better than bacon and mimosas? How about bacon, mimosas and live music? Yeah I would say that’s as good as it gets. Now combine the hospitality of a group of people you have never met, but treats you like a good friend, and you get Brunch Sessions presented by Brewery Sessions, Music Savage & Trillium Brewery. Hosted in a spacious loft apartment in the South End of Boston, one walks past the security guards and gets the response of “You must be Jess’ friends.” Well I hope so I thought, I plan on drinking some beer and dancing all over her apartment.

Walking in you are greeted with a full bar stacked with bottles of champagne, vodka, bloody mary mix and orange juice. Definitely all critical ingredients to a wonderful brunch cocktail. Oh wait, what’s this I spy in a kiddie pool of ice? A keg of Trillium micro brew and about 393,823 assorted tasty beverages swimming, with the lone can of Bud Light that someone must have put in there as a joke. *Sniff sniff* Is that….POUNDS OF PANCAKES & BACON ALL READY TO BE DEVOURED BY ME?! Why yes, yes it is. But you know what? That’s just how this crew rolls and I have to say I would love to see more events put on by this conglomerate of Brewery Sessions, Music Savage & Trillium Brewery. I am also pretty positive you guys didn’t come here to read about my drinking and eating habits, for that please refer to my indie, vegan, organic food blog. Trevor’s Treats

As I am only allowed the length of 3 tweets (29,000 characters?) I’ll jump to the headlining band of Spirit Family Reunion. This band will be playing Saturday at the Newport Folk Festival this year and I have to say if they carry over the energy they showed at the Brunch Sessions they will have people dancing in the aisles and grabbing the attention they deserve. When they came out and started playing the crowd was all sprawled out on the floor, draped over the couches in a maple syrup stupor. Over the course of a couple songs though they had everyone on their feet dancing, swinging in each others’ arms, and hooting and hollering. I couldn’t help but catch myself dreaming of what it would be like to own a barn out in Kentucky and have these guys play. Songs like “When My Name Is Spoken” will have you hollering out the chorus, while songs like “Take Me Back Sweet Anna Lee” will remind you of that high school sweetheart you lost back when you were young and innocent.

I was able to reach out to the band and get some feedback on their time in Boston (they played a show at Brighton Music Hall later that night) and the upcoming Newport Folk Festival.

Maimed & Tamed: You guys played another show that night at the Brighton Music Hall, how did that go?
Spirit Family Reunion: Playing on the floor with a bunch of people singing and dancing together beats playing on stage with a bunch of mics any day.  But we love any chance we get to play in front of new people, so the show was good too.
M&T: “Newport” What does it mean as a group to play the festival?
SFR: It means a great deal.  I can’t think of any place on earth I’d rather be on July 28, 2012. 
M&T: If you could collaborate with any group or artist at this year’s festival who would it be?
SFR: There’s no good answer for this question… theres a lot of big names that we’ve heard a lot about, and we’re excited to see. When I worked at the Woody Guthrie archives briefly, I remember reading some of the lyrics that the New Multitudes group is now singing, so I guess I’d love to be able to sing with them, some of these lyrics I’ve loved for a few years now.  Of course, I had different melodies going in my head.
M&T: Would we be able find you at a bar in Newport on Saturday night playing music, drinking or a lot bit of both?
SFR: We’ll just be enjoying every moment, whatever that means.

*Thanks to Jess Ratner for the pictures and helping me find content for this post.

The Civil Slingers Added to O’Brien’s Show on April 27th

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Just when you thought that our show at O’Brien’s on Friday April 27th couldn’t get any more awesome, we went ahead and out-awesomed ourselves and added a fourth band to the O’Brien’s stage next week. The Civil Slingers will be joining our previously announced lineup of Moss Points North, Jake Hill & Deep Creek and Tan Vampires with a special acoustic set to begin the night. These guys play shows all around town and if you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, next week at O’Brien’s is definitely worth checking out. The trio from Boston via Maine play songs with an old-time feel at a breakneck pace and are certain to kick off our show with a bang.

Check out “One Shot Kill” from The Civil Slingers below and make sure to buy your tickets for the show here!

The Civil Slingers- One Shot Kill

The Comprehensive Musical Musings of Jake Hill

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As you may know by now our good friend Jake Hill will be joining us on Friday April 27th at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston for an action packed night of live music (for more info on that event click here). What you may not know is that Jake Hill is also one of the busiest musicians in America. I can hear all of you scoffing as you read that last sentence, but I would be more than happy to explain myself.

Who do you know that releases an urban EP and a children’s record in the same year? Not to mention recording a folk album, covers EP, and launching an artist collective/studio/record label to boot. Let me answer that for you– no one, besides Jake Hill that is. By now you’ve got to be intrigued so read on to learn more about the endless escapades of the one and only Jake Hill.

Handsome Lady Records

“All performances are recorded with a microphone and some tape.”

That line that appears at the beginning of each video on the Handsome Lady Records website, and they ain’t lying. Each performance is recorded with only one microphone, an old tape machine and some reels of 1/4 inch tape and the results are incredible. There are no effects pedals, no production or anything of the like, just tape and a mic and three guys with a passion for music.

Hill began the artist collective with fellow singer-songwriters Will Knox and Alec Gross with a simple studio in Knox’s Brooklyn apartment that became a clubhouse for artists to come and record raw, simple tracks with refreshing results. Some of the guests include Sydney Wayser, Jason Miles Goss, and many others.

The three founders of Handsome Lady Records just wrapped up a West Coast mini-tour where they no doubt spread the good word on no frills folk music. Check out the Handsome Ladies performing Hill’s “My Neon Friend” below and take a listen to the full Handsome Lady Records Club: Volume I Compilation here.

All The Voices Of The Forest

The intent of Hill’s children’s record was to, “make something rad for the kids and the parents and anyone else who is wiping their nose!” Hill’s All The Voices Of The Forest takes on old classics such as “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain” and “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” and plenty wonderful originals such as the tale of “Sloth & Moose” or the educational yet catchy-as-hell “Addition Song.” My apologies if you were reading that review to any young fans of the record…you should probably leave this site immediately and not look at any other posts. Especially not this one.

Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard

This should certainly be a familiar project to all of you regular M&T readers out there as Hill’s collaboration with New York producer Charley Hustle hit our Top 20 Tracks of 2011 with their song “Howlin At The Moon.” You will be glad to know that a brand new collection of Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard tunes have been completely tracked and are set for release this summer. For now go ahead and indulge in some more New Men Old Boys while you wait.

Jake Hill & Deep Creek

For those of you attending our event on April 27th you will not only be treated to Mr. Jake Hill, but also his band of merry gentlemen otherwise known as Deep Creek. Hill and the Deep Creek boys have been hard at work on a full-length release planned for summer’s end as well as an EP of cover songs expected for release shortly before the LP.

Dudes of the Dungeon

Mysterious, psychedelic, surf-rock? Yes please

If you want to see Jake in the midst of a million different projects make sure to grab your tickets to our show on April 27th at O’Brien’s.

Record Store Day 2K12: What You Need To Know

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That magical time of year is almost upon us again when the vinyl gods reward their unwavering followers by sprinkling fresh analog goodness across the land. I’m of course speaking of the observed indie holiday of Record Store Day, a time to head on down to those forgotten downtown record stores to become apart of an exclusive event. RSD is growing bigger by the year, with hundreds of artists and bands releasing either brand new or previously released work on every audiophiles favorite medium. The shear amount of stuff coming out is a little intimidating, so I’ve done the work for you and skimmed out some of this year’s highlights. Please feel free to lambaste me in the comments with any releases I’ve forgotten and therefore deemed irrelevant.

-Beach House-“Lazuli” b/w “Equal Mind”, both tracks off of forthcoming Bloom

-Bonnie Prince Billy- Hummingbird feat. one-off renditions of three oldies, including Merle Haggard’s “Because of Your Eyes”

-Bruce Springsteen-“Rocky Ground” from forthcoming album b/w live rendition of “The Promise”

-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Two previously unreleased tracks

-Iggy and the Stooges-Picture disc featuring live renditions of the bands performance at ATP

-Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, Jim James- New Multitudes featuring the group’s inventive takes on classic Woody Guthrie lyrics

-Jimmy Fallon- “Tebowie

-Flaming Lips/Mastodon-Part of the exclusive Side by Side series featuring a Flaming Lips original b/w a cover of the same song by Mastodon

-Minus the Bear- Two unreleased tracks from the Omni recordings

-Sigur Ros- Hvarf Heim featuring both previously unreleased tracks and live acoustic renditions of previously released songs

As well as a bunch of limited release/regional only releases. Check out the full release lineup via RSD official here. Happy record hunting y’all.

Why Has This Not Gone Viral? : Boys without Toys

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Four brothers rocking out in a fast food restaurant in Portland may not seem that intriguing at the outset, but how about 7 year-old Elisha busting out the vox on “Tighten Up”? Or their tight performance of “People Say”? Something tells me the Henig brothers will be making some waves on YouTube sooner rather than later. Not to mention how freaking cute little Elisha is in their record release video.

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