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Just Listen

Epic Music Video Time

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The Shrine / An Argument from Sean Pecknold on Vimeo.

If you have a spare 8 minutes, check out this visually stunning video for Fleet Foxes’ “The Shrine/An Argument”. It’s slightly more animated than the video for “Mykonos”, but just as beautiful, and in the vein of a fan-made video for MMJ’s epic “Dodante”. Isn’t it crazy this album came out this year? Isn’t it crazier that our year-end lists will be coming out soon? Will you be seeing this one on one or more of those lists? We’ll see……

Remembering Jeff Buckley

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Jeff Buckley would have turned 45 years old today, another instance of a bigger-than-life singer/songwriter who was not on Earth nearly long enough. I wasn’t introduced to Buckely’s music until after his untimely death, but his story has always intrigued me. Most modern artists could put out an album a year until they were 90 and not match the depth or artistry Buckley achieved in his relatively small catalog of music. Grace, in my opinion, is one of the most beautifully gut-wrenching albums ever produced and the fact that it was Buckley’s only official full length release always leaves me wondering what else he could have accomplished.

Just Listen: BillyConnected

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Just Listen: Bring The Mourning On

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Just Listen: Inland Sea

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One old one and one new one from the 10-piece experimental folk outfit from Australia– enjoy!

Click here for more info on Inland Sea

Just Listen, Retro Edition: Bill Withers

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Sometimes you just have to go ahead and throw it on back. Bill Withers is one of the best American soul singer/songwriters ever. If you have ever seen the excellent documentary Still Bill, you’d know Withers built his reputation from the ground up, starting off as an aircraft assembler who just happened to have one of the smoothest voices ever to grace human ears. Throughout that documentary, Withers is seen experimenting with some new music and collaborations. Here’s to hoping that stuff sees a release some day. And here’s one of my favorite quotes of all time to go along with two iconic performances.

“You gonna tell me the history of the blues? I am the goddam blues. Look at me. Shit. I’m from West Virginia, I’m the first man in my family not to work in the coal mines, my mother scrubbed floors on her knees for a living, and you’re going to tell me about the goddam blues because you read some book written by John Hammond? Kiss my ass.”

Alan Evans Releases Dusty Diamond Vol. 1

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Dusty Diamond Vol. 1

This past weekend Soulive’s drummer, Alan Evans, released his first mixtape, Dusty Diamond Vol. 1. Alan’s freshman mixtape effort seamlessly blends genres and generations, weaving an 88 minute musical tapestry sewn from the threads of Eddie Kendricks, Buddy Miles, James Brown, Quincy Jones, Public Enemy, Aretha Franklin, Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, Frank Zappa, Hugo Montenegro, Cannonball Adderley, and oh so many more! It’s the perfect audio companion to get you through the work day.

You can stream below and download it here: Dusty Diamond Vol. 1

Just Listen: Gross Magic- “Sweetest Touch”

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A Stones Classic Gone Thai?

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The Sound of Siam

I’m a sucker for world music.  Tunes with a strong inspiration from exotic cultures never fail to transport me to another time and place.  But add in a little English rock and roll into the equation, and now you’ve really got my attention.  That’s exactly what you’ll find in Chaweewan Dumnern’s “Sao Lam Plearn.”  This track comes off of last year’s compilation album, The Sound of Siam, and it blends vintage Thai sounds with, shockingly, The Stones’ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”  And even more shockingly, the tune was tracked down and endorsed by Mick Jagger himself.  The world music I usually turn to is more in the African genre, like Amadou and Miriam or Fela Kuti, so the change of pace (and place) is welcome.  So regardless of whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a homebody, take the opportunity to become a musical globetrotter for a few minutes and check out “Sao Lam Plearn.”

Just Listen: Reptar- “Rainbounce”

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