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Concert Review

Liam Finn’s Murmuration at The Rock Shop 1/9/2012

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Last night we made the trek from Boston to Brooklyn to see one of our favorite live performers, Liam Finn, in the first show of his four week residency at The Rock Shop. Finn’s Murmuration, as he is calling the residency, is meant to be his coming out party as a new NYC resident.

Last night Finn cruised through two sets (see full setlists for each below), the first as just a man with his looping pedals while on the second he was joined by his brother Elroy on the drums and Jol Mulholland on the bass. In the first set Finn showed off his skills both behind the drums and on guitar, masterfully looping each instrument to create an astonishing amount of sound for one man.

The first set featured songs mostly from his solo debut I’ll Be Lightning and his Champagne In Seashells EP, but Finn was also able to work out “Chase The Seasons” off of 2011’s FOMO for the first time ever in concert (see video below). For the last two songs of set #1 (as well as a between songs jam) Finn was joined on stage by Wilco’s Mikael Jorgensen. The musical chemistry between the two on “Don’t Even Know Your Name” and “Lead Balloon” was nearly flawless even though the pair had seemingly had no previous practice time together with the songs.

During set #2, Finn dug even deeper into his musical catalog, playing a song from his first band Betchadupa and another from his side project BARB as well as a cover of BARB bandmate, Connan Mockasin’s “Megumi The Milkyway Above.” Finn went so far as taking requests straight from the crowd and played “I’ll Be Lightning” for a shouting audience member (who had a striking resemblance to Judah Friedlander I might add) which turned into The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence.”

The night was almost just as much of a stand-up comedy routine as a rock concert, which we’ve found to be typical of Liam Finn shows over the past months. Finn cracked jokes about his relationship with absent band member EJ Barnes (“friends with musical benefits”) and even the size of his man parts after switching shoes with Elroy and finding them to be quite large.

Through jokes and songs, Finn created an atmosphere that made us wish we lived in Brooklyn and could post up at The Rock Shop for the next three Monday nights. The night ended with a sing-along to “Second Chance” and a hope that we could find a way to get back to The Rock Shop next week and the week after…and the week after…

Set 1 (Liam and his loops):

1. Residency Jam/Foxy Lady

2. Fire In Your Belly

3. Music Moves My Feet

4. Wise Men

5. Long Way to Go

6. On Your Side

7. Chase The Seasons

8. Don’t Even Know Your Name*

9. Lead Balloon*

Set 2 (w/ Elroy Finn and Jol Mulholland):

10. Energy Spent

11. Better To Be

12. Megumi The Milkyway Above (original by Connan Mockasin)

13. Counting Sheep (original by BARB)

14. This Place Is Killing Me

15. Cold Feet

16. My Army of Birds and Gulls (orignal by Betchadupa)

17. I’ll Be Lightning/Dear Prudence

18. Second Chance

*w/ Mikael Jorgensen of Wilco

Rubblebucket at the Pearl St. Ballroom New Year’s Eve

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Rubblebucket returned this year to the Pearl St. Ballroom for their New Year’s Eve Spectacular. They pulled out all the great jams from their newest release Omega La La mixed in with crowd favorites like “Phillip’s Van” and “November.” Opening bands Wolfman Conspiracy and Bella’s Bartok held their own and provided sweet horn melodies while the hipsters in the house mingled before the main act took the stage. Alex Toth and Adam Dotson of Rubblebucket blew their hearts out and percussionist Craig Meyers, although absent at the last Boston show, was in attendance providing the backbeat.

I got a giant boner when Rubblebucket announced they were playing a new song. Even though I wasn’t blown off my feet the song had a great sound that leaves all of us at Maimed and Tamed waiting for their next release.

5.Triangular Daisies
6.Red Line Beat
8.That annoying New Year’s Eve song (Auld Lang Syne)
10.Silly Fathers
11.Bad Mr. Kurtz
12.More Deeper Rage (New Song)
14.Came Out Of A Lady
15.Down In The Yards (Remix)
17.Phillip’s Van

M&T Exclusive: Kingsley Flood EP Release Wrap-Up

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If you missed Kingsley Flood’s string of 3 EP release shows at Lizard Lounge last weekend then you should be ashamed. We were able to make it out on the final night of the festivities which featured a “soy bomb” and an appearance on the trashcan by yours truly during “Mannequin Man” (see below for a similar performance from one of the first two shows), among many, many other highlights.


We caught up with lead singer Naseem Khuri after the show to get his take on three straight sold-out EP release shows and what it feels like to get the soy bomb–


Maimed & Tamed: What was your favorite song off of the new EP to perform live?

Naseem Khuri: During “Mannequin Man,” Steve (our drummer) rotated between banging on a mannequin and screaming through a highway rubber cone. So, that one.

M&T: What was the experience like to be able to play with 6 different bands over the course of three nights?

NK: The main reason we wanted to do three nights at the Lizard was to be able to play with our friends.  Getting up on Friday and Saturday mornings was amazing, as we were thinking “damn, we get to do that again…and we get to have different great bands to watch before we play…why can’t every weekend be like this…”

M&T: Best moment of each night? Best moment of the weekend?

NK: Well, we got soy bombed. In other words, an unnamed shirtless assailant jumped on stage while we played a cover of Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and wildly flailed arms, danced awkwardly, etc.  It was a salute to our Dylan cover set last year, which was a salute to the 1998 Grammy awards.

We may or may not have planned it…

M&T: Should we expect a similar run of shows for the next Kingsley Flood release?

NK: No idea! We won’t plan too much in advance, unless there’s a soy bombing.

Band of Horses @ Paradise 12/12/11

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From the moment we were funneled directly from will-call into the club we knew there was going to be something different about this show. No knock on the Paradise, but going into last night’s show I felt as if Band of Horses had already graduated from venues of that size. Let’s just say that I’m elated that they haven’t.

After an opening turn from BOH guitarist Tyler Ramsey, the band kicked off their set with “NW Apt.” off of their newest record Infinite Arms. After the first song our suspicions had been confirmed- this show would certainly be different from the previous times that we have seen the band perform. There was more energy, more distortion and almost a sneaky sense of satisfaction from the crowd knowing that Band of Horses should certainly be playing a much larger venue.

Throughout the course of the set each band member was given their chance to shine. Keys and guitar player Ryan Monroe (and recent Boston transplant) had a ripping solo on “Cigarrettes, Wedding Bands” and took over lead vocal duties for “Older”, a track which he penned for Infinite Arms. Tyler Ramsey showed off his lap steel guitar skills on “Marry Song” and bass player Bill Reynolds even threw in a solo on “General Specific.” Drummer Creighton Barrett took his turn on the band’s cover of Them Two’s “Am I A Good Man?” and Ben Bridwell channeled the Gods of Motown on that same track.

At one point in the set Ben Bridwell remarked that the band was lucky to be able to sell out a venue that size, but I think the real lucky ones were those of us in the audience who got to witness an established band in an intimate setting. Check out the full setlist below as well as a video of “General Specific” from last night’s set.


1. NW Apt.

2. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands

3. Is There A Ghost

4. The Great Salt Lake

5. Weed Party

6. Compliments

7. Marry Song

8. The General Specific

9. Laredo

10. Older

11. Islands On The Coast

12. Neighbor

13. No One’s Gonna Love You

14. Ode To LRC

15. Am I A Good Man? (Them Two cover)


16. Part One

17. The Funeral

Deer Tick at Royale 11/18/2011

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A few weeks back Pitchfork absolutely lambasted Deer Tick’s newest release Divine Providence, but that has not seemed to faze the boys from Rhode Island on their current tour to support the record. This was especially evident on Friday night when the band held nothing back, except for playing guitars with their penises, which John McCauley explained would not be happening since his parents were in the crowd.

After an opening set from The Felice Brothers, Deer Tick rattled through an impressive 22 songs (setlist below) provided the stringent time limits of Royale. The night was full of guest appearances including Chris Paddock, Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate and even Newport Folk Festival producer Jay Sweet got on stage for the final sing-along of “Let’s All Go To The Bar.” The Felice Brothers also joined in for the last three songs and helped to turn the stage into a drunken free-for-all, throwing drums and smashing guitars on Deer Tick’s final song (see video below).

The highlight of the evening for me was the band’s cover of The Replacements classic “Bastards of Young.” The song was a perfect choice for the merry band of misfits and being a track from my favorite Replacements record I thoroughly enjoyed joining the majority of the crowd in singing along. Catching John McCauley live is always a treat as special guests, drunken banter and a healthy dose of blaring covers are always in order.

1. The Bump

2. Easy

3. Baltimore Blues #1

4. Main St.

5. Chevy Express

5. Walkin’ Out The Door

6. Ashamed

7. Bastards of Young (Replacements cover)

8. Clownin Around

9. Funny Word

10. Big God (Diamond Rugs track w/ Hardy Morris)

11. These Old Shoes (w/ Chris Paddock)

12. Now It’s Your Turn

13. Miss K

14. Not So Dense

15. Mange


16. A Christmas Song

17. Houston, TX

18. Dirty Dishes

19. Something In The Way (Nirvana cover)

20. Two Hands (Townes Van Zandt cover)

21. Be Kind to Me (Michael Hurley cover)

22. Let’s All Go To The Bar


Trampled By Turtles at the Paradise 11/16/2011

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Last week on Wednesday Trevor and I made our way down to the Paradise to catch Newport Folk vets Trampled By Turtles. The legendary Jonny Corndawg opened, playing tunes mostly from his newest record Down On The Bikini Line. After Corndawg finished up his set, TBT took the stage and played through nearly 20 tracks.

The set was heavy on cuts from Palomino (see setlist below), but the band also busted out two new tracks that should be featured on the next TBT release. The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” has become a staple of their live sets as well as Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” which featured banjo player Dave Carroll on guitar and lead vocals.

It was fiddle player Ryan Young who stole the show though. It started with his shredding session on “Separate” and yes I just used the word “shredding” to describe fiddle playing. Next was his captivating solo on the slow burner, “Bloodshot Eyes” and then an absolutely unreal turn on “It’s A War.” I turned to Trevor multiple times throughout the set after Young’s solos so that he could help lift my jaw off the ground. The speed and finesse with which Young plays adds an entrancing dimension to TBT’s live sets and it’s the biggest reason why they are such an exciting band to see in concert.

Check out the full setlist below and take a look and listen to a performance of “Bloodshot Eyes” from a show earlier this year.


1. Victory

2. Help You

3. Sounds Like A Movie

4. Separate

5. Bloodshot Eyes

6. Codeine

7. Valley

8. Feet and Bones

9. New Orleans

10. (New Song)

11. (New Song)

12. It’s A War

13. Pretty buzzed at this point and forgot to write this one down

14. New Son/Burnt Iron

15.  Where is My Mind? (Pixies cover)

16. Again

17. Wait So Long


18. Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)

19. Cold In The City

Concert Review: Wu Lyf at Middle East Downstairs 11/10/2011

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Sometimes it can be overkill to write a preview for a concert and then turn around a couple days later and give our thoughts and opinions on that same show in a review. I don’t like to post twice about the same band in one week either, but last night’s show at the Middle East was so electric that I could not resist.

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect last night when I descended the stairs into dark, yet vibrant room that is the Middle East Downstairs. Neil had told me that Wu Lyf was from England, he had heard their music on Sordo and beyond that there wasn’t too much more info to be found about them on the web. After witnessing last night’s performance I can certainly help to remove the shroud of mystery and tell you that these guys are the real deal.

Decked out in Wu Lyf gear themselves, the band took the stage after a very satisfying opening performance by Long Beach, California’s Crystal Antlers. The band kicked off their set with “Lyf” and the crowd immediately came alive. A small mosh pit developed directly to our left in about 30 seconds, and it only grew from there. As the band tackled the majority of their debut record Go Tell Fire To The Mountain the crowd became louder, drunker and sweatier (shout out to the tall dude in the white t standing up front who literally rained sweat down on me every time he jumped up and down).

Lead singer Ellery Roberts’ voice reminded us of Froggy and we totally mean that as a compliment. His deep, gravelly vocals were a refreshing change of pace from a lot of the music we have been listening to recently and it incited stage diving and general drunken revelry like I have not seen at the Middle East for quite some time.

The band played crowd favorite “Heavy Pop” as their final song only to return with an encore that featured a weirdly fitting cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” Don’t ask me why, but Roberts’ vocals and the band’s arrangement just made sense and the moshing didn’t even skip a beat.

The band closed their set with “We Bros” the anthem that some actual bros in the crowd took as their cue to start a fight in the middle of the mosh pit, something tells me that is not what the band was going for… As the show ended I turned to Neil and all I could say was “Wow.” This show was certainly the most pleasant of surprises and quite possibly one of the BEST shows I have seen ALL year. Make sure you pick up a copy of Go Tell Fire To The Mountain and check out a performance of “Wicked Game” below from an earlier show on Wu Lyf’s fall tour.


Dawes and Blitzen Trapper at Royale 10/28/2011

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I am already starting to lose track of how many times we have seen Dawes live and this is only after they have released two records. Last night’s show at the Royale was just another example as to why the California group has quickly become one of our favorite live bands. The show kicked off way too early at 6pm with brother sister duo The Belle Brigade who entertained the crowd with 30 minutes of absurdly catchy folk rock. If you haven’t picked up their debut record yet, I’ll make it easy for you.

Dawes took the stage next and began their set with “The Way You Laugh” and “If I Wanted Someone” off of their newest disc Nothing Is Wrong. From there the band played a healthy mix of tracks from their latest release and 2009’s North Hills. The band played epic versions of “Peace In The Valley” and “Fire Away” which we have learned to expect from a Dawes set, but it was Taylor Goldsmith’s performance on “A Little Bit of Everything” that may have stolen the show. On the typically subdued song Goldsmith’s passionate vocals brought out the song’s heartfelt lyrics and captivated the whole audience.

I wish Dawes had the chance to play longer, but with Royale’s stringent time constraints they were only able to get in a modest 11 songs (setlist below). This isn’t to say that we weren’t excited to see Blitzen Trapper. The Portland band kept the crowd moving with tracks like “Furr” and “American Goldwing” but the real highlights for me were their cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times” and when multi-instrumentalist Marty Marquis played the cowbell WITH the maracas (yes it really was that awesome).

Dawes and Blitzen Trapper wrap up their co-headline tour in Los Angeles next month and The Belle Brigade will be supporting on all of the remaining dates, so if you get the chance don’t miss out on this folk friendly triple bill. Check out Dawes’ setlist as well as a video of “A Little Bit of Everything” from last night below.

Dawes Setlist 10/28/2011

1. The Way You Laugh

2. If I Wanted Someone

3. That Western Skyline

4. How Far We’ve Come

5. Fire Away

6. So Well

7. Peace In The Valley

8. Kodachrome (Paul Simon cover)

9. A Little Bit of Everything

10. When My Time Comes

11. Time Spent in Los Angeles

The Black Angels at Middle East Downstairs 10/26/2011

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Last night the Middle East Downstairs was as packed as I have ever seen it on a weeknight. Fans of the Austin, Texas rock group The Black Angels had come out in droves to support the band as they travel across the US and Canada on their fall tour. The smell of one particular plant species (a favorite of those who enjoy psychedelic music) filled the packed room in what space was left over after everyone had crowded into the cave that is the Middle East Downstairs.

The band wasted no time in showing what earned them a late-night spot at Bonnaroo 2011. Personally I was a bit peeved that Explosions in the Sky did not earn a late-night spot at Bonnaroo this year and because of that I decided to skip out on The Black Angels at That Tent. I’ll never make that mistake again.

Their set was a storm of sound laden with heavy reverb and soaring guitar solos, which created a surprisingly tight sound. Many times bands can get carried away with soloing and turning up the volume ad nauseam and lose sight of what the music actually sounds like to the audience. This was certainly not the case with The Black Angels as they played for well over an hour in front of a psychedelic lighting backdrop, which probably added a whole new level to the concert experience for the aforementioned botanists in the crowd last night.

Some of the highlights for me were the ’60s psychedelia driven “Yellow Elevator #2”, the fan favorite “Bad Vibrations” and the title track off of 2010’s Phosphene Dream. The band continues their tour tonight with a show in Philly and then wrap up next month with a couple festival dates in South America. If you’re in any of the East Coast cities remaining on the tour don’t make the mistake that I did at Bonnaroo and do yourself a favor by grabbing a ticket for The Black Angels.

Movers and Shakers and Those Darlins at the Middle East 10/15

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The Middle East isn’t exactly known for being a pristine or pretty music venue. But that fact only enhanced the gritty sounds of The Movers & Shakers and Those Darlins at last Saturday night’s show. The combination of these two unique bands resulted in a one-two punch of noisy, impassioned country rock. The Movers and Shakers came on first, with guitarists Matt Price and Marc Valois and bassist Dan Wallace aligning at the front of the stage. The three shared vocal responsibilities with impressive grace. A stand-out was “Lay Down With Me,” a slow-burner off their upcoming album, National Harvester. The boys powered through up-tempo rock jams without trouble, but more deliberate songs like “Lay Down With Me” really showed off their talent. As The Movers and Shakers continue to tour for National Harvester and streamline their musical vision, they should only increase their reputation as a Boston-based band to watch.

After the Movers and Shakers’ set, everyone in the Middle East was ready to rock with Those Darlins, especially the Darlins themselves. They stormed the stage with a vengeance and immediately dug into their first single from Screws Get Loose, “Be Your Bro.” I’m telling you, this song will (or at least should) be a big hit. But I’m also warning you, it is almost too catchy for its own good. Go ahead, listen to it, you’ll like it. But you may be humming it until you die. Having set the tone, Those Darlins blazed through every track on the new album and then some. The greatest thing about Those Darlins is that they’re a very specific flavor of music, which I might define as whiskey –soaked, smoked-out country rock with hints of sarcasm and white trash, and they don’t waiver from who they are. They serve up each song from their unique repertoire with a wink, because they know that it’s working for them. Their songs let you into the life of a Darlin, even the daily minutiae: like on “Fatty Needs a Fix,” where Jesse Darlin is so hungry that she starts dropping bacon puns. Not many bands could pull that off. But especially after seeing them in concert, it’s clear that the Darlin girls live each and every one of their songs. Those Darlins set a precedent for steadfast authenticity in their music and performance—other rockers, take notes.


Those Darlins Set List:

Be Your Bro
Waste away
Mystic mind
Burn me up
Wild in the streets (garland jefferies cover)
Why can’t I?
Prank call
Fatty needs a fix
Red light love
Screws get loose
Shakin all over
Whole damn thing
Wild one
Funstix party