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Concert Preview

CMJ 2012 Artist Feature: Wild Cub

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As we continue to prepare for our CMJ 2012 showcase with Young Giant Records, today we will be featuring Nashville’s Wild Cub. When someone says Nashville most people think cowboy hats and fiddles, but if that is what you are expecting from Wild Cub you couldn’t be further off the mark. The band’s 2012 debut release, Youth, features synth-driven riffs and catchy hooks that make it hard to not stand up out of your chair and dance. This summer the group graced the Bonnaroo stages even before their debut record was released, that’s when you know there is something special going on.

Youth is one of the most listenable and enjoyable records that I have encountered this year, with tracks like “Thunder Clatter” (which is featured on our September Spotify Playlist) and “Colour” that are guaranteed to be hits. This is going to be a set that you will not want to miss at CMJ so make sure to stop by Arlene’s Grocery on Thursday October 18th from 12pm-6pm.

Crushed Out At The Plough & Stars 10/5/2012

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If you can’t make it to Lily Pad to see Friendly People and Chimney Choir, may we suggest heading over to The Plough & Stars to catch Brooklyn’s Crushed Out? The duo calls themselves honky-tonk surf-rock and I know that’s all that I probably have to say to get you to listen to the track below. “Weigh You Down” will be appearing on the duo’s upcoming album Want To Give which is due out November 6th. Until then and on into December, you can catch the band on the road in a city near you. Check out “Weigh You Down” below and click here for the full list of tour dates.

Chimney Choir and Friendly People at Lily Pad 10/5/2012

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Back in July we proclaimed Friendly People as one of 5 Boston bands you should know, and if you haven’t had a chance to check them out, we have some good news for you. This Friday October 5th, Friendly People will be playing stripped down arrangements of their songs to an intimate crowd at the Lily Pad in Inman Square. Joining Friendly People will be Denver’s Chimney Choir whose sweet melodies and vast array of instrumentation complement the bill nicely. We chatted with Chimney Choir’s David Rynhart about recording a live album and DVD, touring Europe, and more. Check out that conversation below before heading over to the Lily Pad on Friday night.
Maimed & Tamed: You guys did a kickstarter campaign to help fund your last record (ladder), how did you come up with the rewards for backers? I saw that one backer bought a house show, how did that go?
David Rynhart: Our basic philosophy here is to take what we’ve got and make the best of it. So, we based our reward options on that. We had a screen burned and made a poster. Some people were kind enough to video the show and do some editing, so we were able to (eventually) offer a DVD. We could offer a pre-release of the new album. We wrote everyone ‘thank you’ cards. It was fun. Most of it felt like arts and crafts time. The house show hasn’t happened yet- it’s set for Oct. 14th- right after we get back from this tour. It will be interesting! Our families are going to be there.
M&T: A live album and DVD isn’t typically something that you see emerging artists doing, what inspired the project?
DR: We want every project we take on to be different. It’s easy to just keep doing the same thing, especially if it’s working. But it’s ideal if every project comes with a new set of problems and puzzles to solve. That way we keep learning, keep risking, pushing ourselves. We were in Creede, Colorado. It’s a magic mystery town. We had 3 shows there between a Sunday and Monday, and we had a lot of time to wander around the canyon. The Rio Grande runs through it and it’s so small you can just jump over it. We had recently released our 2nd ep, (turtle). We recorded the 2 ep’s at home. It was pretty straightforward, live rhythm tracks and then stacked up overdubs. They were great, but of course there was a difference between the recordings and the live show. So, we wanted to get the energy of the live show. It meant that we had to address some big challenges- like  recording an album in one take in front of people. We looked at rehearsal time like tracking. We spent as many hours rehearsing as we would have recording individual parts. Then there was the problem of acceptance! Once it was finished, we had to make the album with what we had done, for better or worse. That’s mainly what we were thinking of. Not so much that it isn’t typical of emerging artists- though that’s true. We were just interested in the experiment of it, and to see how it would change our sound and approach to recording.
M&T: What was it like touring in Europe earlier this summer? What was your most ridiculous tour memory?
DR: On the way there, we had been up all night in New York, drinking too much. Slept a little, then dropped off the van in a lot in Coney Island and took the train to the airport. After a 7 hour flight to Frankfurt, we rented a little Hyundai and drove 6 hours to Berlin and played a show. I’m not sure how we sounded. In Hamburg we couldn’t get into the city. All of the roundabouts were blocked off by cops. There were cops everywhere. Trucks, tanks, vans, cars. Cops. Hundreds. We had to park and walk around. We walked to a little bar in the suburb of Hamm. The locals bought us shots and asked what the hell we were doing in Hamm. They told us there was a Nazi rally in Hamburg that day. 400 Nazis demonstrating, 15,000 people protesting the Nazi demonstration, and 8,000 cops protecting the demonstrators- upholding Germany’s right to assemble. The show that night was in a bar decorated with psychedelic bunnies.  And to top it all off, when we got back, we discovered that we had left the keys and the van remote on top of the van for the entire month- and the van had been sitting in a long term parking lot in Coney Island. No one noticed.
M&T: Outside of Denver, what is your favorite city to play in the US? Why?
DR: It’s hard to say. Every rose has it’s thorn. If we had to choose, we would say Taylor, Mississippi or Crestone, Colorado Because they are happy enigmatic pockets of perfect weirdness.
M&T: Pepsi or Coke?
DR: No thanks… I’ll have the Pellegrino!

Artist Interview: Milagres Returns to Boston

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The last time that we caught Brooklyn rockers Milagres was an opening set at The Middle East Upstairs supporting Peter Wolf Crier. Following an extremely busy summer, the band returns to the Hub this week to support former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha at Church on Thursday October 4th. I had the chance to catch up with Milagres frontman Kyle Wilson and we talked about the band’s time in Boston, their take on festivals, and their hilarious new video for “Glowing Mouth.” Read on below for the full interview and a look at the “Glowing Mouth” video.

Maimed & Tamed: The last time that you guys were in Boston was when you were supporting Peter Wolf Crier, what was your favorite memory from that tour? Anything particular stick out about the Boston gig?

Kyle Wilson: I remember distinctly how friendly, awesome and sexy the Wolf Crier boys were.  I think that was our first show with them on that tour, which ended up being one of our funnest tours of the US.

I also remember that my voice gave out during our set, which had never happened to me before and hasn’t happened since.  I think I just decided to roll with it and take an early 90’s approach.

M&T: We recently interviewed Belgian duo Black Box Revelation before they came through Boston and asked them what the biggest difference was between European and US festivals that they had performed at and they claimed that US festivals are more wild. With you guys being from the US and having played festivals over in Europe, what would be the biggest differences from your perspective?

KW: Every festival we’ve played so far has been different.  Europe definitely has more of a festival culture, so they have a lot more festivals than we do here in the US and many of the festivals are really well organized and tastefully curated.  Many of them are quite small, actually, which I think tends to make them a better experience for consumers.  This year we played Primavera Sound in Spain and Electric Picnic in Ireland, which were both really excellent bigger festivals.  Walk the Line is a small festival in Netherlands that is really cool, and the UK’s version of SXSW, The Great Escape is a lot of fun as well.  Its also less overrun than SXSW or even CMJ.

I am under the impression that the US tends to have fewer festivals, but the ones we do have are absolutely enormous, and maybe a bit overpriced or overhyped.  Its hard to imagine that watching your favorite band from half a mile away with a $9 dixie cup of beer in your hand and a really bad sunburn would be that much fun, but the world is full of surprises!  I would actually love to go to one of those big festivals in the US sometime, just as a consumer, but its hard to find the time.

M&T: Your new video for “Glowing Mouth” has a hilariously retro feel to it, who came up with the idea for the video and how did it come about?

KW: Our guitar player Eric sent us all a link to the Hall and Oates video for “I Can’t Go For That,” and suggested we use it as a starting point.  I watched the video, then muted it and put the track “Glowing Mouth” against it.  I thought it had the right darkness and the right look to compliment the song, but I also knew it could be really funny.  Our music is serious and hopefully beautiful, so we like to insert a bit of the other side of our personality into what we do whenever we can.  Humor is a pretty big part of our relationship as a band, and although it rarely surfaces in our music, its always there.

The Piranha Brothers directed the video for us.  They are friends of mine and I knew that working with them would push our limits as performers a bit which is always a good thing for a music video.  We all find performance style music videos to be a bit cliched and boring, so we wanted to make sure we were poking fun at that idea, rather than just making another one of those videos.   During the first few takes I was really nervous and The Piranha Brothers did an amazing job of getting me to come out of my shell, which partially involved getting me drunk.

The shoot took place in a donated space and a lot of people came together and worked really hard to make it happen in one weekend.  Among them was Jillaine Gill, our leading lady, who really makes the video work, in my opinion.  Some of the shots were filmed at 4am and we were all sort of at the ends of our ropes, but everyone just pulled through and made it work.  It was definitely a creative young people teamwork kind of thing and it felt good.

M&T: Your Boston show marks the first of a few dates with James Iha, how did you guys get hooked up with him?

KW: We haven’t met James Iha yet, but some of us are really big fans, so we’re extremely pleased to have been invited on the road with him.  I think its going to be a lot of fun.

M&T: What is your favorite Smashing Pumpkins song?

KW: My favorite Pumpkins song is “Hummer.”  My bandmate, Eric, however, is really one of the biggest Pumpkins fans, so I just chatted him up and this is what he said:  “‘Hummer’ is the song that currently resonates the most with me. ‘Soma’ is a lifelong favorite. ‘Obscured’, ‘Pennies’, ‘Set the Ray to Jerry’ and ‘Drown’ are some stand-out b-sides/deep cuts.”

“Hummer” FTW!

M&T: What’s next for Milagres after these October support dates?

KW: Its been a long year of touring and we are really excited to settle down in Brooklyn and spend the winter writing and recording another album which is going to be even better than the one before it.

CMJ 2012 Artist Feature: The Black Cadillacs

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As our CMJ showcase with Young Giant Records comes closer, we will be featuring each of the artists on the lineup to help get you prepared an afternoon of incredible music at Arlene’s Grocery on October 18th. Today we will be featuring a familiar name in Knoxville sextet The Black Cadillacs. The Cads have been touring the country in support of their new record Run which has caught the attention of Paste Magazine, Hypetree and others. Their brand of bluesy southern rock is perfect for a long summer road trip or a fall afternoon in New York City…

Check out “I Know It’s Hard”, one of our favorite tracks from Run, and make sure to keep your calendar open for Thursday October 18th from 12pm-6pm!


New Music Mondays: Darlingside Video Premiere

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We are very excited to have the pleasure of premiering a brand new video from our friends in Darlingside. As we would hope you all know by now, we LOVE this local quintet and their new record Pilot Machines. “The Ancestor” is a collaboration between Chinese Takeout and Crazy Lake Pictures, both young production companies forged in the fires of speed-filmmaking challenges. Crazy Lake Pictures has previously worked with Darlingside on their quirky video for “Terrible Things.”  The beautifully animated video for the track “The Ancestor” gave me goosebumps as I followed the video’s main character on a cosmic journey through the afterlife. I know it sounds a bit heavy, but just take a look and we know you’ll be sharing with all of your friends.

Remember to catch Darlingside along with The Black Cadillacs and eight other amazing bands at the Young Giant Records + Maimed & Tamed CMJ showcase. We will be bringing you an afternoon of incredible music from 12pm-6pm on Thursday October 18th at Arlene’s Grocery and we couldn’t be more happy to have Darlingside involved in the festivities.

CMJ 2012 Artist Feature: Darlingside

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Yesterday we announced that we are teaming up with Young Giant Records to present a showcase chock full of amazing bands at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. Today, as promised, we will begin featuring the wonderful artists that will be performing at Arlene’s Grocery on October 18 from 12pm-6pm. The first artist feature we want to share with you should be a familiar name to all of the M&T readers out there. Darlingside is a self-proclaimed “string-rock quintet” and also one of our favorite local Boston bands right now. If you don’t know much about Darlingside (shame on you), you’ve come to the right place. Click the links below to check out our past coverage on the band and for instant satisfaction watch the sock-puppet filled video for “Still” off of their latest album Pilot Machines.

Pilot Machines Subscription Album Interview

The Ancestor 7″

The Edge of the Earth 7″

Darlingside @ Lizard Lounge 8/23/2012

“The Woods” on M&T September 2012 Spotify playlist

Young Giant Records + Maimed & Tamed Present CMJ 2012 Showcase

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CMJ 2012, we’re coming for you! Maimed & Tamed is very proud to announce that we have partnered with Young Giant Records to bring you 10 great bands during this year’s CMJ festivities. The showcase will be at Arlene’s Grocery on Thursday October 18th from 12pm-6pm so make sure to reserve your afternoon for some quality time with the M&T crew. The lineup features plenty of bands that M&T readers will be familiar with including Darlingside, Wild Cub, and The Black Cadillacs along with plenty of tremendous new bands that we are excited to share with you all.

We will be featuring each of the artists on the lineup in the weeks leading up to the showcase so make sure to check back here for all of your CMJ music needs. In the meantime check out the killer track “Colour” from 2012 showcase artist Wild Cub off of their latest release Youth.

12:00PM-12:25PM: Mobley
12:35PM-1:00PM: Motive
1:10PM-1:35PM: Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
1:45PM-2:10PM: The Hill and Wood
2:20PM-2:50PM: The Floorwalkers
3:00PM-3:30PM: Darlingside
3:40PM-4:10PM: Vinyl Thief
4:20PM-4:50PM: Wild Cub
5:00-5:45PM: The Black Cadillacs

Interview: Black Box Revelation Talk Boston Show and Buffalo Encounter

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It was two summers ago when we first saw Black Box Revelation take to the The Miller Lite Lounge at Bonnaroo on a sweltering Tennessee afternoon, and now we are excited to catch the Belgian rockers in Boston tomorrow night. The duo of Dries Van Dijck and Jan Paternoster are touring in support of the US release of their record My Perception which takes them to Middle East Downstairs opening for The Sheepdogs. We caught up with Dries and Jan ahead of their Middle East Show and found out what it was like to play Bonnaroo, how they came face to face with a buffalo on tour, and what’s next for the duo. Read on below for the full chat and get your tickets for tomorrow night’s show here.

Maimed & Tamed: What was it like to be able to play Bonnaroo two straight years? Any memories or stories that stick out from either year?

Black Box Revelation: Playing Bonnaroo twice was an experience that we’re never going to forget. The first time we entered the area was when they drove us to the tent where our show was scheduled. They drove us in one of those little golf carts so we could enjoy the view. People were partying, doing body painting, drinking and having fun all around us. Our first show was in an early slot but it was jammed in front of the stage, really cool. During the festival we saw awesome bands like the Black Angels, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Graveyard, Gary Clark Jr and Eminem!

M&T: What are some of the differences between the big festivals here in the US versus those in Europe?

BBR: US festivals seem more wild, if i can put it like that. People at the European festivals seems to blend into one big mass, but in the US people seem more extroverted which makes it much more fun to experience.

M&T: Tell us the most outlandish incident/adventure/story from your time touring in the US in years past.

BBRIncident- After one of our last shows with Beady Eye in NYC we were invited to an after-party where Liam Gallagher’s brother was dj-ing, when we returned to the van we noticed that a side window was smashed in and we got robbed of about $10,000 worth of stuff!

Adventure- During one of our first US tours we had the crazy idea to buy a tent and some blow-up mattresses instead of staying at hotels. Driving from Minnesota to Washington we camped at the Theodore Roosevelt Natural Park which was literally infested with ticks!  We and Didier, our tour manager,  jammed ourselves into this little crappy tent and tried to have some sleep in the middle of nowhere. Around 7am the next morning we woke up from a sound that came from close to our tent. I opened the tent and I was face to face with a huge male buffalo which was grazing right next to us.   We had to stay still for another hour because the rangers had warned us that those males can be extremely dangerous.  We yanked the tent out of the ground and ran to the van like our lives were depending on it.

M&T: How was it different recording My Perception here in the States when compared to the recording process for your previous albums?

BBR: For our first two albums we worked with Mario Goossens as producer, he’s a Belgian producer and also a drummer in a band called Triggerfinger.  We had to learn a lot –  everything was new for us; we had no experience.  So Mario taught us all the things about making a record and creating a good sound.  When we went to the States to record My Perception, we didn’t have a lot of the songs finished yet, just a few ideas. But being there in LA with Alain Johannes really gave a good vibe so the inspiration was there  and new songs were there before we even knew it.  It was a great experience!

M&T: Anything in the works in terms of new recordings?

BBR: Not yet, so far we’re still touring with My Perception. Probably we’ll start working on new songs by the end of the year, but still, we don’t really know when exactly. We’re just enjoying our time on tour right now.

M&T: What other Belgian bands should we be listening to right now?

BBR: There are a lot of belgian bands, but there are only a few I really like. Triggerfinger is a great live rock band, they have such a powerful sound, they really can blow you away.

California Wives Release Debut, Set To Open For Stars @ The Paradise

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Earlier this month, Chicago-based band California Wives released their debut LP and have since been garnering steady buzz from many a music publication. With an eye (or two) locked on their upcoming Paradise show on September 21 opening for Stars, here’s our review of their recently released LP, Art History.

From the first tune to the closing number, California Wives can be best described as, simply, catchy. The soft vocals resound between your ears long after you stop listening. Part of that may be because the lyrics are a bit repetitive, but when has that taken away from a band’s status? Have you heard of the Police? Don’t turn on the red light, or at least a blind-ear, to California Wives.

The LP comes out strong with three upbeat, chorus driven songs that, had I been at a rock club rather than at a computer writing this review, would’ve picked me up out of my seat (they still may have, but you’ll never know).

The fourth song, “The Fisher King”, slows it down. Eerily-synthed keys and a roundabout chorus send you into a daze, so use caution if driving when number four comes on.

“Los Angeles” picks it up, and this time does give you something to drive to, but “Photolights” drops you right back into that stupor. “Photolights” throws together a trippy, Pink Floyd-style jam with a little more of a mainstream pop feel.

“Purple”, sure to be a favorite among listeners, grabs you with one of those perfectly simple guitar riffs. If there were to be some modern update rat-pack films, the song “Twenty Three” would fit on that soundtrack flawlessly. My favorite track, the “New Process”, gets a little Pink Floyd-y again, and then “Light Year” closes the LP with another fast-paced, Indie Pop creation.

This quartet sounds good in the studio, but I have a feeling they sound pretty great live. Get out to the show on the 21st because you’re going to get hooked on Art History and need more California Wives.