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Concert Preview

Tales of Olde at Cafe 939 2/21/2014

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Following a successful PledgeMusic campaign our friends in Tales of Olde are set to bring some new material to the Cafe 939 stage this Friday February 21. Since we first profiled the band last summer they have been hard at work writing new songs and raising funds for their debut EP which is set to be released next month. Over that time the band also took their whimsical folk music at a Sofar Boston event in Jamaica Plain where the 6-piece band certainly garnered plenty of new fans. If you’re like us you can look forward to the new EP and pledger rewards in March, but in the meantime check out a performance of “You and I” at Sofar Boston and grab your tickets to this Friday’s show using the button below.

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Newport Folk Festival Lineup Predictions/Wishlist

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With the recent passing of Newport Folk Festival legend Pete Seeger, this year is sure to be an emotional one down at the Fort. Seeger was an inspiration for every artist who performed and every fan in attendance, year in and year out. His onstage sing-alongs became something that we looked forward to every year, because you just knew that every artist on the lineup was begging to share the stage with Pete. To say he’ll be sorely missed would be an understatement, but we’re sure that the Folk Family will take the festival to a whole new level in Pete’s name this year.

With NFF only 6 months away (and a few acts already announced…) it’s about time we made our predictions and put together a wishlist for the 2014 edition of Christmas in July. Check out the full list and click the button below to buy tickets while you sill can, because it most definitely will sell out.


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Frightened Rabbit – Wilco, My Morning Jacket, and Deer Tick have all played Newport, why not my other favorite band this year?

Nickel Creek – Their reunion after eight years apart was  just announced this week, so we’re crossing our fingers that this bluegrass supergroup will celebrate their sweet, sweet return at Newport this year.

Johnny Flynn – Johnny Flynn is a wise-beyond-his-years songwriter, and his music channels the Americana roots that NFF knows and loves (despite his British heritage).

Ivan and Alyosha – This honest, feel-good folk-pop group toured with Lone  Bellow in 2013, and we think they’re long overdue for their own moment at the Fort.

Shakey Graves – Shakey Graves’ mysterious reputation fits his gritty blues to a t. If Shakey plays Newport this year, the Folk may not know his name coming in, but they’ll sure as hell know it when they leave.

Saintseneca – Their new album of jangly, upbeat folk drops this April, and we’re hooked on the tunes we’ve heard from Dark Arc so far.

Kishi Bashi – With one of the most transfixing live shows we’ve ever seen, Kishi Bashi’s violin-looping expertise would be a perfectly unexpected addition to the lineup.

Lake Street Dive – With the impending release of their LP Bad Self Portraits, they’re due for a big 2014 and we’d love nothing more than for them to rock the Fort.

Typhoon – Typhoon’s twelve-man band has their name all over the Quad Stage (and we can absolutely see them jumping into the crowd for a stripped-down version of “The Honest Truth“).

Ben Howard – If we had our way this year’s lineup would be heavy on the UK acts and following a huge 2013 who better to represent our folk friends from across the pond than Ben Howard?

Night Beds– “Ramona” was one of our favorite songs in 2013 plus new music is on the way in 2014.

Nick Waterhouse– This year’s J.D. McPherson.

Darlingside/The Ballroom Thieves/Tall Heights– We’d love to see any or all of these local Boston folk favorites to follow in the footsteps of Kingsley Flood this year.

AgesandAges– Surprising that they haven’t had a shot at the Newport stages yet, but with a new album due in 2014 the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Damien Jurado– His new record, Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, is way too good and way too buzzy to not be considered.

San Fermin and Friendly People at Brighton Music Hall 2/10/2014

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Next week the champion chamber-pop group San Fermin returns to Boston, this time to Brighton Music Hall on February 10th with M&T favorite Friendly People opening. It’s obvious that we’re big fans of San Fermin with their track “Sonsick” landing at the top of our Best Songs of 2013 list, but we also highly recommend you show up early to catch Friendly People. Their full-length release Shake made it’s way onto our Best Albums of 2012 list and since then they’ve been gaining lots of steam in the Boston scene. Their live show is fun, highly energetic, and will most certainly keep you moving all night. The band is currently hard at work on some new tunes, and you can expect to hear at least a few fresh jams on Monday night at BMH. – Eric

As one quick spin of San Fermin’s album will tell you, the winning track “Sonsick” is just a single vignette from a fully realized musical epic. The story that plays out through San Fermin is cinematic, filled with flawed characters and plot twists. It’s all the more fun to follow live. The album’s poppier moments like “Bar” and “Crueler Kind” burst even brighter in person, thanks to a spirited brass section. The quieter songs simmer just as intensely. Those subdued moments, like “Oh Darling,” highlight the thick tension between the immensely talented lead singers, Rae Cassidy and Allen Tate. San Fermin’s live performance has the easy flow of a great novel. So on February 10, toss aside that afghan, trade your lame detox tea for a tallboy, and come cozy up with us at Brighton Music Hall to watch the story unfold.  – Caroline

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Caroline Rose and Thomas John Cadrin at Club Passim 1/19/2014

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Caroline Rose has had quite the year between releasing America Religious, playing across the country with recording/touring partner Jer Coons, loads of great press, joining the High Road Touring roster and not to mention landing a Top 10 spot in M&T’s Best Songs of 2013. After joining our friends in The Ballroom Thieves for their EP release show at The Sinclair, Caroline makes her return to Boston with a show on Sunday January 19th at Club Passim. Opening the show will be another M&T favorite, Thomas John Cadrin who had some exciting news for us about his performance. This weekend Cadrin will be turning his set into a play as he told us, “I’m calling it, Modern Creator. I don’t wanna ruin it too much, but the evening opens with a soliloquy which runs straight into the first song. Each song is an act that has an epilogue after it, to guide and bait the narrative. There’s been great reception the first few times I’ve performed it, and I am really excited for Passim, as it feels like the perfect room for such a thing.”

If that’s not reason enough to show up, we also caught up with Caroline more in depth to talk about her favorite moments of 2013, her inspiration for America Religious, and what we can expect from her new record due out in 2014. Read on for the full interview and click the button below for tickets before they sell out.

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Maimed & Tamed: As a listener America Religious is a record that pulls you in with the stories being told, and one track in particular that comes to mind is “Notes Walking Home from Work.” Where did you draw inspiration from for that song and for the rest of the record?
Caroline Rose: I was working in a little grocery store in New York, and was pretty overworked when they found out I used to work on a farm and could handle produce, so I was basically doing two jobs in one. The boss was also a real asshole, a French asshole, and he’d come in and treat everyone poorly, like his servants, and then would leave everyone feeling miserable. I’d walk home from work imagining how much harder it must be for immigrants or day laborers, who must feel like that all the time, with people making little comments or treating you subserviently. There were a bunch of Haitian guys that worked there, and I remember they were always in such good spirits, but they worked in the basement, in the hot kitchen all day. I always wondered if they felt like they were being hidden down there.
As for the rest of it, traveling and working different jobs are constant sources of inspiration. I won’t stop doing it. Working keeps me humble and motivated and doing these types of things allows me to meet really interesting people from different backgrounds. I live out of a car so traveling I do almost all the time.
M&T: 2013 was a big year for you, looking back what were some of the highlights that stood out?
CR: The Grand Canyon! Jer’s not really a morning person, but he’d never seen it before so I forced him up to see the sunrise and he really did it—4:30 AM!! Man oh man it’s amazing.
All my family trips growing up were to either national parks or battlefields, so naturally I dragged Jer to all those places too. Joshua Tree, Shenandoah, Yosemite—I just love it. Now if I could just get him to go on a hike…
M&T: What were some of your favorite songs and albums of 2013? What was on heavy rotation between stops on tour?
CR: Kendrick Lamar probably got the most spins, I really love his storytelling. Shovels and Rope is one of my new favorite bands, Alt-J, Haim, Lorde, Father John Misty, all great records. I’d love to work with Laura Marling on something, her new record is just plain great work. Then there are the staples…I love film soundtracks and Latin music, Kronos Quartet, Fania All-Stars, there are some great bands out of Columbia that I love—Bomba Estereo and Systema Solar are a couple—I’d love to work on some more beat-heavy music. Ryan Adams, one of my biggest heros, Has been producing some great records this past year as well.
M&T: What can you tell us about the new record that you’re working on?
CR: Well I took the reins on most of the production for this one, which I’m quite proud of…though I guess I had a pretty distinct idea of how I wanted the last to sound as well. I know a lot more about mixing now, which really helps.
It’s a bit more eclectic because it’s a compilation of songs written over the last 5 years—a lot of them I wrote when I was 18 or so, next to brand new songs that I like to think are more “mature”, or something. I’ll be working with Thirty Tigers on the release (a really great independent company that let’s me pretty much do whatever I want, which is great), and if all goes well it should be out in early summer. Keep your fingers crossed.
M&T: Finish this sentence– In 2014 Caroline Rose will…
CR: …Be 16 and pregnant.


Livestream Will Dailey “Behind the Album” TONIGHT!

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Last month we featured the livestream of a unique prodcution by M&T favorites Dwight & Nicole at Redstar Union in Kendall Square. Tonight, the state-of-the-art, multimedia, live performance studio’s Behind the Album series returns with Will Dailey.

Once again we have been granted the broadcast rights to livestream the production for M&T readers! So COME JOIN US AT 8 PM!


“10 months ago, Will Dailey messaged his fans with a mission statement and a promise of new material born of a newfound independence from his label. Since then, and with tremendous fan support by way of a successful PledgeMusic campaign, he hit the studio and recorded the songs that would become his eagerly anticipated new album, National Throat.”


Tonight, as part of Redstar Union’s Behind The Album series, Dailey will unveil National Throat to the world via a cover-to-cover live performance of the record and an intimate conversation with renowned 30-year Boston Globe music critic, Steve Morse.

A new twist on tonight’s edition of Behind The Album includes fan participation in the interview segment of the evening. Those viewing online can submit questions by tweeting with the hashtag #BehindTheAlbum or by posting on Will Dailey’s official Facebook page. Questions will be selected by social media moderator Tom O’Keefe @BostonTweet.

Livestream Dwight & Nicole “Behind the Album” TONIGHT!

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If you have not heard of Redstar Union yet, prepare to have your mind blown. M&T favorite Dwight & Nicole will be taking the stage in the groundbreaking live performance space tonight for a private production of “Behind The Album” and M&T will have the honor of attending.

Additionally, we have been granted the broadcast rights to livestream the production right here for all M&T readers! So COME JOIN US AT 8 PM as M&T hosts its first-ever livestream.


This edition of “Behind The Album” presents the world premier of Dwight & Nicole’s forthcoming PledgeMusic-funded record, Shine On. The acclaimed roots duo will be performing a cover-to-cover preview of their new album and partaking in a live, candid interview with renowned 30-year Boston Globe music critic, Steve Morse, discussing all things life, music, inspiration and the final realization of Shine On. The entire evening will be captured with Redstar’s state-of-the-art audio and video equipment to HD media.

The Griswolds, French Horn Rebellion, and Savoir Adore at TT’s 12/5/2013

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Talk about an M&T dream bill on Thursday night at TT The Bear’s Place. Opening the show will be The Griswolds, who were featured on our November Spotify playlist and are definitely a band to watch in 2014. They’re already an indie smash in their native Australia, and while they’ve begun to pick up steam here in the States, we can assure you that 2014 is going to be a big year for these Aussies.

Then there’s French Horn Rebellion, a band we lauded as a breakout act at CMJ 2011 and certainly another band to watch in 2014. Since we caught them at Santos Party House back in 2011 (and again this year at The Red Room @ Cafe 939) they’ve released track after track of pure synth-pop bliss, ranging from dance floor anthems (“Girls”) to trippy collaborations (“Caaalifornia” w/ Ghost Beach) and everything in between.

And finally we have Brooklyn based Savoir Adore, who made an appearance on our September Spotify playlist with “Loveliest Creature.” The group’s 2013 LP Our Nature has been one of our favorites of 2013, and is sure to be a treat for the TT’s audience on Thursday. What makes this album so special though is it’s breadth of styles, with the hazy, synth-drive tracks like “Dreamers” and “Beating Hearts” mixing in perfectly with more surf rock influenced tunes such as “Anywhere You Go.”

Get your tickets (while they last) for tomorrow’s show using the button below and check out The Griswolds’ “Mississippi” along with a brand new collaboration from FHR and Savoir Adore called “The Fire.”

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Indie Rock Ranger’s Holiday Spectacular at The Middle East 12/14/2013

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What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with 5 amazing local bands at the Middle East Downstairs? I don’t know about you, but coming out of my winter hibernation and hunkering down at the Mideast with some friends and PBRs sounds like the perfect way to spend a pre-holiday Saturday.

Local music scenester Richard Bouchard aka the Indie Rock Ranger has put together a tremendous bill on December 14 that includes indie rock darlings and M&T favorites Parks, theatrical glam rockers Sidewalk Driver, dance rock quartet Animal Talk, grunge newcomers Harris Hawk, and electropop heroes Freezepop. With such a wide array of music in one night, it is the perfect opportunity to see everything that the Boston music scene has to offer all on one stage. More importantly though, it’s a chance to prove that 5 local, independent bands can bring out the local community en masse for a beautiful night of music and merriment. Whatever holiday you’re celebrating this year, come celebrate it with some amazing Boston bands at Middle East Downstairs on Saturday December 14.

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Sidewalk Driver


Animal Talk

Harris Hawk

3 Shows to See in Boston This Week

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The snow may have been falling in The Hub today, but that’s no reason to sit inside and sulk. Here’s three shows to check out this week:

Thursday November 14Houndmouth, The Ballroom Thieves, and The Wheeler Brothers @ Royale

Presented by our pals over at Newport Folk Festival, this show is sure to get the crowd moving and singing along. If you’ve read M&T before you know how much we love Houndmouth, The Ballroom Thieves, and Newport Folk Festival so it should come as no surprise to see this show on our list. Add in recent NFF alum The Wheeler Brothers, and there’s no question the M&T crew will be out in force on Thursday night.

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Friday November 15The Mowgli’s, Royal Teeth, and X Ambassadors @ The Paradise

If you were smart and arrived early to Boston Calling II in September, you were lucky enough to catch a captivating opening set from New Orleans’ Royal Teeth. Still riding the wave from the release of their debut full-length Glow, Royal Teeth has joined forces with The Mowgli’s and X Ambassadors on the Random Acts of Kindness Tour which hits The Paradise this Friday.

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Sunday November 17Mono @ Brighton Music Hall

Although they’ve been playing music since the late ’90s, I fell in love with these Japanese instrumental rockers about 5 years ago while still in college. Each of their albums have a distinct sound, but what makes Mono so special is their ability to continually craft a slow-building, epic, opus with each release. The band is taking a second turn through Boston to promote their 2012 record For My Parents. 

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Concert Preview: Andrew Belle + Leagues at Brighton Music Hall 11/11/2013

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This Monday Boston is in for a treat as the co-headline tour featuring Andrew Belle and Leagues kicks off at Brighton Music Hall. If you caught our Best of 2013 So Far playlist you’ll know that we’re big fans of Leagues’ full-length debut You Belong Here, and you should be too.

As for Chicagoan Andrew Belle, his sophomore release Black Bear may just join Leagues on our Best Of lists when all is said and done in 2013. The follow-up to 2010’s The Ladder, Black Bear has already caught the attention of Billboard and Esquire and rightly so. The record has a steady, yet elegant synth-driven pulse throughout and standout tracks like “Pieces” and “The Enemy” are filled with plenty of nuanced details to be discovered with each listen.

We know you don’t need an excuse to get out of the house on a Monday night, but this show is certainly a perfect opportunity to see two great acts before they move on to bigger rooms on their next turn through Boston. Check out videos for Leagues’ “Spotlight” and Andrew Belle’s “Pieces” below, and don’t forget to grab your tickets here.