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Concert Preview

Caroline Rose at Club Passim 7/24/2014

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After putting out one of our favorite tracks from 2013, the title track to America Religious, Caroline Rose is back out on the road with new jams. Last month Paste Magazine premiered “Tightrope Walker” which will be part of her forthcoming LP I Will Not Be Afraid, set for release August 19 via Little Hi! Records. It will be quite the task to follow up her 2013 debut, but something tells us that Rose has even more tricks up her sleeve. If you’re like us and are dying to hear the new songs then grab your tickets to her gig at Club Passim this Thursday by using the button below. We’ll proudly put a Maimed & Tamed guarantee on this show, you will not be disappointed.

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Indie Rock Ranger Presents Sidewalk Driver, The Venetia Fair, Salita, and The Color and Sound at The Sinclair 7/19/2014

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Want to see an awesome lineup filled with killer local bands at one of our favorite venues in town? Well have we got a show for you. Our friend Rich Bouchard aka the Indie Rock Ranger has put together another fabulous bill of local artists that is guaranteed to delight at The Sinlcair on Saturday July 19. We had the distinct pleasure of chatting with each of the evening’s performers ahead of their show and we’ve compiled the choicest of nuggets from those conversations to share with you. Read on below to see what Sidewalk Driver, The Venetia Fair, Salita, and The Color and Sound had on their minds and also remember to click that shiny green button to get your tickets before it sells out!

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Maimed & Tamed: Aside from this incredible show at The Sinclair, what do you have coming up that our readers should know about?

Sidewalk Driver: We’re working on our first video and putting the finishing touches on our new record! Also, AJ’s little sister is preggo.

The Venetia Fair: Well for legal reasons I can’t give you all the info right now, but I can tell you that we are starting our own airline. It’s going to be called “No Rules Flying Things Airlines” and there will be no rules. No metal detectors, no boarding passes, no first class, no regular class, no bathrooms, kids can drink alcohol, anyone can fly the plane, anyone can fly the plane drunk, etc. We think it will be very successful.

M&T: What’s your favorite part about playing in Boston? What makes the music scene here so special?

Salita: All of us have played in Boston for years. Many of us over a decade now in different bands. I think the community is what makes Boston unique. It’s always been tight. Bands and fans alike have always supported one another and that keeps the scene here alive. This band wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the Boston music scene. We all know each other from playing in different bands and sharing bills over the years.

The Venetia Fair: Our favorite part about playing in Boston is that we always throw $5,000 in singles into the audience. The crowd goes WILD. We do that every single time we play in Boston. Everyone gets rich and EVERYONE gets laid. Or they just get rich.

M&T: Who is your favorite rock star that rose from the Boston music scene?

The Color and Sound: Aerosmith and only Aerosmith.

Salita: There are different kinds of “rock stars” in Boston, we’ve got the punk rock icons such as the Dropkicks, Bosstones, Slapshot and Sam Black Church, you’ve always got to pay respect to those entities. We love them all. With that said, you got to give it up for Steven Tyler. He’s a classic and he still uses tassels. If that’s not rock, what is?

M&T: Have you ever walked the Freedom Trail?

Sidewalk Driver: We walk the Freedom Trail together every Sunday.

Salita: We actually did this all together about a month ago… holding hands frolicking, it was quite the bonding experience.

M&T: Best spot to grab a pint in Boston?

The Color and Sound: There used to be a bar called Razzi’s in Somerville that will forever hold the title of greatest bar in the universe in our hearts, but sadly she closed her doors.

The Venetia Fair: The best spot to grab a pint in Boston is on the Red Line (outbound towards Braintree). For those of you who don’t know Boston, the Red LIne is a part of our subway system. They let you drink on the subway cars as long as you make sure not to spill. Sometimes you can spill. Bring a pint or two and just hop on! The trains are always acomin’ and agoin’. Don’t go towards Alewife though. It gets a little bit pretentious up there.

The Parlor Sessions Tour at Club Passim June 8, 2014

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We haven’t been to Club Passim in a solid two months, which we understand is completely unacceptable, and that’s why we’re so thankful that The Parlor Sessions Tour is making a stop at the beloved Cambridge folk venue. The Parlor Sessions features four indie singer-songwriters collaborating through an in-the-round style performance that is guaranteed to blow your mind. Making up this four man crew is Brooklyn via Boston songwriter Jason Myles Goss, Nashville’s Dean Fields, DC based Andy Zipf, and Atlanta’s Eliot Bronson. Each of the artists has found success on their own, but with all four performing on stage together it is probably going to turn out something like this. To help promote the tour, which takes the quartet from Boston to Georgia and everywhere in between, they are giving away a 12-song sampler via the Parlor Sessions website.

Grab the sampler and get your hands on some tickets for the Club Passim show while they still last by clicking the button below. This is going to be a show you won’t want to miss.

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Boston Clawing Offers Alternative to 5/25 Boston Calling Festivities

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Couldn’t afford tickets for Boston Calling? Modest Mouse isn’t your cup o’ tea? Well have we got the Sunday night solution for you. Thanks to Dan Nicklin and the team behind this year’s SXNE festivities, you can see 10 bands at Ned Devines in Faneuil hall for the low low price of FREE 99. Yup you read that right. Boston Clawing, as the evening has been dubbed, is a celebration of local upstarts Tigerman WOAH (who will be playing that little festival next door earlier in the day themselves). The fearsome foursome will be joined by other local all-stars like Friendly People, The Silks, Parlour Bells, Eddie Japan and of course, Dan Nicklin’s outfit Oldjack.
All these awesome bands for a grand total of $0.00. So if you need a break from Boston Calling, or are in the area looking for something to do, there’s no better spot to stop by than Ned Devine’s.
Check out the full lineup via Facebook and a selection of tunes from some Boston Clawing performers below.

Booger Money Presents Urban Nerdz, Tigerman WOAH, Micetro, and Nemes at TT the Bear’s 5/21/2014

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Booger Money, a local promoter new to the music scene, will be producing their first Cambridge show at TT’s next Wednesday May 21. I know the first question on everyone’s mind is what in the hell is Booger Money? So we asked BM partner Andréa Hudson and got an answer that only seems logical in retrospect, “Booger Money is when you have enough dough to wipe your nose with hundreds.” Of course it is.

As for what you can expect at TTs on Wednesday, the slate of artists truly do run the gamut. There’s Urban Nerdz with their own original blend of funk and hip hop, Tigerman WOAH with their dirtbag folk rock, Micetro’s dance club flavor, and Nemes’ foot-stomping folk tunes. When we say there’s a little something for everyone, we really mean it. It certainly won’t be your typical night at TT’s, but the refreshing change of pace could be exactly what this city needs.

Sample a song from each band on the lineup and grab your tickets below. With this lineup we can practically guarantee it’s going to be one wild night.

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Urban Nerdz – “B.A.M. (Bad A$$ Mudda)”

Tigerman WOAH – “Guess So (Take Me Home)”

Hardwell & MAKJ – “Countdown (Micetro & Bamboora Edition)”

Nemes – “Everest Isle”


Friendly People Take NYC + Boston This Week

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The last time we covered local favorites Friendly People they were headed down to Austin to take part in this year’s SXSW festivities. Since then they’ve found themselves at the center of a Boston Globe article about local bands at SXSW, released a new live video for “A Lot Of Work To Do,” and even had time to hit the studio to begin recording tracks for their next release. Between the traveling, the press, and the recording the band will also be taking the stage for two live shows this week in New York and Boston. Get the full scoop and tickets for each show below, and prepare yourself for some new tracks that Friendly People are bound to bust out.

Thursday May 15 @ Cameo Gallery with Prinze George, Of Clocks and Clouds, and Photoreal

The band’s first of two shows is an intriguing lineup that puts them on stage with their NYC counterparts Prinze George, whose song “Victor” was featured on our April Spotify Playlist and has been rapidly climbing up the Hype Machine charts. Joining them will also be Photoreal and Of Clocks and Clouds, the latter of which will be releasing their debut album, YOU, at the show.

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Friday May 16 @ TT The Bear’s Place with Hap, Skinny Bones, and Conveyor

Friday’s show puts the band right in the middle of another amazing lineup that’s sure to be a very danceable night. Bostonians Skinny Bones released their full-length debut just last week, a mixture of ambient and melodic soundscapes called Noise Floor. Hap has a sound much akin to Animal Collective, which is most clearly displayed on the title track to their 2013 release Corners. And finally there is Conveyor whose most recent single, “Mammal Food,” debuted on Spin back in February. Needless to say, this is going to be quite the evening.

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5 Reasons To Skip The B’s For The Thieves

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We all know that playoff hockey season is an incredible time here in Boston, especially when we’re up against the Habs, but would it kill you to miss one game? Here’s 5 reasons why you should skip the B’s tomorrow night and go check out The Ballroom Thieves at The Sinclair instead.

1. You lost the last game for us.

You were watching Game 3 and we lost. It’s all your fault. If you don’t watch Game 4 then we’ll win, so stop being so goddamn selfish.

2. The openers.

Tigerman WOAH has been taking Boston by storm recently and with their upcoming performance at Boston Calling we can only imagine that the buzz around this band will continue to grow. We can’t discount The Ghost of Paul Revere either as they’ve been building a solid fan base in their native Maine and are poised to break out in 2014 as well.

3. Brother.

The Ballroom Thieves recently released two live versions of their song “Brother,” one via Audiotree and another from a session with Sofar Boston. Since you can’t find “Brother” on either of the band’s two EPs we suggest that you come out to The Sinclair for your best shot at hearing this incredible song in all its glory.

4. Best live band in Boston?

We’re gonna go ahead and say it, The Ballroom Thieves may very well be one of the best live bands in Boston right now. We’ve said it many times before and we can’t stress enough how electric their on-stage energy is, not to mention their witty banter between songs.

5. Because we said so.

And if you know what’s best for you, you’ll listen to everything we say…or else.

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David Wax Museum at The Sinclair April 29, 2014

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Ever since David Wax Museum first graced the stages of Newport Folk Festival we’ve been smitten with their charm and with their music. The band will be bringing both of those wonderful attributes to The Sinclair this week on April 29th, and we took some time to chat with them about new music, new additions to the band family, and what to expect from their show on Tuesday. Check out the full interview and buy tickets to the show using the button below.

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Maimed & Tamed: We ranked Knock Knock Get Up as the 6th best record of 2012, but like any selfish music fan we want more. What do you have on the horizon in terms of new music?
David Wax Museum: We recorded Knock Knock Get Up in February of 2012, so there’s been over two years to work on new material.  I’ve got a batch of 30 or so songs that are contenders for the next album, and the touring line-up of the band has been rehearsing and demoing this new batch.  I think we’ll be recording in late summer or early fall and hopefully have something new out by early 2015.  But honestly, it always takes longer than I foresee.  So if you want to hear new songs, come on out to the show!
M&T: For most bands a baby isn’t on the packing list when preparing for a tour, what’s it been like having a tiny human on the road with you?
DWM: We’ve all been loving it.  Calliope is a bundle of joy and lifts all of our spirits when we’re having a long day.  A baby on the road has helped us make our traveling more sane.  We’ve been able to say no to some promo opportunities, which in the past was very difficult for us.  So our days are a little less packed, we prioritize napping when we can, and we take lots of nursing breaks on the drive.  A baby also provides a breath of fresh air to touring.  We feel more like gypsies or a little village with a baby and Suz’s dad on the road to help.  The fact that my cousin Jordan is also touring with us only strengthens that family/communal feel.
M&T: What tunes are in heavy rotation in the tour vehicle? Lots of Raffi for the little one?
DWM: Willy Mason, Blake Mills, Latin Playboys, Bahamas, Wilco, Wooden Dinosaur, & Cambalache.
M&T: In two words, what can fans expect from your Sinclair show on the 29th?
DWM: Slow heat!  That also happens to be my cousin Jordan Wax’s nickname.

Grey Season To Release Debut LP at Middle East Upstairs 4/26/2014

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We’ve been big fans of local alt-bluegrass (yea we just went there) group Grey Season for a long time now and with the impending release of their debut LP we’re prepared to become even bigger fans. The band will be celebrating Time Will Tell You Well this Saturday April 26 at The Middle East Upstairs and if you plan on joining in on the fun (which we highly advise) you better grab your tickets while you still can. We were lucky enough to score an advance copy of the album, which was recorded at Levon Helm Studios with producers Benny Grotto and Justin Guip, and we can safely say that all in attendance on Saturday will be in for quite the treat.

If you’ve been to a Grey Season show over the past 6 months you’ll recognize some beautifully produced versions of songs that are staples of a Grey Season live show, like “Aragon Mill”, “Satellites”, and their impeccable cover of Richard Thompson’s “1952 Vincent Black Lightning.” From beginning to end Time Will Tell You Well is a captivating rock ‘n roll album, and we can guarantee that Saturday’s show will bring much of the same enchantment found on the album.

Buy tickets to the show at the button below and name your price for a download of the album’s lead single, “Satellites” via bandcamp.

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Thomas John Cadrin at Gallery 263 April 10, 2014

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Vermont based Thomas John Cadrin has a very distinct storytelling style and one that will be on display at Gallery 263 in Cambridge on Thursday April 10. What will make this particular performance even more special is that Cadrin is performing a play he wrote to music that was inspired by the gallery itself and its art. With such a unique story and a unique space, this is a show that you won’t want to miss. Check out videos below of Cadrin’s original “Victory March” along with a cover of The Ballroom Thieves’ “Droves” with whom he will be performing on April 6 at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT.