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Concert Preview

Houndmouth Release Debut S/T EP

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For those faithful M&T readers out there you’ll remember when we featured The Lumineers and their self-titled EP last summer. It was a DIY effort, with no frills, no production, just music and lots of emotion. Although it wasn’t the most crisp or refined sound, we all heard something on tracks like “Scotland” and “Submarines” that immediately hit some synapse in our brains that told us– these guys are going to be big. When The Lumineers came through Boston about two months after we featured their EP, they played The Toad. For those of you who are not familiar with The Toad it is a 60 person capacity listening room that never has a cover. Now I’m sure that most of you are familiar with the fact that less than a year later, The Lumineers played to a sold out crowd of 2,500 at House of Blues Boston…not going to say we told you so, but we told you so.

Enter Houndmouth. A friend from Texas tipped us off to this folk-rock quartet after catching them at SXSW this year and told us we had to check them out. Needless to say we were captivated from the start, and we couldn’t help but think of The Lumineers when we found ourselves singing along to the catchy hooks we found in Houndmouth tunes like “Penitentiary” and “Houston Train.” When we found out Houndmouth would be performing at this year’s Forecastle Festival, it was the icing on the cake. Their performance didn’t draw the largest crowd, but the people who were there knew they were seeing something special (check out the video we caught of “Penitentiary”).

Houndmouth released their debut self-titled EP this month and will be coming through Boston in a few weeks to open for Dry The River at Brighton Music Hall. We’ll tell you now that you won’t want to miss this show, because the next time they come through town you might find yourself battling with everyone and their sister to get tickets to catch them at the House of Blues before it sells out.

Dwight & Nicole: 3rd Annual Summertime Soul @ The Regattabar

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It’s that time of year again! Tomorrow night Dwight & Nicole will take the Regattabar stage at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Sq. for their 3rd Annual Summertime Soul show.  Continuing the tradition of the first two installments, the dynamic duo (so cliché I know) will be performing D&N staples mixed in with brand new tunes off their forthcoming album and of course, honoring the theme of the night, some summertime classics.

If you are not yet familiar with Dwight & Nicole…then what the hell is wrong with you?!!…No, just kidding…sort of…or if you just want to jam out to their music for the next 24 hours in preparation of what expects to be a sweltering night of fiery soul and blues inspired music, then I have provided some listening and viewing material for you below – a link to their debut album, !Signs, and a video link for a little taste of their live action.

The past two years have sold out so grabbing tickets ahead of time is probably a good idea.  You can grab them online at www.regattabarjazz.com or www.dwightandnicole.com or call 617-661-5000. Show times are 7:30 & 10pm. The Regattabar is located in the Charles Hotel at One Bennett Street, Cambridge.

Dwight & Nicole – !Signs

What To See This Week in Boston

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There’s never a dull moment in the Boston music scene and this week is hardly any different. Below we’ve compiled a list of suggested shows for each night this week, with apologies to Monday. So if you don’t already have your evenings planned this week, we’ve got you covered.

Tuesday 8/21Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three @ Shalin Liu Performance Center (Rockport, MA): Ok this one is a bit of a drive outside of the city, but it is totally worth it. Not only do you get to travel up to the beautiful North Shore, but you also get to catch a top notch act at a gorgeous venue. The two-time Newport Folk Festival veterans couldn’t have picked a better time to play a venue with a ridiculous harborview backdrop as the weather forecast is predicting a clear evening with the sunset time matching up with the set time. Tickets

Wednesday 8/22- Caddywhompus, Arvid Noe, Fat History Month and Saralee @ TT the Bear’s: This one is brought to you by the fine folks at the Boston Phoenix who named headliner Caddywhompus the best new band from Louisiana in their 50 states 50 bands project. The bill also features local rockers Fat History Month who caught the attention of the Phoenix after a write-in campaign to push for their Fucking Despair record in the Best Boston Album/EP category of the 2012 Best Music Poll. Tickets available at the door

8/23- Darlingside @ Lizard Lounge: It’s no secret that we’re in love with Darlingside and their new record Pilot Machines. After being teased for 6 months with 7″ releases as part of their subscription album concept for Pilot Machines, we finally got to hear the full LP last month and it was most certainly worth the wait. For a preview of what’s to come on Thursday (they’ll be playing Lizard on Friday too) you can check out “The Woods” on our monthly Spotify playlist for August and also watch their new video for “Terrible Things” below. If you only go to one show this week, this has to be the one. You will not be disappointed. Tickets

8/24- The Big Lonesome, Redletter (reunion), Mt. Peru, Seaplanes @ TT the Bear’s: This bill is stacked with local bands including a reunion set from the original lineup of Redletter, who has since evolved into The Break Mission. As we all know there are no guarantees when it comes to reunion shows except for two things- 1. There will be plenty of anecdotes from the band’s heyday 2. Everyone will be hammered. Now that sounds like a win-win to me. Tickets


8/25- Shovels & Rope @ Johnny D’s: This duo from South Carolina has been quickly gaining notoriety within the country and Americana communities after the release of their debut album O’ Be Joyful last month. Their raucous brand of folk rock is sure to get the crowd moving at Johnny D’s and will create the perfect backdrop for chasing your whiskey buzz on a Saturday night. Tickets

8/26- Mighty Tiny, Friendly People, and Sugarwolf @ Middle East Upstairs: If you’re an avid M&T reader you know that Friendly People is one of our favorite bands in Boston right now and we couldn’t think of a better way to cap off our week of shows than with the fine boys of FP at Middle East Upstairs. This show will be the finale of Friendly People’s nearly two week tour of the East Coast with Mighty Tiny and is sure to be a fun-filled evening. We’re looking forward to hearing some new tunes from Friendly People and imbibing more than our share with friends, and we would love to have you join us. Tickets

Our Dream Setlist From My Morning Jacket

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After catching My Morning Jacket at Forecastle, Newport, and Red Rocks this summer we were able to see an incredible array of songs from the MMJ catalogue. Whether it was “The Dark” and “The Bear” at Forecastle, Ben Sollee and Conor Oberst joining in on “Smokin From Shootin” at Newport, or “X-Mas Curtain” and “Where to Begin” at Red Rocks, I’d say we were spoiled at the very least. You would think we’d be satisfied with three incredible shows, but we’re going to get a bit greedy. Below we have compiled our dream My Morning Jacket setlist which is filled with deep cuts, covers, B-sides, and of course all of the classics in there too. We know some of these songs may never be played live, but it doesn’t mean we won’t beg for this setlist the next time they come to Boston.

If we can’t hear this set performed live we can at least listen to this Spotify playlist with all the songs below and hold out hope that one day our wildest dreams may come true.

1. At Dawn

2. Just One Thing

3. Friends Again

4. Weeks Go By Like Days

5. Gideon

6. Picture of You

7. Cobra

8. A Quick One, While He’s Away (The Who cover)

9. Lay Low

10. Olde September Blues (Ga-ed Out version)

11. Butch Cassidy

12. Highly Suspicious

13. War Begun

14. The Bear

15. Phone Went West

16. The Dark

17. Master Plan

18. It’s About Twilight Now

19. Tyrone (Erykah Badu cover)

20. Slow Slow Tune

21. Steam Engine

22. Dondante

23. Mahgeetah


Encore 1

24. Smokin From Shootin

25. Touch Me I’m Going To Scream, Pt. 2

26. Run Thru

27. Careless Whisper (George Michael cover)

28. Wordless Chorus


Encore 2

29. O Is The One That Is Real

30. Strangulation

31. Rocket Man (Elton John cover)

32. I Will Sing You Songs

33. One Big Holiday

Tan Vampires and Deleted Scenes at Middle East Upstairs Tonight!

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The day we have been waiting for is finally here! Our friends Tan Vampires will be performing tonight along with the DC art-rock group Deleted Scenes, Brooklyn’s indie darlings Ava Luna, and Boston’s own Soft Pyramids. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet grab them here and remember to bring friends! Check out the video below for a little bit of what you can expect tonight and click the links below for more info on each of the bands. See you all tonight!

Tan Vampires #18 Album of 2011

Tan Vampires Live Review at O’Brien’s

Interview with Dan Scheuerman of Deleted Scenes

Soft Pyramids and Ava Luna Live Preview

Interview with Deleted Scenes

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Next week, Maimed & Tamed along with Rogue, have the wonderful pleasure of bringing four great bands to the Middle East Upstairs. On July 12th we will be rocking out with Tan Vampires, Deleted Scenes, Ava Luna, and Soft Pyramids (TICKETS HERE). We know what you’re thinking– All of those killer bands on one bill, how did you do it? Magic. That’s how people, magic. You know what else is magical? The music of DC’s Deleted Scenes who we are extremely excited to have involved in next week’s festivities. We had a chance to catch up with Deleted Scenes’ frontman Dan Scheuerman and chatted about the band’s new record Young People’s Church of the Air, memories from playing in Boston, and playing hide and seek with microphones.

Maimed & TamedWhat were some of the differences in the recording process for Birdseed Shirt vs Young People’s Church of the Air? Did you make a conscious effort to do some things different or some things the same?

Dan ScheuermanBirdseed Shirt was our first album, and we spent about a year recording it. We recorded most of it in the group houses all over the midatlantic. We went to one friend in VA to record his mom’s piano. Another friend in MD had a whole mess of old organs that we wanted to use. Our producer’s house in PA had this super resonant wood room where we did a lot of vocals. And a lot of stuff was done in a house where Matt and I lived in Washington, DC. For Young People’s Church of the Air, we didn’t want the recording process to be as long or the mixing process to be as messy, so we chose a studio that was really well equipped–a converted Garden Center in Hockessin, DE, run by Nick Krill of the Spinto Band. We brought in the same producer who made Birdseed Shirt, L. Skell, because we love his ideas and sense of texture. We did a lot of experimenting with mic placement–putting the mic in a metal box and singing into the box to capture a ghostly tone on “Ordination Day;” hiding mics in various resonant areas of the studio to capture ambient echoes in “The Demon & the Hurricane;” placing the mic in a plastic cup taped to the acoustic guitar to get a sort of analogue piezo effect. It was a lot of the same kind of obsessive, winding process as Birdseed Shirt, except in a more efficient space.

M&T: A lot of your music has many different elements layered together, does that become difficult to reproduce live? Is there any song in particular that has been a challenge to re-create in a live setting?

DSLive we focus on the energy, and some little parts are missing, but it’s not conspicuous. We bring things to a much higher energy level live, so there’s not really the need to be precious about recreating the album.

M&T: Every band seems to have a story about an odd venue or performance space that they have played in the past, what’s the weirdest place that Deleted Scenes has performed?

DSA couple years ago at SXSW we decided to build battery powered amps and play some street shows. We kept getting shut down by the cops, so we ended up playing in an alley next to a dumpster. It was pretty symbolic of what it feels like to be a band at SXSW.

M&T: Not that they may be on the weird or odd level, but do you have any memories of playing in Boston that stand out?

DSOne of our first Boston shows was hilariously bad. Our van had died on the New Jersey Turnpike, and so we ended up renting a cargo van to get the rest of the way. We were in the hole a thousand bucks, but we were determined to get to the show, and we did. When we got to Cafe Asia, we ended up opening for this band called SPIN the band, who were sponsored to the gills by Yagermeister. They were affecting this huge rock persona in this tiny disinterested bar. And the singer had this epic keyboard stand. It looked like it was from the set of Alien. Since then, our shows in Boston have been a lot better. Opening for The Life and Times was a highlight.

M&T: Your cover of Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want is one of my favorite versions of the song. There has been a wide variety of artists who have tackled the song from Amanda Palmer to the PS 22 Chorus and it wasn’t until recently that I heard yours, but it immediately stuck with me. What do you think it is that makes The Smiths music speak to such a wide range of artists and how did you choose Please, Please, Please as a track to cover?

DSThe Smiths are so universal because they’re so painfully specific. Morrissey is hilarious and sad, and he hates himself more than he pities himself, which is important. Aside from it being one of my favorite Smiths songs, we probably chose “Please Please Please” because the chords are easy. I can’t play guitar like Johnny Marr, but I can play C and G.

M&T: What’s next for Deleted Scenes after your July tour? Anything our readers should keep their eyes/ears open for after your Boston show?

DSThis is our last tour for a little while. We’ve been furiously writing, and plan to record a new album in the fall. Look for its release on Park the Van Records in the early part of 2013.

Soft Pyramids and Ava Luna Added To Middle East Show on 7/12

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If you haven’t already bought your tickets for the show that we are co-presenting with Rogue at Middle East Upstairs on July 12th (click here to get yours), then I’ll give you two more reasons why you should. Joining Tan Vampires and Deleted Scenes on the bill will be Boston’s own Soft Pyramids and Brooklyn’s finest Ava Luna. Soft Pyramids have previously drawn comparisons to The Walkmen and The Strokes (and don’t worry, we’re referring to pre-Angles Strokes) and are currently hard at work on their follow-up to 2011’s Electric Scenes. Listening to tracks such as “Aim To Kill” and “Empty Canister” can begin to explain the aforementioned comparisons, but after one listen through Electric Scenes you’ll hear that Soft Pyramids has a sound and style all their own. Although we can’t wait for fresh tracks, we are delighted to have Soft Pyramids take a break from writing new material and rock the upstairs stage at Middle East.

Ava Luna has been described as R&B, indie-pop, funk-punk, disco, soul and everything in between, if there even is anything else left to squeeze in between. Their latest effort, Ice Level, was released earlier this year to much critical acclaim including 7.3/10 from Pitchfork, 3.5/5 from Consequence of Sound, and 7/10 from Spin. Although it’s hard to define the group in a certain genre (as if that first sentence hadn’t already tipped you off), fans of Dirty Projectors or Yeasayer will most certainly enjoy what Ava Luna has to offer. The band’s performance at The Middle East will kick off a summer-long tour that hits Chicago, out to San Francisco, down to Dallas, up to DC, and back to New York with plenty of stops in between.

We are very excited to have Soft Pyramids and Ava Luna joining Tan Vampires and Deleted Scenes on July 12th at Middle East Upstairs, and if you haven’t already, make sure to GET YOUR TICKETS NOW. With a lineup like this, tickets will be going fast and we would hate for you to miss out on what should be a highlight of the summer.

Rogue and M&T Present: Tan Vampires and Deleted Scenes at Middle East 7/12/2012

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Those of you who came to our sold-out show (thanks again!) back in April know how incredible Tan Vampires are in concert and those of you who couldn’t make it out, well do we have a treat for you. Maimed & Tamed is teaming up with Rogue Presents to bring you Tan Vampires and Deleted Scenes at Middle East Upstairs on July 12, 2012. Tickets are only $9 for two great bands (more to be announced too!) so why not? Make sure to buy your tickets soon, because if this show is anything like our last, it’s going to be a tough ticket to find once the date gets closer.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tan Vampires (shame on you), you can check out many an article right here on M&T that should do the trick in convincing you to buy tickets for this show:

M&T Best Albums of 2011 #18: Tan Vampires- For Physical Fitness

M&T Presents Tan Vampires at O’Brien’s Pub

Tan Vampires interview at Nor’easter Festival 2011

And if you haven’t heard of Deleted Scenes then you are in for yet another treat (we’re just in that kind of mood today). The DC based art-rock group is comprised of four grade school friends who have been gaining notoriety since their debut release in 2007. Their 2009 LP Birdseed Shirt garnered an 8.0 rating from Pitchfork and their newest release, Young People’s Church of the Air, was not far off the mark with a 7.8. These guys have previously played with M&T favorites such as The Antlers and Cursive and we couldn’t be more excited help bring them to Boston. Check out “The Days of Adderall” off of Young People’s Church of the Air below and don’t forget to get your tickets to the show!

The Shape with Psychic Paramount Tonight @ Great Scott

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If your regularly scheduled Wednesday night programming isn’t cutting it anymore, let me suggest getting your butt down to Great Scott in Allston tonight to check out The Shape opening for headliner Psychic Paramount, joined also by A Troop of Echoes and Cropduster. My first exposure to The Shape came back in March when I saw them open for My Best Fiend at O’Briens. They gave an inspired performance to a lackluster crowd, but they found at least one new follower when they hooked a brother up with a fabulous bootleg of their psych-infused rock, which has found its way into regular rotation on my car stereo.

So if nothing else, show up to Great Scott early to check out a solid live act with promising new tunes on the horizon, but a jam-packed bill of 3 other bands promises to be a great night overall. And if you’re into Pitchfork-endorsed bands, Psychic Paramount received a sneaky 8.2 on their 2011 release, II.

Facebook Event

The Shape

Pinegrove- Meridian

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Pinegrove - Meridian

Pinegrove is the Brooklyn based project of Nandi Plunkett, Evan Hall, and brothers Zack and Nick Levine. The latter three of the group all grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, but it wasn’t until Hall met Plunkett at Kenyon College (also the proving grounds for Walk The Moon) that the music of Pinegrove began to develop.

After relocating back to Montclair and then on to Brooklyn upon graduation from Kenyon, the group created Meridian, their debut album. Upon first listen it was difficult for me to think of other bands to compare the sound of Pinegrove to. I struggled to grasp a band who resembled the sound of Pinegrove and after a few listens to Meridian it became apparent to me that the situation I found myself in was nothing to fret about. Pinegrove has created a sound all their own, highlighted by syncopated guitar lines, driving percussion, and delectable harmonies from Plunkett and Hall.

The group has played with artists like Johnny Flynn and Born Ruffians, and are currently in the midst of a tour that has taken them to Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and will have them traveling through Vermont, Montclair, Richmond and Nashville over the coming weeks. Pinegrove will also be stopping through Cambridge tomorrow night for a set at All Asia, which we highly advise that you check out (details here). Take a listen to “The Metronome” below and make sure to pick up your copy of Meridian on the group’s bandcamp page (pay what you want, support good music!).