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Bonnaroo Spotlight

Bonnaroo Spotlight: Twin Shadow

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George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow bust onto the Brooklyn music scene in 2010 with his debut release Forget. The album features atmospheric instrumentation that evokes the feel of 80s new age music. It is also easy to hear the influence of Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor who produced the album as some tracks sound like they could very well appear on a Grizzly Bear disc. It will be interesting to see how Lewis fills out the rest of his band and re-creates Forget live on stage at Bonnaroo, maybe Taylor will even show up. No matter who ends up filling out the rest of the band, it is guaranteed that Lewis’ intoxicating voice and entrancing riffs will keep the crowd captivated for what should be scheduled as a night time set. Outside of his Twin Shadow solo work, Lewis also collaborated with Taylor and Solange Knowles recently on a track for the Coca Cola Foundation’s Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) that you can download here for a donation. Check out the video for “Kenya” below as well as a live session of Twin Shadow’s single “Castles in the Snow.”

Bonnaroo Spotlight: Portugal. The Man

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This week for Bonnaroo Spotlight we’re highlighting Portugal. The Man.  P.TM is a psych-rock band from the Land of the Midnight Sun…Alaska.  Despite originating in 2004, P.TM has already produced six studio albums and five extended plays (that is one beefy song catalog that they can rock at the farm this summer). With the rather large discography comes a pretty wide variety of music, such as electronic, psychedelic, rock, and some of their songs are even quite poppy. Each of their albums has a different feel to them, but each contains catchy music that will have you singing and dancing along.  P.TM is a must see at Bonnaroo.

Their most accessible album is probably Censored Colors, which came out in 2008.  It features a couple of tunes, “Lay Me Back Down” and “Colors,” that will have you singing along at the farm.  Recently, I have really been getting into their latest album, 2010’s  American Ghetto. By far, American Ghetto is their funkiest album.  Every song has a great hook and a funky chorus that just makes you dance, and I don’t dance.  My two favorite tunes off of it are: “All My People” and “When The War Ends.”

Check it:

Bonnaroo Spotlight: Deerhunter

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This week for our Bonnaroo Spotlight we’re highlighting Deerhunter, the “ambient punk” group coming out of Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve always had Deerhunter in my side mirrors as they’ve slowly gained steam on the indie scene, especially with their latest release Halcyon Digest, but I’ve never committed myself to listening to their stuff. When they were announced for the Bonnaroo lineup, it was just the excuse I needed to give their material a serious listen and now that I have, I wish I had sooner.

Deerhunter is the baby of lead singer/guitarist/writer Bradford Cox, the androgynous front man who was born with the genetic disorder Marfan Syndrome, which causes Cox’s gangly and lengthy appearance. Over the past five years, Deerhunter has released 4 full length albums, one of which is a double release. They once described themselves as “ambient punk” (as per the band’s Wikipedia page) and I actually like that description, but it could be expanded upon. Cox comes at the listener with an experimental attack, using all sorts of sound manipulation to convey swirly soundscapes of the pictures his lyrics paint. All this, plus the tidbit that Cox has an eerily magnetic stage presence, promises for a intriguing and exciting live show.

Suggested Listening: Just getting into Deerhunter, I found Microcastle to be their most accessible album, with multiple songs featuring catchy guitar riffs and lyrical hooks. Cryptograms is highly experimental and consists mainly of extended ambient jams, but beautiful none the less, while Halcyon Digest spans multiple genre gaps and is a pleasure to listen to straight through. Also be sure to check out their Live iTunes session which was just released last week to get a real taste of their live show.

“Nothing Ever Happened” off of Microcastle



“Desire Lines” off of Halcyon Digest


Bonnaroo Spotlight: The Black Keys

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Each day we come one step closer to Bonnaroo. To best prepare ourselves and you, M&T will be doing a segment in which we highlight a band playing at Bonnaroo each week leading up to the festival. Starting us off we will be taking a closer look at one of the headliners; The Black Keys.

The Black Keys are arguably one of the best blues rock revival groups of our times. On lead guitar/vocals you have Dan Auerbach who brings a passionate soul wrenching performance to all of his pieces. Backing him up on drums and acting as producer, Patrick Carney makes up the second half of this group. Winning a slew of Grammys for their most recent album Brothers, viewers at Roo can expect to hear a number of these tracks. However, what led me to fall in love with the Black Keys would have to be their 2004 album Rubber Factory.

Live, the Black Keys play Your Touch off Magic Potion.