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Best of 2010

M&T Best Albums of 2010: #5

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#5. The National-High Violet

Whether they like it or not, The National are slowly leaking into the mainstream with their early 2010 release, High Violet. They have been around for the better part of 10 years and have stuck to the same formula, somehow always managing to produce beautiful, tragic, and haunting albums. With their latest release, lead singer Matt Berninger, brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner, and brothers Bryan and Scott Devendorff, teamed up to complete one of the most finely produced records of the year. Matt Berninger’s lyrics touch on how frightening entering middle age can be, especially becoming a social “zombie” who would really rather not eat your brains on “Conversation 16”. And then there’s the outright haunter “Anyone’s Ghost”, with Berninger’s unwavering baritone adding to the spookiness. And if you haven’t seen this band live yet, do yourself a huge favor and get out there and catch a show. If you have time watch the entire first video below from Bonnaroo 2010 (yup, Matt walked right in front of me, no big deal), especially “Abel”.

M&T Best Tracks of 2010: #5

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#5- Local Natives- “Airplanes”

This song was all over the radio this past year and deservedly so. “Airplanes” was definitely the catchiest release off of Local Natives album Gorilla Manor and that is why it has found its place in the top five of M&T’s best tracks of 2010. The melody tingles in your ear and the lyrics give hope for those longing to connect with a long lost relative; it is the complete package of solid songwriting. All of us here at M&T are waiting patiently for the Natives’ next release, even a quick EP to hold us over since we were so stricken with Gorilla Manor. I guess all we can do is hang around and rock out to this video for “Airplanes” until the next disc drops.

M&T Best Albums of 2010: #6

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#6. Broken Social Scene-Forgiveness Rock Record

Coming in hot at number 6 is Broken Social Scene’s first album as a collective (minus a few familiar players) since 2005’s self-titled release. Lead man Kevin Drew and guitarist Brendan Canning are a few of the familiar faces who returned to create one of the most solid and consistent records of the year. The 14 song record provides a little something for everyone, especially fans of vintage BSS. There’s rocker/social commentary “Forced To Love”, Yeah-Yeah-Yeah’s-esque “All to All” with newcomer Lisa Lobsinger doing her best Feist impression, and instrumental encore “Meet Me In The Basement”. Even more of a feat is seeing this record being performed live, with BSS somehow managing to fit a small town on stage who all seem to get along surprisingly well considering their extensive touring schedule. A band with a lot of love, a blog with a lot of love, can’t get much better than this. Except for our top 5.

PS. “Sweetest Kill” may be the greatest slow jam of the year

M&T Best Tracks of 2010: #6

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#6- The National- “Afraid of Everyone”

Coming off The National’s 5th album, High Violet, is our #6 track of the year “Afraid of Everyone.”  This song is just straight up haunting.  Lead man; Matt Berninger has said that this song is about the anxiety of being a father, singing-“with my kid on my shoulders I try, not to hurt anybody I like, but I don’t have the drugs to sort it out, sort it out.” There are also refrences to the “venom” media giving us the sense that he’s nervous about the information that his daughter is going to be subjected to.  Berninger’s baritone voice along with echoing lyrics and a killer drum part at the end of the song create that haunting feel that I had mentioned earlier.  The National are finally getting the attention they deserve and from what I’ve heard they are absolutely sick live.

I’m putting up their perfomance of it on Letterman, but there are other sick live performances of it on youtube (just bad video quality).

M&T Best Albums of 2010: #7

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#7. Delta Spirit- History From Below

The boys from San Diego follow up a great debut album, Ode to Sunshine, with our #7 album of the year, History From Below. This album is great from beginning to end mixing in fast paced southern rock songs with slow blues/soul songs.  I am a huge fan of pretty much everything Matt Vasquez does on this album, his voice, his lyrics, his guitar play and yes, I’m a sucker for the harmonica.  I’ve heard some people compare him to Bob Dylan, a Bob Dylan that you can actually understand.  Onto the actual album… What I love about this album is you get a little bit of everything, a sick build-up in “White Table,” an epic tale in “Ballad of Vitaly,” a soothing soul song in”Devil Knows You’re Dead” and my personal favorite “Bushwick Blues” (the acoustic version is pretty sweet as well). Check these guys out if you get the chance, they play a great live show and they play great music.  That is what we call a win-win-(win).

M&T Best Tracks of 2010: #7

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#7. Arcade Fire- “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”

Of all the tracks on Arcade Fire’s third release The Suburbs, “Sprawl II” hammers home the suburban theme the most. Regine Chassagne’s vocals team perfectly with the synth-pop melody to create an undeniable hit in the vein of 80s dance music. With lines like “They heard me singing and they told me to stop/Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock,” Chassagne is able to deliver a vivid picture of the suburban lifestyle which the Butler brothers wished to mold their album around. Just like “Haiti” on Funeral, Chassagne finds a way to steal the show and create a track that keeps fans coming back for more.

M&T Best Albums of 2010: #8

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#8. LCD Soundsystem-This is Happening

If there were any artist that truly deserved to go out on top, taking one more graceful bow to a standing ovation, it would be James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem. Even though this is just their third full length release, it feels as if they’ve been around forever and contributed more to the music scene than some bands with discographies three times as large. This Is Happening, Murphy’s self-proclaimed swan song, is a non-stop butt mover filled with extended jams. “Drunk Girls” is a hilarious foray into some familiar experiences with non-sober females, “You Wanted a Hit” evokes the soothing sounds of Beach House for the intro before erupting into a rambunctious romper. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of James Murphy, he’ll be back in some kind of familiar form.

M&T Best Tracks of 2010: #8

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#8. Dom- “Living in America”

Worcester, Massachusetts based band Dom burst onto the scene in 2010 with their Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP. This EP featured our #8 track of the year, “Living in America.” This track is a summer anthem for the ages, one of those songs that you just want to crank all the way up with the windows all the way down. I was turned onto this song by my roommate who played it constantly and we were delighted to find out that the band was from nearby Worcester.  The rest of Dom’s EP provides the same summer jam feel so if you are looking for some music to get you through the cold winter months, we highly recommend Dom.

M&T Best Tracks of 2010: #9

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#9. Local Natives- “World News”

The 9th best track of 2010 is “World News” by Local Natives which comes off their debut album Gorilla Manor. This is one of those songs that puts me in a good mood everytime I hear it.  It’s the song that made the Maimed and Tamed crew drive around in circles so we could sing the “Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do” part before arriving at our destination.  I know Eric has told me that when he wants to introduce people to Local Natives he plays them “World News.” So if you don’t know who Local Natives are, it’ll be my pleasure to introduce them to you.

“The bad feeling so bad makes the good so goooooooood!”

M&T Top Albums of 2010: #9

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#9. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West is practically ubiquitous these days whether it be his music, his interviews, or clips of him stealing the spotlight from Taylor Swift. Some may think that he’s egotistical, inconsiderate or put more bluntly– an asshole. Although the opinions of West’s personality vary, one thing is for sure, he doesn’t care what you think. This is apparent in his most recent release My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which is certainly his most audacious record to date. With lyrics like, “The same people that tried to black ball me/forgot about two things, my black balls,” and “Pussy and religion is all I need,” and not to mention Chris Rock’s “Yeezy taught me” bit at the end of “Blame Game” it’s easy to see that West will say whatever he feels like saying, no exceptions. That is why this album is so refreshing and aptly titled for that matter, because West gives us a more candid look into his beautiful, dark and twisted fantasies.