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The Pixies go spanish then get generous

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So unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past month, you’ve probably heard about the group of 33 Chilean miners who became trapped in a collapsed mine for two and a half months and were finally all rescued earlier this week, and relatively unharmed to boot. In honor of the joyous occasion, Pixies frontman Black Francis decided to dedicate one of their songs to each one of the miners. Plus an extra two for good luck (read: encore), a total of 35 songs for all you math wizards out there, equaling a pretty healthy setlist from a band that’s not exactly a bunch of fresh young whippersnappers. They cranked out a little something for everyone playing hits like “Where is My Mind?” and “Monkey Gone to Heaven” and fan favorites such as “U-Mass” and “Holiday Song”. So overall, a good week for Chile.

But the Pixes didn’t stop at just one gift, they kept the generosity going with a little something for the rest of us non-Chiles. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of their mainstay album “Doolittle”, they released a free–thats right, free–four song EP featuring live versions of “Gouge Away”, “Monkey Gone to Heaven”, “Crackity Jones”, and B-side “Dancing the Manta Ray”, all recorded from a show in Mexico City. You can download the EP here, all you have to do is enter in your e-mail address.

Free Dr. Dog Track

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Last week Dr. Dog released a free track called “Nobody Knows Who You Are,” which you can listen to below and download on their website (http://d.drdogmusic.com/). Along with this new track Dr. Dog also released dates for their east coast tour in the winter and I highly recommend checking out one of the shows at a venue near you, I will definitely be at the Boston show. They will also be releasing this new track along with three others on iTunes in the coming weeks so keep your eye out for that.

January 28 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
January 29 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
January 31 – Bijou Theatre – Knoxville, TN
February 1 – Minglewood Hall – Memphis, TN
February 3 – Music Farm – Charleston, SC
February 4 – Variety – Atlanta, GA
February 5 – Cannery – Nashville, TN
February 7 – WorkPlay – Birmingham, AL
February 8 – Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
February 9 – Jefferson Theatre – Charlottesville, VA
February 11 – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA
February 15 – Higher Ground – Burlington, VT
February 16 – TBA – Rochester, NY
February 17 – Mr. Small’s – Pittsburgh, PA
February 18 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY
February 19 – Paradise – Boston, MA

Barebum Bandit Strikes Again

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I was fortunate enough to head down to the Newport Folk Festival this summer for two days filled with great music, great times and great people. Obviously one of the highlights was getting to see Jim James play two sets, one solo and one with pals Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore and Dan Dorff, whose 2010 album Dear Companion was produced by James. My intense infatuation with James led to me jokingly telling my friends that I wanted to reveal myself to James thus leading to my alter ego for the weekend of the Barebum Bandit. This video is from the last song (Gideon) of James’ set on Saturday of the festival and if you listen to just the first few seconds you can hear the bandit letting his presence be known. You can also hear him leave his mark on Newport history in the NPR stream of James’ set here at 55:15: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128724481

Look out for the Barebum Bandit at a concert near you, he is sure to be out in full force this weekend at the final three shows of My Morning Jacket’s 5 night stint at Terminal 5 in NYC

Welcome to the blogosphere, bitch

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Its happened. I’ve gone against anything and everything I once believed and dove straight into the deep end of the blogosphere.  Its kind of scary being out here in the deep dark recesses of the internet, lurking like a cave monster from The Descent. But me and my bro hope to be a shining beacon of light and hope in this uninhabited corner of cyberspace, pulling up any tunes, tales, and tidbits that we find blogworthy. As a matter of fact, you can take it to the bank that you will never find a post on this site of ours that ain’t blogworthy. Consider that a personal guarantee–besides who are you to decide whats blogworthy anyways, I’m the blogger here so back off.

So whats a blogger supposed to blog about on his first blog post ever? Well, seeing as how me and some bros are embarking on what is bound to be a rambunctious 4-day journey into “the city” to see three shows on consecutive nights at terminal 5, I could probably toss a little of that flavor your way. Oh yeah, and all three shows are featuring a little band called My Morning Jacket, who if you don’t know about, you’re probably a Maroon5 fan. And they’re playing each one of their albums in its entirety on the different nights. We’re hitting up the nights featuring It Still Moves, Z, and Evil Urges (and beyond!), which are all bound to be incredible performances. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Opening for MMJ on Evil Urges night is Everest, whose second release  On Approach dropped in May earlier this year. They’re definitely a group on the up and up, and the opening track from that album,  “Let Go” is one of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard in quite some time. It seems to be close to the perfect recipe of a driving rock drum beat and choppy/jammy guitar riffs. Love it. Plus their drummer is also the singer and you really can’t beat that.

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