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New Music Mondays: Silver Swans

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Silver Swans have been making some waves recently in the music world and if you haven’t heard of them, they are a “dream pop” duo out of San Francisco and you can listen to the title track off of their new Secrets EP below. This track really caught my attention when I first heard it and you can definitely tell why it is classified as dream pop. Listening to this song makes you feel like lead singer Ann Yu (also singer of LoveLikeFire) is whispering to you during a dream…yes it’s that good. The Silver Swans also do a cover of “Anyone’s Ghost” by the National which you can listen to below as well. Any band who does a great cover of the National is ok in my book. Thanks to Britt for the suggestion.

Foo Fighters’ Team Up With Novoselic and Vig

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As reported in this months issue of Rollingstone, former Nirvana bassit, Krist Novoselic will join the Foo Fighters in the recording studio.  Also joining them is former Nirvana producer, Butch Vig.  Together they plan on making the heaviest Foo Fighters’ album yet.  Vig, Grohl and Novoselic haven’t all worked on a record together since Nirvana’s critically acclaimed album Nevermind.  They plan to finish recording the new Foo album December 1st.

This is exciting news for Foo fans. Grohl had his fun playing drums for Them Crooked Vultures, but now he’s back doing what we all want him to be doing, making a true Foo album, heavy and fast paced.  All I can hope for now is that Novoselic goes on tour with them so we can see some awesome bass throwing skills.


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False. But at least I got your attention, and while I’m on the topic what was up with Soundgarden’s performance last night on Conan O’Brien’s new show? I stayed up late like a little kid waiting for Soundgarden to give me a good night face melting, but all I got was three old looking dudes and an out of place, over-enthusiastic Matt Cameron. It was especially heart-breaking because I had been keeping my hopes alive for some new tour dates to be announced, but now I’m not even sure I would pay for the no-doubt extremely overpriced ticket. Sure, all my favorite jams would probably be there, but to watch Chris Cornell run on a half tank in front of a band that was his heart and soul…well, I’d just as soon go see a Journey reunion show. Maybe not that far, but you get the point. Overall, my point is: what happened to you Chris Cornell? First the monstrosity of a solo effort that was Scream, now this? Kim Thayil could probably shred forever and he’s a chill dude anyways, Ben Shepard was supposedly homeless before this mini-reunion, so he’s just happy to be there, Matt Cameron’s got Pearl Jam and he’s still out there having a good time….so what gives Chris? Watch the video below

The Good Ole Days

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I am working on a research project about 1960s American counterculture and its music and I came across this gem while looking for some inspiration. God I wish I was in college in the ’60s.

New Music Mondays: Generationals

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The New Orleans band Generationals are releasing a new EP tomorrow called Trust. Take a listen to one of the new tracks “Victim of Trap” below.

Dawes Royale Boston 11/6/2010

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Tonight I went to see Dawes play at the Royale, formerly the Roxy, in Boston. Earlier in the day the Goldsmith brothers played a free acoustic set at Newbury Comics in Faneuil Hall which I was able to attend as well. Both sets featured songs from their debut release North Hills as well as their forthcoming disc which is due out next year. The second set kicked off with “My Girl to Me” and a whole lot of Springsteen swagger from Taylor Goldsmith. The band sounded very tight and rambled through tracks like “That Western Skyline,” and the harmonious “Bedside Manner” from their debut album and also some new tracks like “Time Spent in Los Angeles” and  “How Far We’ve Come,” which featured Griffin Goldsmith on lead vocals. The hard-hitting “Fire Away” along with the epic buildup of “Peace in the Valley” combined to bring the house down and make the crowd beg for the ensuing three song encore. The encore featured the fan favorite “When My Time Comes,” as well as a new song called “A Little Bit of Everything.” They ended the night with a shoutout to the Newport Folk Festival and a rendition of “I’ve Got a Feeling” which got the crowd involved in a full on sing along. Overall the show was very solid and I cannot wait for Dawes’ new release next year. Below is a video of “Ive Got a Feeling” from their set at Newport this year (which in my opinion was the best set of the weekend) and also a Nick Drake cover from the first opening act of the night, Peter Wolf Crier.

Review–The Return of the King(s): KOL release Come Around Sundown

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When it comes to the Kings Of Leon, everyone falls into one of four categories. 1.) You’re a diehard fan, and always have been. 2.) You knew “The Bucket” and “Molly’s Chambers”, but the exposure of Only By the Night turned you on to deeper cuts. 3.)You used to like them but now you think they’re a bunch of sellouts. 4.) You hate them.

Now, I find it a little strange concerning the recent surge in the population of category 3 fans. Granted everyone, including the entire Followill family, was quick to change the dial when the all too familiar opening licks of “Use Somebody” came up on the local station. Nothing can kill the initial uniqueness of a song like hearing a song three times a day, every day. But in all honesty, there were too many “fans” who directly associated the mainstream death of  “Use Somebody” with KOLs alleged agenda to become the next big thing. When it comes down to it, I would like for all these category 3 fans to show me a band who, when posed with the question “Do you guys want to make a record that will absolutley blow you up?” would say no thanks. Because no matter how indie your band’s indentity is, exposure is everything. KOL was on the brink  and Only By the Night was the logical step forward, and I can’t fault them for that especially when all things considered, its a solid record. And one more thing on this rant while I’m at it. The whole bird poop incident that went down in St. Louis when the band caught flak for stopping a show short on account of multiple bird doodoos to the face and mouth. The consensus of the internet seems to say KOL are a bunch of pussies and don’t know how to rock, because of course any other true group of rockers would have stuck it out “for the fans”. Give me a break. It is a venues resposibility to make sure the setting for the show is safe and sanitary and if they knew the pigeon situation from the get-go, KOL should have never even been allowed on stage to begin with. Again, show me a band that will gladly stay up on the stage and rock the shit out of it while eating and showering in bird poop. Unless you’re into Cannibal Corpse or GWAR, then of course you’re a freak anyways and should probably go watch some poop eating videos on the internet. I’ve been to a few KOL shows and believe me, they can bring the heat. 

Now, onto the music which is what its all about, baby. Come Around Sundown was released last month to fairly mixed reviews as best. They didn’t pull a MGMT and start playing songs in 13/15 time signatures and they didn’t relapse back to Because of the Times steady stream of stadium rock jams or Aha Shake Heartbreak‘s good ol’ boy southern garage rock. They went in a direction not many people expected them to go: the mainstream route. There are no “Charmer”s showcasing Caleb’s raspy/scary yelp and there are no “Knocked Up”s to rock out/sing along to on a long car ride. Its just chill, brah. “The End” is curiously similar to  OBTN’s opener “Closer” and almost makes one wonder if Caleb is being serious when he asks if “this could be the end.” I don’t want it to be, but “Radioactive” is on its way to becoming the next “Use Somebody” with its gospel-praise chorus chant and radio friendly guitar riffs. Then, the almost haunting opening hits for “The Face” seem to take the record down a different path, with Caleb’s vocals stringing you along. “If you give up New York, I’ll give you Tennessee”. Oh, what a southern gentleman. “Mary” harkens back to a previous time, both in KOLs past and the past of music in general. My attention span with the record grows a little thin after “The Immortals” aka “McFearless”s chill brother, with “Pony Up” and “No Money” providing some boring guitar riffs and plucky basslines. Overall, a disappointment for me in a spot where it was really make or break for KOL to choose a direction, but something tells me they won’t forget their roots.

Rating: 6.3/10

New Music Mondays: Kite Club

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Kite Club, which is actually just the musical moniker for Aussie artists Nicholas Futcher, has been all over the blogosphere recently and I believe that it would be a shame if we didn’t post about him on Maimed and Tamed. He very well could be the next Passion Pit or dare I say Animal Collective for all of you die hard freaks out there. Listen to the tracks below and download them for free here: http://kiteclub.bandcamp.com/album/goodtime-tea-show

MMJ/CMJ Madness Pt. 2

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Normally we wouldn’t post twice on the same topic but this weekend provided around a years worth of noteworthy music, so how could we not blog the hell out of it? While most of our other blog brothers were busy delving nose first into the week long “I’m more hipster than you” fest that is CMJ music week, my cohorts and I were treated to multiple evenings of ear candy with My Morning Jacket. Many music enthusiasts attending CMJ week in the big city were eager to expose the next big thing or celebrate some of their favorite up-and-coming underground artists in intimate club settings.  Although I am a big fan of Back to the Future and am happy to celebrate in the 25th anniversary, I’d rather go against the Marty McFly lifestyle and kick it in the present. And right now, My Morning Jacket is the premier live act on this planet, and I say this without any hint of doubt. I know this because of many reasons, but I won’t get into them here so just trust me on this one. Eric blogged about Thursday’s run thru of It Still Moves, a great kick off to our weekend although fans lucky enough to attend Monday’s and Tuesday’s shows were rewarded for their diehardness (i.e. covers of “Rocketman” and “White Rabbit” and performances of tunes like “Strangulation” which had been locked in the closet for 5 plus years).

Friday night’s Z show provided enough chills and thirlls to supply me with goosebumps for a year. “Wordless Chours” and “It Beats 4 U” got things kicked off with a bang and gave insurance to any doubting fans that they would be in for a wild ride. Our general admission neighbors thought ahead and brought a Costco bulk load of glow sticks they decided to unleash during “Gideon” when Jim James opens it up with one of his signiature howls. “Into the Woods” provided an answer to the question “Hey, I wonder what that one would sound like live?”, and “Lay Low” gave the crowd a smashing, screaming, and just super supply of guitar solo act-shee-on. And after intermediate “Knot Come Loose” was a 20 plus minute rendition of “Dondante”. What can I say about “Dondante” other than I told a friend afterwards that I “had just experienced every human emotion”. The janitorial staff at Terminal 5 must still be cleaning up my brains from the floor and ceiling, because I’m pretty sure I was floating up there at some point. The song takes you for a ride in every way possible, growing from a whisper to an all out scream and eventually fading out with a sensual sax solo from Carl Broemel. And not to mention the 8 song encore that featured a Shel Silverstein cover, an always solid rendition of The Who’s “A Quick One”, and closer “Careless Whisper”. Yeah, thats a Wham! cover, and to prove how MMJ can turn just about anything into a jam, here ya go:

MMJ+CMJ Weekend in NYC

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Neil and I hit the streets of NYC this past weekend to take part in the CMJ Music Marathon as well as catch the last 3 shows of My Morning Jacket’s 5 night run at Terminal 5, which highlighted tracks from their 3 most recent discs. On Thursday we witnessed the splendor and glory of My Morning Jacket’s third album, It Still Moves. They kicked off the set with Mahgeetah and then meandered their way through Golden, One Big Holiday, Run Thru, and Steam Engine, all the way to the grand finale featuring a romping version of Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” The real highlight of the night for me though was their rendition of “It Makes No Difference” by The Band during their encore. Now I know that we all wish we were at the ramble at Levon’s place two weeks ago to see MMJ play “It Makes No Difference” as well as “The Weight” with Levon and his band, but this was a pretty good consolation prize (check out the video below). After recording the song for Endless Highway: The Music of the Band, drummer Patrick Hallahan said, “It’s not only one of the saddest love songs ever written, but more importantly highlights the beauty of Rick Danko.” Amen to that.

On Friday we were also able to catch a free show featuring Devotchka and Dan Mangan, among others, at a party hosted by Pirate! (piratepirate.com)  before heading back to Terminal 5 to get our minds blown once again by MMJ.