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New Music Mondays: Midnight Juggernauts

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As we transition back in to New Music Mondays, I have another not so new song for you guys, but at least it came out in the last 6 months so throw me a bone here. The song is “Fade to Red” and the band is Midnight Juggernauts. This song is off of their latest album The Crystal Axis, which some critics have hailed as Midnight Juggernauts’ attempt at Dark Side of the Moon. Although this album is no where near the same level as Dark Side, it is still pretty good in its own right and brings together some dark and mesmerizing sounds that are actually quite reminiscent of the classic Pink Floyd disc.

Double Bonus

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Spoon released a demo version of their song “Mystery Zone” off their latest album Transference, its up for grabs on their website today. But in case you’re too lazy to do it yourself, you can just get right here. And since we’re feeling extra good here today, I’ve also included the video for the best commercial on television right now. Stunning visuals, outstanding backing track, makes me yearn for the good ol days.

Mystery Zone

My Morning Wood

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I know that everyone’s My Morning Jacket boner is growing as the rumblings and grumblings are beginning to emerge surrounding MMJ’s sixth LP which is due out in the spring. They have already been rocking some tracks off of the new disc in their live sets and needless to say, all of us here at Maimed and Tamed are extremely excited to hear the final product. Actually that is an understatement, I feel like I should heed the warnings from the Viagra commercials about going to the doctor when you have an erection that lasts for longer than 4 hours, because the anticipation for this album has been giving me a chubby since the summer. Now that you all have a great image of my man parts in your heads, here is some new MMJ to rock out to from their final show at Terminal 5 back in October, this one is called “Circuital.” Enjoy.

Delta Spirit rock the Paradise – 11/26

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On Friday all 3 of us were able to enjoy a post-Thanksgiving treat that may have been even been better than Grandma’s sweet apple pie– a Delta Spirit concert. The boys from San Diego played at the Paradise Rock Club along with opening acts The Fling and Darker My Love as part of their fall tour. Delta Spirit’s loud, in your face, southern style rock captivated the crowd for over an hour and even when a fight broke out in the crowd during “Bushwick Blues,” the band kept their composure and never missed a beat. Here are the highlights of the show from each of us.

Eric- Best part of the night for me was “Ballad of Vitaly” right before their encore. I had no idea what the song was about until Jeff told me the story on the way to the show (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitaly_Kaloyev). The story obviously gives the song a whole new meaning and their earnest delivery made the lyrics even more poignant.

Jeff- My highlights of the night include their shortened version of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” leading into Delta’s own “Trashcan.” I loved the intensity that Delta Spirit brought throughout the night and I know I probably sound lame but I’m a sucker for sing alongs as encores; “People, Turn Around” was just what I was looking for to wrap things up.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the opener, Darker My Love. I didn’t look too much into them beforehand but they really brought the heat. Check them out at their myspace page, http://www.myspace.com/darkermylove.

Neil- Even though it was my second time seeing Delta Spirit within a few months, the show was anything but repetitive. Matt Vazquez and the rest of Delta Spirit seem to truly love coming to Boston, and they really seem to fit in comfortably in small venues like the Paradise. The openers put on a good enough show to get everyone juiced for Delta Spirit, so all in all a solid show. Check out the video a concert-goer got of Ballad of Vitaly below.

Not So New Music Monday

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I know that everyone was disappointed with the lack of new music last Monday, so I figured I would come back with something a little more different and spice things up a bit. This Van Mo track is perfect for the transition into the cold winter months and also appears on my favorite Van Morrison album of all time, Hard Nose the Highway. Not only does that album kick ass all the way through, it also has some of the most creative and intricate album artwork I have ever seen. I used to have the album hung up in my room and every time I looked at it I discovered something new in the artwork. Needless to say, this track is hardly new, but if you don’t have Hard Nose the Highway then you are not my friend.

Throwback of the Week: BSS

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As one youtube commenter put it so bluntly: “If this song doesn’t make your day better, you must be dead.” I agree completely.


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Gearing up for French class next semester with the original French badass, Jacques Dutronc. This song was introduced to me by my worldly friend Trevor who is a big fan of French culture. The last time that I took French was freshman year, but I think that the musical stylings of Dutronc will be enough to bring me up to speed. The song below, “Et moi, Et moi, Et moi…” was featured in the 2002 Matt Dillon film City of Ghosts which has some great French songs on its soundtrack. So get a little culture and enjoy the music people

So it begins…

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So Adam Zacks and the Sasquatch! Music festival landed the opening punch for the 2011 festy circuit by announcing that Foo Fighters will be headlining a day at next years event. Also, the festival will be expanding its reaches to rival that of biggesr festivals (i.e. Bonnaroo) by adding a fourth day to the musical mayhem. These are two huge steps for Sasquatch! as last year may have seen its best lineup yet, and they have already hit the ground running for 2011. Expect big things for the lineup this year, you heard it here first.

Band of Horses Debut “Dilly” Video

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Band of Horses debuted the music video for the song “Dilly” off of their latest release Infinite Arms today. Hilariously violent mix of Easy Rider and The Devil’s Rejects with the ending. Nontheless still one of the best songs to come off Infinite Arms. Check it out exclusively on IMDb, maybe its actually a trailer for a feature full length with BOH contributing the soundtrack. Or not.


Kings of Leon 11/14/10 @ The TD Banknorth Garden

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I got the news from by brother yesterday afternoon that he had an extra ticket for Kings of Leon later that night.  Although I had already seen them earlier this year at Bonnaroo and knew the show wouldn’t be quite at the same level of awesomeness, I accepted the very generous offer (did I mention they were general admission on the floor).

We got to the show fairly early so we could get a good spot on the floor.  We ended up about 10-15 rows back, dead center (The pic above is one that my brother took).  To my surprise, there were no outrageously tall people blocking my view of all of the Followill’s pounding drinks and rocking out. I joked with my bro that the reason for all the short people is because all their fans are now little kids and girls (Thanks KISS 108).

KOL decided to play a plethora of songs off their past 2 albums, Come Around Sundown and Only by the Night (as expected).  They kicked things off with “Mary”, “Crawl” and “Radioactive” which got the crowd into it right away.  They moved through the show mixing new songs with classics such as, “Fans”, “The Bucket” and one of my personal favorites “Knocked Up.” They ended the first set with the all so familiar “Use Somebody,” leaving the crowd begging for an encore.  The encore consisted of “The End” which is one my favorite tracks off the new album, followed by “Sex on Fire” and lastly “Black Thumbnail.”  Luckily for me, a lot of people left after “Sex on Fire” so I had plenty of room to rock out during “Black Thumbnail,” which included fireworks  at the very end.

Overall I was pleased with the show.  I knew it wasn’t going to be anywhere near as epic as the Bonnaroo show.  I was hoping for “Trani” (just ask the people around me), ” Charmer” or “McFearless,” but you can’t get everything you want.

SIDE NOTE- My bro pointed out to me this absolute dingus who was trying to silence the crowd and was holding up the oh-so-devastating thumbs-down sign duringUse Somebody.” Listen buddy, we know that it was/is extremely overplayed, but there’s no reason to ruin it for the fans that want to hear it (not saying that I’m one of them), just stand there, not make any noise and wait for them to play a jam that you like. Nobody paid money to see you act like an idiot.