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Dirty Gold

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Dirty Gold is a beach-pop trio out of San Diego and surprisingly none of them have yet to graduate…high school that is. The past few months they have been making waves on the interwebs with the single off of their upcoming EP, Roar. “California Sunrise” has hints of Vampire Weekend and Beach House at the same time and it is very impressive that a song with this level of texture came from three San Diego high school kids. The artwork for the single is perfect and is very fitting for the vibe of the song. Check it out below and keep a lookout for their EP in the spring.

Broken Social Scene set to play your living room

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Got any plans tomorrow night, say around 9ish? Good, because Broken Social Scene is streaming their show live from Terminal 5 straight to youtube. If you haven’t seen them live, this is the next best thing so tune in for a few songs, maybe crowd surf your couch during “Ibi Dreams of Pavement”. Catch the link here: http://www.youtube.com/bowerypresents

New Music Mondays

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If you haven’t heard, the Decemberists released a new album last week called the The King is Dead. On their 6th full-length album, the Portland band strays from the concept based approach and historical allusions which had previously been a major part of their songwriting. The lead track “Don’t Carry It All” typifies the sound of the album and features Gillian Welch on backing vocals as well as R.E.M.’s Peter Buck contributing some guitar work, and both appear throughout the album. Some are comparing it to early Wilco or even the Band, so give it a listen and see what you think.

Dinner Playlist Update

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Here is the Grooveshark link if you want all the songs in one place. No Beatles on there though, so unfortunately the list is not complete but you can still have a toast to all the douchebags at your next meal and enjoy some M&T dinner party faves while you do it.


Dinner Playlist

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For the past few days I have been visiting friends in North Carolina and the other night we went out to the Piedmont Ale House in Burlington, where they have some phenomenal burgers just in case you were wondering. Along with the tasty meat patties, the pub also had a stellar soundtrack for all of the patrons to enjoy while they were chowing down. Some of the highlights included “Sprawl II” by Arcade Fire, “Seven” by Sunny Day Real Estate, “The Beast and Dragon, Adored” by Spoon along with some Mumford & Sons and Florence + the Machine. After enjoying my meal as well as the accompanying beats I got to thinking what would be on my personal dinner playlist if I were to have some friends over for burgers and beers. Below is what I concocted for my dinner party so if you want to join me for some good food, drink and music, let me know and we can do dinner the Maimed & Tamed way.

1. Bon Iver- “Flume”

2. Grizzly Bear- “Cheerleader”

3. young minds- “underground”

Another great track off of Jim Hewitt’s image demos EP

4. James Taylor- “Carolina in My Mind”

Wouldn’t be a dinner party without some Sweet Baby James

5. The Band- Atlantic City

Might be better than the Boss’s original

6. LCD Soundsystem- “Home”

7. Band of Horses- “Monsters”

8. The Beatles- “And I Love Her”

9. Radiohead- “Scatterbrain”

10. Kings of Convenience- “Little Kids”

11. Procol Harum- “Whiter Shade of Pale”

Classic. Enough said.

12. Ween- “Freedom of ‘76”

13. My Morning Jacket- “The Bear”

Every good playlist needs a little MMJ love

14. Matthew Good Band- “Strange Days”

15. Pela- “Your Desert’s Not a Desert At All”

16. Phoenix- “North”

Underrated instrumental off of the the Frenchmen’s 3rd disc

17. Telepopmusik- “Breathe”


Somewhere Soundtrack

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Along with making some pretty solid movies, Sofia Coppola also knows how to put together a wonderful and engaging soundtrack. In the past she has utilized music from The Cure, New Order, Peaches, and My Bloody Valentine. In her newest film Somewhere she fills out the soundtrack with songs from the Foo Fighters, The Meters, The Strokes, and a re-worked version of “Love Like a Sunset” courtesy of Phoenix frontman (and Coppola’s boyfriend) Thomas Mars. Check out the trailer below featuring Phoenix and The Strokes.

Doucebox Jukebox Pick of the Week

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Dawes- “Peace in the Valley”

I’ve been wanting to put this video up for a while but I was hesitant because we had done a concert review of them in November and already had a sick vid of them on the site.  Two months is all I can wait.  Dawes was one of my favorite live acts last year and “Peace in the Valley” was just magical.  Gotta love the Springsteen swag and the vintage guitar play by Taylor Goldsmith along with drum solo’s from his bro Griffin.

side note- Taylor is up for the best sex faces during guitar solos of the year award and Griffin is up for the best face while playing any instrument ever award

It’s a mothafuckin’ celebration!

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From all of us here at Maimed and Tamed, we’d like to thank any and all internet surfers who have came across our little corner of the net, whether it be by a misclick or somewhat on purpose, for getting us to 1,000 views. Now that we’re all big time and stuff, you can follow us on twitter @maimedtamed for new post updates, breaking news, and hilarious quick quips. Now go get ya freak on.

Winter Meltdown Playlist

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Its that time of year again when winter has set up shop, officially opened for business, and is on a 24/7 schedule of nipple hardening ice winds and 12-inch by night mega blizzards. This is not me complaining about winter, (enough people do that) it has its pros and cons just like all the other seasons. But the short days and lack of Vitamin D to the soul can take a toll on everyone. And that’s why I’ve thrown together this little playlist of both old and new tunes that are sure to warm your heart and give you the peace of mind to accept winter and embrace (or cope with) it for a few more months.

The Clash- “Lost in the Supermarket”

Underrated London Calling tune that will get you moving and not try to inject you with sunshine.

Bon Iver- “Beach Baby”

From Justin Vernon’s follow up EP Blood Bank, the Wisconsin winter boy does his best to evoke a little warm weather imagery.

Department of Eagles- “In Ear Park”

Daniel Rossen’s (Grizzly Bear) side project produced this tingling/swooping guitar melody that’s about as delightful as a snowflake on the tongue.

Jeff Buckley- “Grace”

J. Buck suggests waiting “in the fire”, but I think “by the fire” will do just fine too.

Destroyer- “Chinatown”

I don’t know what it is, but something about Dan Bejar’s voice coupled with that saxophone is just downright soothing.

Twin Shadow- “Castles in the Snow (Com Truise Remix)”

Internet remixer Com Truise gives Twin Shadow’s mellow track a heavy dose of super synth.

The Temper Trap- “Sweet Disposition”

I know it may be on the cheesy side but anything that can help me visualize Zooey Deschannel in a wind blown summer dress gently banging on the tambourine is great in my book.

Tennis- “Take Me Somewhere”

And for a reservoir of artificial sunshine, check out Tennis whose sophomore album Cape Dory is due out later this month.

New Music Mondays: Fitz and the Tantrums

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Funky, yes. But your parents’ dusty old Temptations record, this is not (with no disrespect to the Tempts, of course). Fitz and the Tantrums are a brand-new soul group with some serious old-school flavor. The band was born in late 2008, soon after Fitz, a longtime L.A. musician, serendipitously inherited a church organ. This organ was the catalyst of Fitz and the Tantrums, the six-piece, instrumentally-stacked American soul ensemble. As the band began to form, Fitz asked a daring question in music today: “Can we make a huge sound without any guitars?” The answer is a resounding yes. The results of F.A.T.T.’s risky gut decision paid off immensely, as their saxophone-rich sound secures them as an original, forward-thinking faction of soul music.

The band is unabashedly inspired by Motown, however the sound of their August LP, Pickin’ Up the Pieces, are never boring or contrived. Their lead single, “Moneygrabber,” expertly utilizes the voices of Fitz and his lead female vocalist, Noelle Scaggs. Overflowing with energy and wit, “Moneygrabber” targets the same golddigging, good-for-nothing ladies that Cee-Lo so famously berates in “F— You.” Aside from Pickin’ Up the Pieces’ emotionally-charged tracks like “Moneygrabber,” the best thing about Fitz and the Tantrums may actually be their live performances. And lucky for us Bostonians, F.A.T.T.’s winter tour is bringing them right into town on January 20th. The show will be held at the brand new Brighton Music Hall in Allston, for the mere price of 10 dollars. However, the hype of Fitz’s dynamic live performances is causing tickets to go quickly, so score yours soon.