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New Music Mondays

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I never thought I’d be one to get excited over a 30 second teaser track, but Dave Grohl can do strange things to a man. The Foo Fighters recently released the epitome of a teaser for the opening track “Burning Bridges” on their forthcoming album, and it sounds like they might be living up to their promise of it being their hardest shit yet.

Saturday Night Fever

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Everyone knows that Saturday night is the night to boogie, so strap on those dancing shoes and check out this little nugget from Teen Daze, it will definitely keep you on your feet. “Together” is off of the Canadian producer’s forthcoming EP which you will be able to snag for free (along with some other great music) at Cultus Vibes- http://cultusvibes.tumblr.com/. Have a listen to his remix of “Wide Eyes” by the Local Natives as well and then try to tell me you aren’t already cutting up a rug in your living room.

Dinosaur Social Scene

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2011 is slated to be a doozy on the new music front, with every band and their mothers promoting a “highly anticipated” disc set to drop “sometime” this year. Well as those once ambiguous promises slowly turn to cemented release dates, its almost like a dream coming true. One guy whose never been one to jerk chains is the soft spoken Boston-local rock hero J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. And for his newest record, set to drop March 15th, J. teamed up with a couple of contemporary heavy hitters including Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses and Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as Mascis is one of Drew’s boyhood idols and the two have collaborated on some projects in the past. Check out an acoustic track from the album below as well as a few other tidbits.

J. Mascis- “Not Enough”

Kevin Drew and J. Mascis Arts & Crafts project

J. Being J.

A Preppy White Girl’s Rap Picks

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Alright everyone, it’s Friday, and it’s time to loosen up and settle into the weekend.  Granted, my experience with hip-hop culture is pretty much limited to the time I saw Lil’ Bow Wow at a nightclub in New York, but even the whitest white girl like me can’t deny the uniqueness of these fresh new tracks.

Big Boi’s album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty was one of the most critically acclaimed hip-hop albums of 2010.  Big Boi’s rapping on “Shutterbugg” is impressive; just as quick and smooth as you may have remembered it from the prime Outkast days.  Also, keep your ears open for the unexpected but incredibly inventive use of the talkbox.

Panacea has been around almost as long as Outkast, yet they remain relatively unknown by the public.   This classic MC-DJ duo have been offering up crisp, thoughtful and chill raps since 2003.  Panacea sounds almost like A Tribe Called Quest or People Under The Stairs, though they distinguish their sound by often adding an ethereal, almost outer-space touch to their beats.

The hook of the following song is, and I quote, “We’re not joking– just joking/ We are joking– just joking/ We’re not joking.”   Rap group Das Racist challenges its listeners to figure them out—are they just a lazy, weed-smoking product of our generation?  Or are their raps actually holding up a mirror to the bizarre phenomenons of American culture?  Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez formed Das Racist at Wesleyan University, not unlike the now-famous MGMT.  They are gaining hype everyday for their irreverent yet loaded raps that take multiple listens to decode.  Within just the first verse of lead single “hahahaha jk?,” they name-drop FourLokos, Dwight Schrute, and Days of Our Lives.  The obscurities of pop culture are Das Racist’s target, and on each song off their mixtape Sit Down, Man, they hit the bull’s-eye.

Got Some If You Need It

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Pearl Jam celebrated their 20+ years of being together by releasing a live album earlier this week. To be completely honest, I wasn’t going to buy this album because I have a ton of live stuff by PJ on my itunes and figured how different can it really be? Then an associate of mine informed me that it was pretty sick and has better sound quality than their other bootlegs.  He was right. What I loved about this album before I even listened to it was that it’s not just their greatest hits.  This was an album for their real fans, I mean, what casual PJ fan would expect two cover songs; “Arms Aloft” and “Public Image,” each of which they’ve only played a handful of times and never in the US to be on this album? Not to mention no “Betterman?” This album is straight up energy and it’s a great mix of songs new and old.  It features a few goodies off of their most recent album Backspacer, such as, “Got Some,” radio hit, “Just Breathe,” and my favorite song off that album, “Unthought Known.” Some other highlights are an intense rendition of “Animal,” a seven minute version of  “Rearview Mirror,” a lovely version of the underrated “In Hiding,” along with another seven minute song, “Porch” which nearly made me j my p.  They end the album with the classic “Alive” followed by “Yellow Ledbetter” which if you’ve ever been to a Pearl Jam show you probably would’ve guessed that’s how they would end it. This is a great pickup if you’re a casual PJ fan or a diehard.

In other Pearl Jam news…they have a few other things in the works for celebrating their 20 years together. For instance, they’re planning a 2-day festival this summer! Location is still undecided but it is rumored to be somewhere in the middle of America. Odds are they’re going to get some pretty solid bands to help them out at this festival. I mean, I’ve seen them a few times…10ish times, some of the openers were, Death Cab for Cutie, Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket. Not that I’m saying that these guys are gonna be at the festival but a man can dream…right?

Along with the festival they are planning to reissue two more of their albums,Vitalogy and Vs. And if you purchased the reissue of Ten you know these are going to be well worth the money. Oh, and lastly, they’re going to make a movie….directed by Cameron Crowe. Yup, I’m officially hard.

This must be why Eric didn’t put PJ on his Bonnaroo wishlist…

Two Door Cinema Club/Tokyo Police Club @ the Paradise 1/19

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Yesterday a friend asked me if I wanted to join them at a Two Door Cinema Club show (which at the time neither of us knew that the other Club on the bill would be the headliner) since they had an extra ticket. I only knew a couple songs by each band, but I figured I couldn’t pass up the chance to see a show at the Paradise, which is a venue that I love. I will say that when the show ended, I left very pleasantly surprised.

The night kicked off with Springfield, Missouri based opener Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and we were lucky enough to watch them from the lighting booth (see above picture) since my friend had some connections at the venue. The Daytrotter favorites took the stage around 7:30pm and played what I would call an honest set. No frills, some great audience interaction and a driving force behind each song which clearly showed their earnest approach to each and every note. The highlight of the set was the 2008 hit “Modern Mystery” which helped to warm up the crowd for the double Club action that was to come.

After hearing some Daft Punk and Darude over the speaker system to hold us over, Two Door Cinema Club took the stage. As soon as the gang of Irishmen walked up to their mics I looked around and realized how young the crowd was, and I think I may actually have been one of the oldest people in the house. Still, this didn’t stop me from rocking out as the band plowed through hits like “Cigarettes in the Theatre,” “Undercover Martyn,” and “What You Know.” Their tight sound was certainly impressive and it was clear to see that they stole the show, leaving most in the crowd wondering why they weren’t the ones at the top of the bill.

When Tokyo Police Club first took the stage the questions about the lineup for the night still lingered as singer Dave Monks’ vocals did not seem to be in tune with the rest of the band. Although they stumbled out of the gate, the Canadian foursome hit their stride about halfway through the set with the self-promoting “Cheer It On.” The night culminated in Two Door Cinema Club taking the stage with their Tokyo Police counterparts at which time Monks announced, “You may not know it, but we secretly wrote this song with Two Door Cinema Club ten years ago,” and then immediately struck the familiar first chord of the Strokes’ hit “Last Nite.” It was the perfect ending to a well-rounded show and I think everyone left the Dise with a smile on their face.

iPod Shuffle

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I got this idea from my blogging counterpart and great friend Andrew who writes his own blog at http://yoggingyams.wordpress.com. The way it works is that he clicks on a random song in his iTunes (with a library of over 7000 songs) and then clicks the next button 10 times and chooses his favorite track from those 10. For our purposes here on Maimed & Tamed I figured I would take my library of similar size, start on a random song and then click the next button three times and toss up whatever the third one was. Luckily I landed on a fabulous song and avoided some of the trash that I have in my iTunes library (i.e. Enrique Iglesias and Usher…don’t ask). So here it is, our tribute to Yogging Yams and the iPod shuffle is “Morning Bell” by Radiohead off of their I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings disc. If you like the iPod shuffle, head over to Yogging Yams and check out the new song that Andrew posts everyday.

Dirty Gold

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Dirty Gold is a beach-pop trio out of San Diego and surprisingly none of them have yet to graduate…high school that is. The past few months they have been making waves on the interwebs with the single off of their upcoming EP, Roar. “California Sunrise” has hints of Vampire Weekend and Beach House at the same time and it is very impressive that a song with this level of texture came from three San Diego high school kids. The artwork for the single is perfect and is very fitting for the vibe of the song. Check it out below and keep a lookout for their EP in the spring.

Broken Social Scene set to play your living room

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Got any plans tomorrow night, say around 9ish? Good, because Broken Social Scene is streaming their show live from Terminal 5 straight to youtube. If you haven’t seen them live, this is the next best thing so tune in for a few songs, maybe crowd surf your couch during “Ibi Dreams of Pavement”. Catch the link here: http://www.youtube.com/bowerypresents

New Music Mondays

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If you haven’t heard, the Decemberists released a new album last week called the The King is Dead. On their 6th full-length album, the Portland band strays from the concept based approach and historical allusions which had previously been a major part of their songwriting. The lead track “Don’t Carry It All” typifies the sound of the album and features Gillian Welch on backing vocals as well as R.E.M.’s Peter Buck contributing some guitar work, and both appear throughout the album. Some are comparing it to early Wilco or even the Band, so give it a listen and see what you think.