Newport Folk Fest 2017: Highlights

Newport Folk and its now-veteran booker Jay Sweet has proven itself to fans year after year. This year, the festival asked us to trust. Read More

August + September 2017 Spotify Playlist of the Month

After a month long hiatus we are back with 75 fresh ones from Covey, Mondo Cozmo, Mr Jukes, Ted Leo, Dwight & Nicole, Grizzly Read More

October 2017 Spotify Playlist of the Month

After a slightly bizarre Indian summer the weather has started to cool off and the leaves have finally started to turn in the Northeast. Read More

Win $200 in Concert Tickets from Rukkus

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Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your audiophile friends? We’ve got you covered. NYC based ticketing site Rukkus is giving away $200 worth of concert tickets and we’ve got the scoop on how you could win. There are two ways you can enter and they’re both quick and easy:

  • Send an email to with a four sentence poem describing your favorite live music experience
  • Tweet “I just entered to win $200 in concert tickets from #jointherukkus”

So what are you waiting for? Click here for full details and your name could be called when the winner is announced On December 1.

Tall Heights Sofar Boston Live Video Premiere

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Tall Heights Sofar Boston Video PremiereHere at Maimed & Tamed we are men (and woman) of many hats. One other hat that I wear is as one of the founders of Sofar Sounds Boston. I poured my heart out about my experiences with Sofar in a post last November and I can safely say that a year later I am still as excited, if not more, with what we are doing in the local music scene.

Back in March Sofar Boston hosted three of the most talented bands (and ones that we have covered extensively on this blog) in the region at a loft space in Allston. You can read more about that show here, but we can assure you that Darlingside, Parsonsfield (formerly Poor Old Shine), and Tall Heights all gave incredible performances. That’s why we are extremely excited to premiere the live video from that show featuring “The Running of the Bulls” by Tall Heights. To be at the show was an experience in and of itself, but we were thrilled with how the audio and video from this particular track turned out, especially with the beautiful cello sound that stringmaster Paul Wright was able to produce that night. Before we go too far off on a tangent about our love for Sofar Sounds and the local music scene, check out the aforementioned video below and scroll down to grab tickets for Folk The Cold, a concert on December 27th at The Sinclair featuring both Tall Heights and Darlingside along with our pals The Ballroom Thieves. Don’t forget to sign up to attend a Sofar Boston show in the future, we’d love nothing more than to see some M&T followers at our next show.


Folk The Cold Tix

November Spotify Playlist of the Month

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Maimed & Tamed Spotify Playlist of the Month November 2014

It’s been a lazy month here at M&T HQ in terms of post volume, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been toiling away in the toy shop to bring you a kickass playlist this month. So without further ado we bring you our November Spotify Playlist of the Month, featuring 5 bonus tracks! You heard it right folks, we’ve got 20 fresh jams plus another 5 tasty tracks for your aural pleasure. This month features new cuts from Boston locals like Animal Flag, Ruby Rose Fox, Soft Pyramids, and Matthew Connor, alongside Shakey Graves, The Barr Brothers, Weezer, and one monster of a jam by Yellerkin. Once again the incredible artwork is provided by none other than @sandmanmusic. Check out the full 25-track playlist below and make sure to subscribe for fresh jams every month!

Low Key Release Debut EP Ship Without An Anchor

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Whoever said don’t judge a book by its cover certainly is not alway right. Case in point, Low Key’s debut release Ship Without An Anchor. I mean, how awesome is that album artwork? Luckily for the band, and for us, they’ve got the musical chops to go with the album cover. The local quintet blends styles ranging from funk to folk and rock to dance-pop all in the span of 6 songs. It’s quite the feat for a debut release, but it shouldn’t come as any surprise since the band’s members have been hard at work on these songs since early 2012. The EP’s first single, “Natalie”, showcases the band’s pop/funk side along with some tasty harmonies, but it’s the title track and EP closer that caught our attention. It’s a swirling epic that captures the seafaring vibe from the album’s artwork, and also makes for the perfect closer for the band’s first release.

You can grab yourself a copy of the full EP for a measly, and very much worthwhile, $5 via the bandcamp link below.

Download EP


October Spotify Playlist of the Month

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In an M&T first we bring you back-to-back monthly playlists of 40 songs. We’re not quite sure what’s been in the water the past few months, but we just couldn’t restrain ourselves to our normal 20 tracks yet again with so much wonderful ear candy hitting the interwebz recently. Of those incredible jams are new songs by legends like Ryan Adams and James, Boston based artists such as Midnight Snack, Tall Heights, The Color and Sound, and Everybody the Terrible, all mixed in with M&T faves like The Rural Alberta Advantage, Generationals, and The Preatures. Once again the beautiful artwork is provided by none other than @sandmanmusic, our resident photographer/badass. Check out the full 40-track playlist below and make sure to subscribe for fresh jams every month!

M&T Featured In Moodsnap

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Are you a fan of music and photography? Do you wish there was a way to translate your emotional reactions to images into playlists that totally captured that specific vibe? If you find yourself asking these questions often then Moodsnap is the app that you need in your life. Moodsnap is basically image-driven radio that takes individual photos and associates them with a playlist that is meant to evoke similar emotions to that particular photo. When we were approached by Moodsnap to choose an image and curate a playlist to be added to the app we jumped at the chance.

The process was certainly harder than we had first imagined, but it proved to be quite rewarding in the end. The image we chose (the one situated at the top of this post) immediately caught our eye and forced a flow of song ideas into our minds straight away. The photo, taken by user @carleez, got us thinking of songs that were airy and epic, yet still very much hopeful. With the photo’s main subject always looking forward, presumably to a long and fulfilling future, we thought it appropriate to choose songs that were vast and sweeping, but still very much uplifting.

The best part about Moodsnap is that all of the playlists are collaborative. We kicked things off with the first 25 songs, but once you find our image in the app you can add and remove songs that you want to hear for that image as well. You can find our playlist and many, many others on Moodsnap all for free by downloading the app via the link below. Plug in, pick an image, and enjoy!

Get Moodsnap

September Spotify Playlist of the Month

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We are going to hold on to summer as long as we can here at the M&T HQ and we highly suggest that you turn on our September playlist and do the same. Once again we are trying to cram as many new jams as possible into the end of summer so we’ve got an extra special playlist for your this month with double the tunes. End of summer saw the release of two more Album of the Year candidates in Rubblebucket and Will Dailey who are featured on this month’s playlist alongside other M&T favorites like The Griswolds and Nemes, as well as new faces such as Alvvays, #1 Dads, and STL GLD. Check out the full 40-track playlist below and make sure to subscribe for fresh jams every month!

Dwight & Nicole Release First Official Music Video for “Smile”

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Our favorite duo hit the interwebz yesterday with the premier of the official music video for their island-soul inspired “Smile,” the second single of their 2014 release, Shine On.

Shot, directed and edited by Andy Wesby, the video follows two scientists as they build a robot boy and attempt to teach it (it? him?) to “smile.” Their repeated efforts prove unsuccessful, and while one of the scientists (we’ll call him, Dwight) grows dispirited, the other (we’ll call her, Nicole) schemes a new, ingenious idea. But will it work? Can you you really teach a robot how to smile? I guess you’ll just have to watch and find out.

Robot boy may or may not learn to smile, but you’ll sure be grinning from ear to ear for 3 minutes and 35 seconds. We promise you that!

Will Dailey Releases National Throat & Gives Away Signed Vinyl

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Will Dailey National Throat Album ArtIn January of 2013, Will Dailey published a mission statement that proclaimed his artistic freedom after breaking up with his record label and concluded with the following declaration:

The goal of this song collection is to celebrate this journey and the rewards of enduring artistic struggles. With you, I’m fully confident that the mission will be a success. What we leave behind will be an honest and invigorating album. You are the ears and hearts where my songs find a home.

Mission accomplished. This week, one of Boston’s finest delivered that ‘honest and invigorating’ album that he so passionately foreshadowed 20 months before with the release of National Throat. A three time Boston Music Award winner for Best Male Singer-Songwriter, Will has set the bar high for himself and others as one of our city’s best songwriters and he soars right over that bar with his most rounded work to date.

National Throat’s sonic landscape is full of rich instrumental textures that draw from pop, rock, folk and blues, setting the perfect backdrop for skillfully crafted lyrics about love, fatherhood and navigating life as an independent musician. The album addresses Dailey’s split from his label both metaphorically and head-on, leaving little to the imagination. Not many artists can lay it all on the line like Dailey does, but with National Throat he has made an honest record that is sure to resonate with his peers and fans alike.

National Throat quickly found a home in our ears and hearts, and it’s not leaving anytime soon.

Check out Will’s first-ever official music video for the lead track on National Throat, “Sunken Ship,” and enter to win a free signed copy of his 180 Gram Blue/Gold Vinyl. See details below.


We’re helping Will give away a signed copy of his 180 Gram Blue/Gold Vinyl pressing of National Throat. Head on over to our Facebook page now to enter. All you have to do is  tell us about your favorite Will Dailey moment – be it a song, lyric, live moment, video, etc – by commenting on the pinned post at the top our feed. Will will be reading what you wrote and choosing his favorite comment. There were only 250 of these babies printed, so let’s hear it!

Nemes Release New Video for “Butterfly”

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Local rock group Nemes have returned with a new single and accompanying video from their upcoming album I Carry Your Heart. “Butterfly” is the first track released from the record due out October 28th and if it’s any indication as to what we can expect for the full-length then we may all have Nemes songs stuck in our heads for the rest of 2014. The video for the catchy-as-hell “Butterfly” is a fun take on the lyric video and incorporates ASL (American Sign Language) performed by each band member. Not too bad for working with a $7 budget. Pre-order the self-produced and Rick Kwan (My Morning Jacket, Zambri) mixed I Carry Your Heart and you’ll get a free download of “Butterfly” to hold you over until October 28th. And don’t forget to catch Nemes performing this Thursday at the Boston Calling Block Party in Dewey Square.

Album Pre-Order

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