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We've compiled a playlist of the 75 best songs from the year that was and highlighted our top 10 below. Make sure to subscribe Read More

M&T Best Albums of 2017

The moment you've all been waiting for...our favorite albums of 2017. We've compiled a list of the 40 best albums of the year and highlighted a Read More

January 2018 Spotify Playlist of the Month

Welcome to 2018. Hopefully we never hear the words 'bomb cyclone' ever again after this far-from-temperate January day here in NYC. To keep you Read More

Newport Folk Festival 2015 Predictions/Wishlist

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Newport Folk Festival 2015

Now that tickets have gone on sale for this year’s Newport Folk Festival (get yours here before they sell out because they most definitely will) the lineup rumor mill has inevitably started turning. In years past our predictions/wishlist have been both hits and misses, but that’s not going to stop us from making another list this year. Here’s to hoping we get ’em all right in 2015.

My Morning Jacket

This one just makes too much sense. Jim James and co. are back hitting the festival circuit hard this summer with appearances at Bonnaroo, Governors Ball, Boston Calling, and Hangout already confirmed. Plus Mr. James also resides on the festival’s Board of Advisors, and not to mention their epic set at the 2012 festival that was cut short by torrential rain. If ever there was a lock for this year’s lineup, this would be it.


Natalie Prass and/or Courtney Barnett

About a minute into Natalie Prass’ brand new album, that oh-so-familiar feeling hit: “God, she’d be great at Newport.”  Prass’ vocals float precariously on top of her brassy backing band, creating one of the most unique female folk albums we’ve heard in a while. Another powerhouse we’d love to see at Folk ’15 is Courtney Barnett (of Australia, naturally). Her 2013 album was a veritable indie hit, thanks especially to her raw, sardonic songwriting. Much like Newport veterans like Sharon Van Etten and Jenny Lewis, Prass and Bartnett have found new ways to juxtapose hard and soft in their music. We’re crossing our fingers to see both in July.


Laura Marling

After a rather lengthy hiatus, Ms. Marling has returned to her tales of love, self-reflection, womanhood and all the rest in her full-length album, Short Movie.



Members of the Decemberists + The Minus 5 + Guided By Voices = Eyelids. Need we say more?


Jessica Pratt

Having recently been picked up by Drag Records, Jessica Pratt and her ’60s sentimentalities have the folk and indie audiences caught somewhere between nostalgia and a breath of fresh-folk air.


Will Dailey

What would a Newport Wishlist be without a little local love? Of all the Boston folk rock artists who put out an album in 2014, Dailey might be the most deserving of a slot at the historic festival. National Throat was one of our favorite records from last year and we could totally see it translating to a killer set at The Fort this year.


Little May

The M&T team will always rep Boston, no questions asked… but there’s something in the water down under, so we’ve got toss some serious love towards Aussie bands as well. Little May, a new group of Sydney, offers three-part harmonies and stunning melodies that would attract an insta-crowd at Newport.


The Decemberists

With a new album out, Colin Meloy on the aforementioned festival Board of Advisors, and a bunch of festival dates already announced, this one is a close second in the mortal lock category.


Jose Gonzalez

The Swede returns. Years after tattooing his sound on the arm of the post-Nick Drake revival, Gonzalez finds himself anew on his highly anticipated full-length, Vestiges and Claws.


Júníus Meyvant

This one is definitely our sleeper pick for 2015. The Icelandic singer Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson, who performs under the name Júníus Meyvant, hasn’t made a ton of noise stateside, but as we’ve seen in years past that hasn’t stopped producer Jay Sweet from booking acts that on are the cusp. Just imagine this performance of “Color Decay” (which also appeared on our Best Songs of 2014 list) at the Fort and you’ll understand what we mean.


January Spotify Playlist of the Month

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M&T Spotify Playlist of the Month January 2015

Somehow it’s 2015, and though were sorely disappointed that many of the predictions made in Back to the Future Part II have yet to come true (most importantly the hoverboard part), we are very much looking forward to all of the new music that will be released. To kick off the new year we have a playlist full of fresh jams for your listening pleasure. This month’s playlist features new tracks from familiar artists like Father John Misty, San Fermin, and Modest Mouse along with newcomers such as Happy You, Low Key, and more. Check out the full playlist below and remember to subscribe for 20 brand new tunes every month.

M&T Best Albums of 2014

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M&T Best Albums of 2014

We’ve compiled our 30 favorite albums from 2014 and you can check out the full list below and take a listen to each album via Spotify. We’re such nice people that we also put together a playlist featuring one song from each album, which you can check out on Spotify by clicking the link below. Here’s to more great music in 2015!

Full Spotify Playlist

30. Jessie Ware- Tough Love

The Sade of our time turns out a sophomore album thats equal parts jamz and feelz, all anchored by her impeccable voice.

Essential Tracks: “Say You Love Me,” “Cruel,” “Tough”


29. Hozier- Hozier

Public service announcement: the mega-hit “Take Me to Church” is just one of many incredible Hozier songs that appear on his soulful debut album.

Essential Tracks: “From Eden,” “Someone New,”  “Jackie and Wilson”


28. Sisyphus- Sisyphus

Sufjan Stevens + Son Lux + Serengeti = Pure Magic. Following their 2012 debut EP, this trio of artists delivered a full-length album in 2014 that seamlessly combined the styles and sounds of each individual member.

Essential Tracks: “Calm It Down”, “Rhythm of Devotion”, “Lion’s Share”, “Alcohol”


27. The Hotelier- Home, Like Noplace There Is

We’ve got a soft spot for this quartet out of Worcester, MA, but this album making our list was certainly not due to some kind of hometown bias. Emo has made its triumphant return and we certainly don’t hate it.

Essential Tracks: “Housebroken”, “Your Deep Rest”, “An Introduction to the Album”


26. Run the Jewels- Run the Jewels 2

Killer Mike and El-P return with a follow-up to their 2013 debut that is as much, if not more, of a crowd-pleaser than its predecessor.

Essential Tracks: “Early”, “Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)”, “Blockbuster Night Part 1”


25. Wye Oak- Shriek

A definite departure from the sound captured on 2011’s Civilian, which makes us all the more excited to see what direction they will head in next.

Essential Tracks: “Before”, “Logic of Color”, “Sick Talk”


24. Tennis- Ritual in Repeat

Pop perfection once again from the husband and wife duo of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore.

Essential Tracks: “Needle and a Knife”, “Bad Girls”, “Never Work for Free”


23. The Barr Brothers- Sleeping Operator

To say Sleeping Operator was well worth the 3-year wait would be a vast understatement. The immensely talented Brad Barr and co. certainly did not disappoint with this 13-track ear-pleaser.

Essential Tracks: “Half Crazy”, “Love Ain’t Enough”, “Come In The Water”, “Little Lover”


22. Ryan Adams- Ryan Adams

What is there to say about Ryan Adams that hasn’t been said before? His self-titled effort is deserving of all the praise bestowed on it this year.

Essential Tracks: “My Wrecking Ball”, “Gimme Something Good”, “Kim”, “Feels Like Fire”


21. Sylvan Esso- Sylvan Esso

The unexpected match-up of Amelia Meath’s folksy vocals and Nick Sanborn’s spry electronic production made for one hell of a debut album. A welcome surprise.

Essential Tracks: “Play It Right,” “Hey Mami,” “Coffee”


20. Alvvays- Alvvays

Alvvays burst onto the scene in 2014 with an album soaked in nostalgic sounds that brought to mind some of our favorite female-fronted bands from the ’90s like The Sundays and Mazzy Star.

Essential Tracks: “Archie, Marry Me”, “Party Police”, “Atop a Cake”


19. Vacationer Relief

Kenny Vasoli, the former frontman of 2000s emo band The Starting Line, created a lush and layered record that’s the ideal soundtrack for a tropical vacation.

Essential Tracks: “Stay”, “Paradise Waiting”, “In The Grass”, “Heavenly”


18. FKA twigs- LP1

Possibly the most intimate album of all time, LP1 is a mesmerizing tour of FKA’s haunted mind and bedroom.

Essential Tracks: “Two Weeks,” “Lights On,” “Closer”


17. Against Me!- Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Laura Jane Grace dazzles on this album as she takes us through her transition to living life as a woman.

Essential Tracks: “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”, “True Trans Soul Rebel”, “Fuckmylife666”, “Two Coffins”


16. Stars- No One Is Lost

As soon as lead single “From The Night” hit the airwaves we knew Stars had returned in a big way, and much to our delight the rest of the record was equally as tantalizing.

Essential Tracks: “From The Night”, “Are You Ok?”, “No One Is Lost”


15. Spoon- They Want My Soul

It has been confirmed that Spoon is simply not capable of making a subpar record.

Essential Tracks: “Do You”, “New York Kiss”, “Inside Out”, “Rent I Pay”


14. Conor Oberst- Upside Down Mountain

With the help of Jonathan Wilson and the ladies of First Aid Kit, the Bright Eyes frontman released yet another successful solo album, not to mention one of our favorite sets from this summer’s Newport Folk Festival.

Essential Tracks: “Zigzagging Toward the Light”, “Hundreds of Ways”, “Governor’s Ball”, “Double Life”


13. Shakey Graves- And the War Came

Alejandro Rose-Garcia continues to be one of our favorite songwriters in the world of folk music, and this year he also brought us quite the delightful discovery in Esmé Patterson.

Essential Tracks: “Only Son”, “Dearly Departed”, “Family and Genus”


12. Kevin Drew- Darlings

The Broken Social Scene frontman redefines crazysexycool with his 2014 solo release.

Essential Tracks: “You in Your Were”, “It’s Cool”, “Good Sex”, “Body Butter”, “And That’s All I Know”


11. The Rural Alberta Advantage- Mended With Gold

Powerful is probably the only way to describe Paul Banwatt’s drumming chops, which are front and center on this epic release. The RAA also put on one of the best shows we saw in 2014 at The Bowery Ballroom back in November.

Essential Tracks: “Our Love”, “On The Rocks”, “Terrified”, “45/33”


10. Caribou- Our Love

Caribou’s Our Love reminds us that electronic music can be beautiful, rich, and most importantly, human.

Essential Tracks: “Silver,” “Second Chance,” “Your Love Will Set You Free”


9. Will Dailey- National Throat

After escaping his major label deal, local Boston hero Will Dailey delivered one of 2014’s most funky and soulful albums. Between the horns, the shredding guitar solos, and the thoughtful arrangements, Dailey takes us along for the ride as he details the breakup with his label. National Throat brought Dailey two Boston Music Awards for Album and Artist of the year, and both deservedly so.

Essential Tracks: “Sunken Ship”, “Castle of Pretending”, “Lookout Johnny”, “We Will Always Be a Band”


8. Mina Tindle- Parades

More than half of Parades is in Tindle’s native language of French, but none of this gorgeous and unpredictable chamber-pop is lost in translation.

Essential Tracks: “Seaside,” “Pas Les Saisons,” “Taranta,” “I Command”


7. Rubblebucket- Survival Sounds

2014 was a trying year for Rubblebucket as lead singer Kalmia Traver recovered from her battle with ovarian cancer, but I’m sure they’ll look back on this year with fondness as well since they released their best record to date. This band has come a long way sonically since its 2009 self-titled debut and with Survival Sounds they found the perfect mix of their signature horn sounds paired with varied electronic elements. As long as they keep touring, Rubblebucket will be considered one of the best live acts around and to see this record come to life earlier this year was a complete and total joy.

Essential Tracks: “On the Ground”, “Carousel Ride”, “Shake Me Around”, “My Life”


6. Saintseneca- Dark Arc

When we saw Saintseneca at SXSW this year, we knew that 2014 was going to treat them well, and after the release of Dark Arc we can safely say that it did just that. Not only does lead singer Zac Little have one of the best mustaches in the biz, he’s also got a voice to match. A warbly croon that brings to mind Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Little’s voice guides Dark Arc, but its epic arrangements are what make this album so special. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to catch the band perform live again after SXSW, but something tells us they’ll be riding the high from Dark Arc for quite some time.

Essential Tracks: “Happy Alone”, “Takmit”, “Blood Bath”, “Visions”


5. Bombay Bicycle Club- So Long, See You Tomorrow

So Long, See You Tomorrow begins with the glorious, dazzling bang of “Overdone.” From there, BBC keeps turning out song after song of electro-pop euphoria. Despite simple lyrics, So Long, See You Tomorrow is so sonically jampacked that you’ll hear and feel something new even when your record is worn.

Essential Tracks: “Overdone,” “Home by Now,” “Luna”


4. Jenny Lewis- The Voyager

Jenny Lewis has long been regarded as indie music royalty, a role she certainly plays into with her bo$$ bitch ‘tude and regal stage attire. Yet on Lewis’ long-awaited The Voyager, she embraced a role far less glamorous: that of an unmarried, childless 30-something. Lewis explores this tricky theme through her classically confessional lyrics. And lucky for us, her wry stories of middle-aged malaise are layered over incredibly catchy SoCal folk-pop. In short, The Voyager’s sun-drenched vibes and shadowy lyrics make for an album that will age as well as Jenny Lewis has.

Essential Tracks: “The Voyager,” “Head Underwater,” “She’s Not Me,” “Just One of the Guys”


3. Big Scary- Not Art

Technically a 2013 release, but the follow-up to 2011’s Vacation didn’t reach us Stateside until early 2014. The duo of Tom Iansek and Jo Syme have been favorites of ours for quite some time, but with Not Art they have truly outdone themselves. You don’t have to take just our word for it either as the record landed them the Australian Music Prize, which is equivalent to Canada’s Polaris Prize or the Mercury Prize in the UK. The subtleties and nuances that you pick up with each additional listen is what sets this album apart from the rest of Big Scary’s catalog, and the rest of the albums released in 2014 for that matter. It’ll be tough for Tom and Jo to top this one, but we’re sure they’re up to the task and cannot wait to hear what comes next.

Essential Tracks: “Luck Now”, “Harmony Sometimes”, “Invest”, “Belgian Blues”


2. Grey Season- Time Will Tell You Well

Grey Season wowed us all in 2014 by putting out not only one of the best records amongst the impressive crop of Boston bands who put out albums this year, but also one of the best records of 2014 period. Recorded primarily at Levon Helm’s barn in Woodstock, NY, Time Will Tell You Well is perfect for summertime porch sitting or anytime you feel like a night of beer drinking. Catchy melodies, impressive harmonies, and furious banjo picking are all commonplace on this record, and for those of you M&T faithful out there, you know that those three items are a recipe for success in our minds. These Boston boys have a long career ahead of them and if TWTYW is any indication, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Essential Tracks: “Satellites”, “Aragon Mill”, “New Kind of Dirty”, “Look at Us Now”


1. Kishi Bashi- Lighght

On Lighght, Kishi Bashi boldly goes where most violinist/composers rarely do, and the result is ambitious, extravagant, and our favorite album of the year. Kishi Bashi builds off of his first album’s signature baroque pop, but seamlessly adds in bold disco and prog-rock inspirations. The album’s themes vary as well, from the absurdist wackiness of “The Ballad of Mr. Steak” to the heartfelt sentiment of “Q&A,” an acoustic love song that Lennon-McCartney would have happily taken credit for. Despite tonal twists and thematic turns, the album is intensely coherent, and each song is clearly branded with the Kishi Bashi stamp of wonderful weirdness. For one album (and one person) to accomplish so much is simply astounding. This frenzied journey with Kishi Bashi will likely leave you a bit exhausted, but only in the way that truly great music does.

Essential Tracks: “Philosophize in It! Chemalize with It!, “Q&A,” Hahaha Pt. 1”, “The Ballad of Mr. Steak”


M&T Best Songs of 2014

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M&T Best Songs of 2014

2014 blew by, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of good music to soundtrack the year that was. We’ve compiled our 50 favorite songs from this year and even created a handy Spotify playlist that includes each track listed below. It was a tough decision at the top, but in the end family is all that really matters right?

Full Spotify Playlist

50. Yeah Boy- “Can’t Get Enough”

49. Slow Club- “Suffering You, Suffering Me”

48. The Hotelier- “Housebroken”

47. Haley Bonar- “Bad Reputation”

46. Montaigne- “I’m A Fantastic Wreck”

45. alt-J- “Left Hand Free”

44. Solander- “Monday Afternoon”

43. Leisure Cruise- “Double Digit Love”

42. Wye Oak- “Logic of Color”

41. First Aid Kit- “My Silver Lining”

40. Tennis- “Bad Girls”

39. Foxing- “Inuit”

38. Against Me!- “True Trans Soul Rebel”

37. Polarsets- “Parasols”

36. The Rural Alberta Advantage- “Terrified”

35. Stars- “No One Is Lost”

34. Junius Meyvant- “Color Decay”

33. Kishi Bashi- “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!”

32. the Soil & the Sun- “How Long”

31. Liam Finn- “Burn Up The Road”


Newcomer LANY combined synth, drum kit, handclaps and the best of use of the word “hella” in music history to create my most played song of 2014.


29. Action Bronson- “Easy Rider”

We’ll just let the big man do all the talking himself for this one.


28. Happy You- “New Year’s Day”

A three-and-a-half minute romp that only gets better as it goes on, and a very appropriate title given the circumstances.


27. The War On Drugs- “Red Eyes”

If you haven’t listened to this one by now you should probably come out from under your rock and re-join society.


26. Kevin Drew- “Good Sex”

Do Kevin Drew’s air thrusts get anyone else in the mood or is that just me?


25. Twin Shadow- “To The Top”

This retro anthem belongs at the climax of every 80s movie ever. Truly epic.


24. Rubblebucket- “My Life”

Bouncy, funky, saucy, think of your favorite -y adjectives and this song is all of them combined.


23. Saintseneca- “Takmit”

A relentless track that makes you want to puff out your chest and take on the world.


22. Grey Season- “Satellites”

2014 proved that bluegrass is back in a big way and this cut from Boston’s own Grey Season was the finest track on one of our favorite albums of the year.


21. Big Scary- “Harmony Sometimes”

Though it’s certainly not the catchiest track on Big Scary’s magnificent Not Art, it’s somehow irresistible and alluring in a way all its own.


20. The Antlers- “Palace”

Lifted up by sparse horns and Peter Silberman’s falsetto, Palace’s stunningly beautiful lyrics are sent soaring.


19. Death From Above 1979- “Right On, Frankenstein!”

Two minutes of blazing, distorted riffs and relentless drumming followed by our favorite breakdown of the year. Try not to pump your fist to this one.


18. Strand of Oaks- “Goshen ’97”

To say 2014 was a breakout year for Tim Showalter (aka Strand of Oaks) could quite possibly be the understatement of the year. Overall HEAL was a solid record, but Showalter’s ode to his hometown certainly stands out above the rest.


17. Rich Aucoin- “Let It Go”

How can you not smile and dance with every listen? Rich Aucoin, you sir are truly a musical wizard.


16. Rick Ross- “Sanctified (feat. Kanye West & Big Sean)”

“All I want’s a 100 million dollars and a bad bitch.” PREACH!


15. Thumpers- “Tame”

The standout track from the British duo’s highly impressive debut LP.


14. Jenny Lewis- “She’s Not Me”

A scorned Jenny Lewis generally leads to some of indie rock’s greatest hits, and outfitted with blazing guitar riffs from Ryan Adams and even more heated vocals from Lady Lewis, “Shes Not Me” doesn’t disappoint.


13. Future Islands- “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

Much like The War On Drugs’ “Red Eyes,” if you haven’t heard this one you’ve probably been stranded on a desert island for all of 2014. Plus frontman Sam Herring’s dance moves are absolutely on-point. Be advised that there’s a chance you may become pregnant after viewing this gif.


12. Yellerkin- “Tools”

Adrian Galvin and Luca Buccellati strike folktronica-dance-pop gold with “Tools”. Yeah, we’re definitely going to trademark that one.


11. Sufjan Stevens- “A Little Lost”

Sufjan Stevens reigns supreme at creating lush electronic arrangements, and succeeds at it once again on this beautiful, piano-centric reimagining of Arthur Russell’s ode to kissing.


10. Kishi Bashi- “The Ballad of Mr. Steak”

“The Ballad of Mr. Steak” is a wacky, whirlwind anthem about a cut of red meat that’s equal parts classical, digital and disco.


9. Spoon- “Do You”

Only Britt Daniel and Spoon can make something as simple as eating popsicles on a hot day seem so cool. Terrible Dad-pun totally intended.


8. Alvvays- “Archie, Marry Me”

“Archie, Marry Me” emits blissed-out vibes all while frontlady Molly Rankin sings of her man’s pragmatic dismissal of conventional marriage. A perfect juxtaposition.


7. Girls Guns and Glory- “Rockin’ Chair Money”

It might be blasphemy to say that these Boston based country rock crooners have outdone the Hank Williams original, but they’ve outdone the Hank Williams original.


6. The Griswolds- “Beware the Dog”

Australian newcomers The Griswolds dropped this trop-pop party tune this summer, which features a shout-a-long chorus with some extremely gratifying expletives.


5. Bleachers- “I Wanna Get Better”

This song has been everywhere in 2014 and we mean everywhere. Though it still remains to be seen if Jack Antonoff’s solo efforts will eclipse the success of Fun., we can safely say that he’s well on his way.


4. Ryan Adams- “Gimme Something Good”

Shimmery, sleek, and radio-ready aren’t normally adjectives that are used to describe Ryan Adams songs, but none of those words should be misconstrued or taken out of context as we mean them in the best way possible.


3. Shakey Graves- “Dearly Departed (feat. Esme Patterson) “

What made Shakey Graves’ And The War Came one of the finest releases of 2014 was the earnest and thoughtful songwriting found throughout, and “Dearly Departed” is no exception. Though Alejandro Rose-Garcia’s approach on this track comes off as slightly humorous, he’s still a country crooner at heart and of all the things a country crooner loves we’d say lost loves and untimely breakups have to be near the top of the list. Rose-Garcia’s chemistry with Esmé Patterson on this playful duet is undeniable and I’ll be damned if anyone out there isn’t signing right along with them once the last chorus rolls around.


2. Ages and Ages- “Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)”

In the most holy church of indie music, Ages and Ages provided the ultimate hymn of 2014. “Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)” begins with a simple call to action: “do the right thing, do the right thing… don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering.” This line is repeated over and over again, yet each time it gains more meaning and weight, thanks to the strings, piano and group vocals that layer on along the way. Inspiring without a hint of preachiness (and here’s the proof), “Divisionary” is a modern-day gospel hymn of the very highest degree.


1. Tweedy- “Diamond Light Pt. 1”

Our #1 song of 2014 could have been a B-side to our #1 song of 2011, but that’s certainly not to say that it should be treated as a leftover from some abandoned Wilco sessions. This song is the sonic summation of Tweedy, and by that we mean both Jeff and Spencer. For all the critics out there who thought it cute that 47 year old Jeff Tweedy made a record with his teenage son, they can look no further than “Diamond Light Pt. 1” to dispel any preconceived notions they may have held. The younger Tweedy’s mastery of the drum kit on this track will quiet any pundits out there who chalked up Spencer’s involvement on the album to nepotism. All familial relations aside, this six-minute journey of a song is as inspiring as it is unusual and it’s that eerie mystique which kept us fixated on this track all year.


December Spotify Playlist of the Month

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M&T Spotify Playlist of the Month December 2014

The Santa Pig is back and that can only mean one thing…it’s December once again folks. Don’t ask us how we got here, but we’ve nearly made it through another year. To get you through the final days of 2014 we’ve compiled a playlist of only the freshest of jams to bring us into 2015. This month features new tunes from Diarrhea Planet, Júniús Meyvant (who are going to have a HUGE 2015, heard it here first people), Rah Rah, Misun, Shamir, and many more. Check out the full 20-track playlist below and make sure to subscribe for fresh jams every month!

American Field Brooklyn Curated Playlist

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American Field Brooklyn

Back in September Maimed & Tamed booked 10 local folk and Americana acts to perform as part of Ball and Buck’s Boston edition of American Field. This weekend American Field will take to Brooklyn and once again the music will be brought to you by none other than the fine folks from M&T. Our team curated a playlist of some of the best folk, Americana, bluegrass, blues, and soul music to help set the vibe for this weekend’s festivities. While you browse through the finest in American made apparel, wares, and other various products we hope the sounds of Houndmouth, Deer Tick, Uncle Tupelo, Lucero, and many many more will make you feel like eating cherry pie and reading the Constitution.

Check out the full playlist below and make sure to stop by 274 36th St in Brooklyn between 10am and 6pm on Nov 22 and 23 for an All-American experience you won’t want to miss. Get all the details you need on American Field here before heading to Brooklyn this weekend.

Win $200 in Concert Tickets from Rukkus

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Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your audiophile friends? We’ve got you covered. NYC based ticketing site Rukkus is giving away $200 worth of concert tickets and we’ve got the scoop on how you could win. There are two ways you can enter and they’re both quick and easy:

  • Send an email to giveaway@rukkus.com with a four sentence poem describing your favorite live music experience
  • Tweet “I just entered to win $200 in concert tickets from rukkus.com #jointherukkus”

So what are you waiting for? Click here for full details and your name could be called when the winner is announced On December 1.

Tall Heights Sofar Boston Live Video Premiere

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Tall Heights Sofar Boston Video PremiereHere at Maimed & Tamed we are men (and woman) of many hats. One other hat that I wear is as one of the founders of Sofar Sounds Boston. I poured my heart out about my experiences with Sofar in a post last November and I can safely say that a year later I am still as excited, if not more, with what we are doing in the local music scene.

Back in March Sofar Boston hosted three of the most talented bands (and ones that we have covered extensively on this blog) in the region at a loft space in Allston. You can read more about that show here, but we can assure you that Darlingside, Parsonsfield (formerly Poor Old Shine), and Tall Heights all gave incredible performances. That’s why we are extremely excited to premiere the live video from that show featuring “The Running of the Bulls” by Tall Heights. To be at the show was an experience in and of itself, but we were thrilled with how the audio and video from this particular track turned out, especially with the beautiful cello sound that stringmaster Paul Wright was able to produce that night. Before we go too far off on a tangent about our love for Sofar Sounds and the local music scene, check out the aforementioned video below and scroll down to grab tickets for Folk The Cold, a concert on December 27th at The Sinclair featuring both Tall Heights and Darlingside along with our pals The Ballroom Thieves. Don’t forget to sign up to attend a Sofar Boston show in the future, we’d love nothing more than to see some M&T followers at our next show.


Folk The Cold Tix

November Spotify Playlist of the Month

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Maimed & Tamed Spotify Playlist of the Month November 2014

It’s been a lazy month here at M&T HQ in terms of post volume, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been toiling away in the toy shop to bring you a kickass playlist this month. So without further ado we bring you our November Spotify Playlist of the Month, featuring 5 bonus tracks! You heard it right folks, we’ve got 20 fresh jams plus another 5 tasty tracks for your aural pleasure. This month features new cuts from Boston locals like Animal Flag, Ruby Rose Fox, Soft Pyramids, and Matthew Connor, alongside Shakey Graves, The Barr Brothers, Weezer, and one monster of a jam by Yellerkin. Once again the incredible artwork is provided by none other than @sandmanmusic. Check out the full 25-track playlist below and make sure to subscribe for fresh jams every month!

Low Key Release Debut EP Ship Without An Anchor

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Whoever said don’t judge a book by its cover certainly is not alway right. Case in point, Low Key’s debut release Ship Without An Anchor. I mean, how awesome is that album artwork? Luckily for the band, and for us, they’ve got the musical chops to go with the album cover. The local quintet blends styles ranging from funk to folk and rock to dance-pop all in the span of 6 songs. It’s quite the feat for a debut release, but it shouldn’t come as any surprise since the band’s members have been hard at work on these songs since early 2012. The EP’s first single, “Natalie”, showcases the band’s pop/funk side along with some tasty harmonies, but it’s the title track and EP closer that caught our attention. It’s a swirling epic that captures the seafaring vibe from the album’s artwork, and also makes for the perfect closer for the band’s first release.

You can grab yourself a copy of the full EP for a measly, and very much worthwhile, $5 via the bandcamp link below.

Download EP


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