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Summer In The Winter

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Let’s face it, winter in New England can suck. Walking a mile plus to work with ice cold gusts blowing off of a frozen Charles really puts a damper on your spirit. I’ve chosen that the best way to deal with this is drown my sorrows in surf rock and warm tunes that make me think of summer. In this playlist you will find a wide range of jams. 70’s British surf rock band The Barracudas book end the list with classic …

The Vaccines w/ San Cisco at The Paradise 1/29/2013

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On Tuesday the 29th of Janurary the British lad rock band The Vaccines visited Boston. Being a lover of their past two albums, this has been a show I have been looking forward to immensely. The sold out show brought The Paradise a capacity crowd with a line winding down Comm Ave from 6 PM on. Accompannying The Vaccines were Australian pop rockers San Cisco who opened the show with upbeat songs and a little Australian warmth. San Cisco came …

M&T Grew Some Robot Ears in 2012

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We’re not the biggest fans of this whole EDM craze, but hey everything in moderation right? That’s why we compiled a Spotify playlist to get your robot ears tingling with some of our favorite electronic tunes from 2012. Grab your pacifier, put in your headphones, and press play.

M&T Best UK Artists of 2012

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The music coming out of the UK recently has just been amazing. I think this year really shows how influential the British music continues to be globally. We have seen major British bands like Coldplay, Muse and even the Rolling Stones release albums and headline major international tours. The appeal British rock has is that it finds its roots in American Blues and Folk which makes it so relatable yet distinct in its own way. This year we have seen 5 bands …

Jake Bugg; a rising star in the UK

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Jake Bugg has made an almost instant impact in the United Kingdom and the buzz surrounding his self titled debut album, which won’t even be released until October, has been overwhelmingly positive. His single “Lightning Bolt” is instantly catchy and will have your foot tapping as he utilizes his distinctive low fi sounding vocals while alternating between accoustic and eletric guitar. The real amazing thing is that he is only 18 with an impressive touring record, including 2011’s Glastonbury Festival, already under his belt. Check out …

Just Listen: The Vaccines (with notes)

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http://www.thevaccines.co.uk/us/music/releases/singles_eps/no-hope/ I am obsessed with The Vaccines and revel in almost anything they release. Their new single “No Hope” off their next album continues this trend and makes me beyond excited for the release of their next album. Their 2011 album What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? took the XFM’s album of the year earlier in 2012 and their continued success will hopefully get them stateside ASAP. Until that time though, just appreciate their new single “No Hope” and the extremely catchy cover of R. Stevie Moore’s …

New Music Monday: The Cribs

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The Cribs have made a name for themselves by constantly releasing new albums and touring heavily for the past decade. Yet how did they go under my radar for so long? Luckily the well timed release of their most recent album In the Belly of the Brazen Bull coincided with my recent fascination with everything British. This release has almost everything I am looking for in an album. The loud start provided by the lead track “Glitters Like Gold” then diving right into my favorite single off …

Newport Folk Festival Spotlight: Brunch Sessions w/Spirit Family Reunion

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What’s better than bacon? Bacon and mimosas one might say. What’s better than bacon and mimosas? How about bacon, mimosas and live music? Yeah I would say that’s as good as it gets. Now combine the hospitality of a group of people you have never met, but treats you like a good friend, and you get Brunch Sessions presented by Brewery Sessions, Music Savage & Trillium Brewery. Hosted in a spacious loft apartment in the South End of Boston, one walks past the security guards and …

Gold & Youth: The Attention They Deserve

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I know that I said more to come on Gold & Youth and I wasn’t lying. Unfortunately I don’t have control of when their upcoming album Beyond Wilderness is being released so I can’t tell you how sexy, ethereal, hypnotic, dark or trance inducing the album will surely be with 100% positivity. I can tell you though that Gold & Youth are masters at teasing those that they have ensnared with their subtle synths, throbbing base lines, mysterious voices and …

Newport Folk Festival Lineup 2012 Lineup Announcement

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After last night’s lineup announcement party we still have not finished soaking in and digesting the list of artists who will be appearing at the 2012 edition of the festival. The list features NFF standbys like Ben Sollee and Dawes, big name headliners like My Morning Jacket and Jackson Browne and artists from the folk fests of years past like The Kossoy Sisters and Spider John Koerner. There’s so much to take in, but we couldn’t resist sharing a few …