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M&T 20 Best Tracks of 2010: #19

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#19. Peter Wolf Crier-“Hard As Nails” For our #19 song of the year we chose “Hard as Nails” by Peter Wolf Crier off of their debut LP Inter-Be. The Minneapolis based duo of singer-guitarist Peter Pisano and drummer-producer Brian Moen have worked with a multitude of different groups before (Wars of 1812, Laarks and Amateur Love to name a few), but this is the first time that they have worked together. What resulted from this collaboration was the creation of …

Cat Scratch Fever

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Everyone loves Ted Nugent and his crazy antics, not to mention his impeccable shredding abilities. In this post I would like to focus on the latter of those two characteristics as we witness below that even a 20 year old Nuge could melt faces like no other. His time with the Amboy Dukes was certainly a springboard for his solo career and a sign of great things to come. Enjoy the video as Nuge directs you on a “Journey to …

New Music Mondays: Midnight Juggernauts

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As we transition back in to New Music Mondays, I have another not so new song for you guys, but at least it came out in the last 6 months so throw me a bone here. The song is “Fade to Red” and the band is Midnight Juggernauts. This song is off of their latest album The Crystal Axis, which some critics have hailed as Midnight Juggernauts’ attempt at Dark Side of the Moon. Although this album is no where …

My Morning Wood

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I know that everyone’s My Morning Jacket boner is growing as the rumblings and grumblings are beginning to emerge surrounding MMJ’s sixth LP which is due out in the spring. They have already been rocking some tracks off of the new disc in their live sets and needless to say, all of us here at Maimed and Tamed are extremely excited to hear the final product. Actually that is an understatement, I feel like I should heed the warnings from …

Not So New Music Monday

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I know that everyone was disappointed with the lack of new music last Monday, so I figured I would come back with something a little more different and spice things up a bit. This Van Mo track is perfect for the transition into the cold winter months and also appears on my favorite Van Morrison album of all time, Hard Nose the Highway. Not only does that album kick ass all the way through, it also has some of the …


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Gearing up for French class next semester with the original French badass, Jacques Dutronc. This song was introduced to me by my worldly friend Trevor who is a big fan of French culture. The last time that I took French was freshman year, but I think that the musical stylings of Dutronc will be enough to bring me up to speed. The song below, “Et moi, Et moi, Et moi…” was featured in the 2002 Matt Dillon film City of …

New Music Mondays: Silver Swans

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Silver Swans have been making some waves recently in the music world and if you haven’t heard of them, they are a “dream pop” duo out of San Francisco and you can listen to the title track off of their new¬†Secrets EP below. This track really caught my attention when I first heard it and you can definitely tell why it is classified as dream pop. Listening to this song makes you feel like lead singer Ann Yu (also singer …

The Good Ole Days

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I am working on a research project about 1960s American counterculture and its music and I came across this gem while looking for some inspiration. God I wish I was in college in the ’60s.

New Music Mondays: Generationals

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The New Orleans band Generationals are releasing a new EP tomorrow called Trust. Take a listen to one of the new tracks “Victim of Trap” below.

Dawes Royale Boston 11/6/2010

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Tonight I went to see Dawes play at the Royale, formerly the Roxy, in Boston. Earlier in the day the Goldsmith brothers played a free acoustic set at Newbury Comics in Faneuil Hall which I was able to attend as well. Both sets featured songs from their debut release North Hills as well as their forthcoming disc which is due out next year. The second set kicked off with “My Girl to Me” and a whole lot of Springsteen swagger …