M&T Best Songs of 2015

M&T Best Songs of 2015

To say 2015 was an incredible year for music would be an understatement. That means sifting and sorting through hundreds of tracks to choose the “best” songs from the year was quite the tall task. In the end we settled on 50 tracks, though we easily could have created a list double or triple that size with tunes that were just as good as those included below. Take a look at the full list and make sure to subscribe to our Spotify playlist of this year’s top tracks using the link below.

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50. Wolf Alice- “Your Loves Whore”

49. Natalie Prass- “My Baby Don’t Understand Me”

48. Lady Lamb- “Penny Licks”

47. Diet Cig- “Sleep Talk”

46. Long Time- “Victory March”

45. Tunde Olaniran- “Namesake”

44. Gallant- “Weight In Gold”

43. Miike Snow- “Heart Is Full”

42. Trails and Ways- “Skeletons”

41. Sjowgren- “Seventeen”

40. My Morning Jacket- “Spring (Among The Living)”

39. DILLY DALLY- “Desire”

38. Sun Club- “Tropicoller Lease”

37. EL VY- “Return To The Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo)”

36. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats- “S.O.B.”

35. Only Real- “Backseat Kissers”

34. The Tallest Man On Earth- “Timothy”

33. Sam Cohen- “Let The Mountain Come To You”

32. Wilco- “Where Do I Begin”

31. Weezer- “Do You Wanna Get High?”

30. Foals- “Mountain At My Gates”

29. Ratatat- “Cream On Chrome”

28. The Arcs- “Put A Flower In Your Pocket”

27. Sufjan Stevens- “Should Have Known Better”

26. Saintseneca- “River”

25. The Cribs- “Different Angle”

24. The Vaccines- “Denial”

23. Bully- “Trying”

22. Desaparecidos- “City on the Hill”

21. Built to Spill- “So”

20. The Decemberists- “A Beginning Song”

Not only is it a damn good road trip song, it’s just a damn good song period.

19. Titus Andronicus- “Fatal Flaw”

A full-on romp of a jam with a singalong chorus makes it the standout track from TA’s 90 minute opus The Most Lamentable Tragedy.

18. The Ballroom Thieves- “Lantern”

We’ve been following this Boston trio nearly from the very beginning and after years of waiting we can safely say that their debut LP surpassed any and all expectations. It was tough to choose just one track to include, but it in the end it always came back to “Lantern.”

17. Hop Along- “Well-dressed”

Again, tough to pick just one here, but “Well-dressed” takes the cake for the most intriguing offering from Frances Quinlan and co.

16. Houndmouth- “For No One”

This time around Houndmouth’s true winner of a track wasn’t when they pushed the foot-stomping into overdrive, it was when they peeled back all the layers and got down to the basics.

15. Billington Sea- “Goodbye Old Friend”

Folk songwriting at its finest.

14. Level & Tyson- “Tied Up”

Hopefully this year’s Gruesome Twosome isn’t the last we hear from these Norwegian indie darlings.

13. Toro y Moi- “Empty Nesters”

Chazwick Bundick strikes again. This time with more guitars.

12. Hey Rosetta!- “Neon Beyond”

Dare we say the best Canadian indie band of 2015?

11. Here We Go Magic- “Ordinary Feeling”

A criminally underrated band and a criminally underrated jam.

10. Born Ruffians- “When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away”

“I feel like it’s nice to think the world falls apart when I go to sleep. Then I like to think the world comes together the second I wake.”

If we had a list for best lyrics of the year this one might be near the top.

9. Tame Impala- “‘Cause I’m A Man”

Didn’t think it was possible to have a song stuck in my head for a whole summer until I heard this one.

8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra- “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”

Instead of looking at your Instagram every two seconds, dance to this jam instead. It’s much healthier for you.

7. My Morning Jacket- “Tropics (Erase Traces)”

That guitar solo though…

6. Hot Chip- “Huarache Lights”

I don’t know who, where, or what Huarache is, but I’m glad it existed to inspire this oh so danceable jam.

5. Diet Cig- “Harvard”

Another challenger for best lyrics of the year.

4. Animal Flag- “Cathedrals”

Savor every second of this 10+ minute epic because you’re going to wish it was longer as soon as it ends.

3. Iron & Wine + Ben Bridwell- “Coyote”

Somehow this collaborative track is a cover of this song. I don’t know what Sam Beam and Ben Bridwell were on when they re-arranged this one, but I want some of whatever it was asap.

2. Alabama Shakes- “Gimme All Your Love”

The lyrics, the power of Brittany Howard’s voice, the guitar tone in Heath Fogg’s solo, all of it is just perfect.

1. The Districts- “Young Blood”

Holy guitars Batman. Don’t be scared off by this track’s nearly 9 minute long runtime, because much like Animal Flag’s “Cathedrals,” you’ll want to run this one back as soon as it ends. Often albums released near the beginning of the year are forgotten when it comes to best of lists, but A Flourish and a Spoil and this track especially, stood the test of time. Do yourself a favor and go see this band live whenever you can because 1) This song is even more epic in concert 2) They’re going to start selling out theatres before you know it and 3) Because I said so. Shouldn’t that be reason enough?

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