Cross Country Songbook: Setting Out

Cross Country Songbook: Setting Out

As we drive from Brooklyn to Nashville on the initial leg of this journey, we bring you our first M&T curated playlist for the Cross Country Songbook. This playlist, entitled Setting Out, aims to capture the swirl of reflective, yet hopeful emotions we’re feeling as we hit the road, along with a handful of tunes that are perfect companions for a long highway drive. Read on below to find out why each song was included and make sure to listen/subscribe to the full playlist via Spotify at the bottom of the page.

The Decemberists – “A Beginning Song”

When I started thinking about leaving everything behind and hitting the road for 7 weeks, this is the first song that came to mind, and it doesn’t hurt either that the title is quite fitting.

Built to Spill – “Strange”

“This strange plan is random at best,” is what I imagine everyone is thinking when I tell them about this project.

Peter Bjorn and John – “Objects Of My Affection”

The chorus is a perfect reflection of the apprehension and subsequent reassurance I’ve felt about this trip over the past few weeks.

Rogue Wave – “Harmonium”

This song has been by my side on so many road trips over the years that it wouldn’t have felt right without it making an appearance on this playlist.

Tall Heights – “Eastern Standard Time”

An ode to the time zone I’ll be missing for the next 7 weeks.

New Order – “Age of Consent”

This one is not only a classic, but it’s also dying to be in the opening credits of an angsty road trip flick, amiright?

Delta Spirit – “Bushwick Blues”

Because it’s sad to be leaving Brooklyn behind, but also because it’s a damn good driving song.

Good Times Cocaine – “Back To You”

Another damn good driving song with a Brooklyn connection.

Doves – “Pounding”

The pulsating beat sets the driving pace on the highway, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they wrote the lyrics for this one in the midst of a long road trip.

Futurebirds – “Wild Heart”

This version from the Athens, GA rockers basically trims Stevie Nicks’ original down to just its chorus, which is the perfect fit for a long drive with the windows down.

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