Maimed & Tamed Presents: Cross Country Songbook

Artwork by Paul Rollinger

Artwork by Paul Rollinger

After years of covering our beloved Boston, and now Brooklyn music scenes, we decided it was time to take Maimed & Tamed on the road. During August and September we will be traveling across these great United States to bring you the Cross Country Songbook. Now you’re probably thinking, what’s a Cross Country Songbook? Glad you asked. As we travel from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and back we’ll be stopping in various cities along the way to learn more about local music scenes. In addition to presenting playlists and travel recommendations from our local liaisons in each city, the M&T crew will also be curating a series of playlists inspired by the landscape and scenery we pass through as we drive between each stop.

In each city we’ll be asking our local liaisons to provide two things for our readers:

  1. Curate a playlist that embodies their local indie music scene. The songs could be by bands who are currently playing the local circuit, legacy acts who helped to shape what the scene is today, or a mix of both. We want you, the readers, to experience the city through the eyes (or ears) of a local.
  2. Tell our readers about their favorite spots in town, music related or otherwise. It could be their favorite record store, the DIY venue where everyone in the know goes for shows, the go-to late-night eatery, the new art gallery everyone is talking about, etc. This project is intended to appeal to everyone out there on the internet who is interested in both music and travel. For each location we visit we want to leave you the readers with some ideas for unique places to check out if you’re ever in that city.

We’ll be documenting our journey here and on social media so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And since hashtags are so in these days you’ll be able to find all of our posts with #CrossCountrySongbook too. While you’re at it give a follow to the one and only Mr. Paul Rollinger who created the wonderful artwork above.

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved in the project send an email to yours truly at eric[at] with ‘Cross Country Songbook’ in the subject. We’ll be stopping in all the cities below and would be willing to make a detour if you promise us cool bands and a couch to crash on.




Santa Fe


Salt Lake City



San Francisco

Los Angeles

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