Exclusive Premiere: Hayley Sabella – “Speak To Me Loud (Anchour Remix)”

Last year one of our favorite Massachusetts based songwriters, Hayley Sabella, released her full-length album King Solomon, which featured the beautifully minimalist track “Speak To Me Loud.” Now the fine folks at Anchour Studio in Windham, Maine have given “Speak To Me Loud” a remix treatment that turns the solitary and contemplative original into a bona fide summer jam. Take a listen to the original and then try not to get out of your seat and dance while you stream the remix below.

If you’re in Boston make sure to catch Hayley opening for Jason Myles Goss’ album release at Club Passim this weekend on July 11.

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2 Responses to Exclusive Premiere: Hayley Sabella – “Speak To Me Loud (Anchour Remix)”

  1. Brian White

    Normally i wouldn’t approve of messing with a Sabella original but I really love this hybrid. I think it could go nationwide. Push, push, push!

  2. Martha

    I really like that song. You sound great. Not much of the modern music out there I can say that I really like, and you have a clarity I haven’t heard in awhile.

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