SXNE 2014 Feature: Road Trip Fuel

Photo by Alice Seuffert

Boston to Austin can be quite the long trip depending on your mode of transportation and no matter how you get to Texas, you’re bound to get hungry along the way. We asked this year’s South by Northeast artists what snacks fuel their road trips and here is what we got–

Girls Guns and Glory (Ward Hayden)– As a band we tend to stick with the tired and true Cliff bars. They pack a punch in terms of energy and are available at most gas stations these days. Plus, they seem to be a good alternative to chips or candy, which can be a little too easy to go for on the road.

OldJack (Dan Nicklin)– We are flying,which I hate,  so Xanax.

The Silks (Matt Donnelly)– (This is terrible)  Mostly beef jerky & Haribo gummy bears.  Honest.

The Ballroom Thieves (Martin Earley)– We used to think that trail mix was our go-to road snack, so we included it on our college rider. Lately, however, all the colleges we’ve been playing have been so great about actually fulfilling said rider that we’re left with what I can only describe as a metric shit-ton of different trail mixes. Our van is a squirrel’s fantasy – you’ll find bags of trail mix tucked away in all kinds of corners.

Cask Mouse– Meat. Our second stop on tour is in NY, and we will be stopping at Katz’s Deli to pick up lots of delicious meat.

Ruby Rose Fox– I’m lucky, as I am playing solo and can jump on a direct flight from Austin to Boston.  But make no mistake, there will be gummy worms and sour patch kids consumed at 30,000 ft.

Spirit Kid (Emeen Zarookian)– Ha, well, luckily we planned ahead this time and got plane tickets way in advance (remember, say NO to stand-by), so we won’t actually be driving down. BUT, either on a plane or in a car, I love to have a bag of assorted nuts around always. It’s a great and healthy snack!

Mean Creek (Chris Keene)– I love sweet things like M&M’s and diet coke. Aurore has been known to enjoy Hot Fries. Kevin likes Bugels. Mikey once spent his last dollar on tour on a Mcdonald’s ice cream. We all like Mcdonald’s ice cream even though we are 75% vegetarian and that place’s food is essentially a steaming pile of shit.

Matt Sucich– Stacy’s Pita Chips go with me everywhere. I don’t even need something to dip it in. Straight up, dry pita chips.

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