SXNE 2014 Feature: Bands Bring New Music To Austin

At SXSW everyone has something to promote, and things are no different for the bands playing this year’s South by Northeast showcase sponsored by yours truly. Lucky for you nearly every SXNE band we talked to has either recently released new music or has some new tunes set to be released soon. Read on below to see what bands like The Ballroom Thieves, Girls Guns and Glory, and Mean Creek have coming through the musical pipeline.

Spirit Kid (Emeen Zarookian)– Spirit Kid’s new record Is Happening is coming out March 25! I am beyond excited about it, as it’s been 4 years since our last LP (although there have been numerous singles and EPs since). I finally feel like I have made a record that is a true representation of my songwriting and aesthetic values. We are close to wrapping up what is turning out to be a very successful PledgeMusic campaign to raise funds for the pressing of vinyl LPs, which has been a life-long dream of mine.

Mean Creek (Chris Keene)– We have a new album called “Local Losers” coming out April 8. Our friends at Old Flame Records are putting it out. Really excited to go down and play a bunch of songs off of it.

Matt Sucich– I’ve been streaming my new single “The Lonely Dreamer” which will conveniently be made available on iTunes during SX.

Cask Mouse– We are promoting our single “Bull” from our record Heartbeat Of The Northeast.

Girls Guns and Glory (Ward Hayden)– We have a new album that came out in Feb called Good Luck. We’ll be touring for most of 2014 in the US and Europe behind this new album and SXSW kicks off what will be a pretty long stretch of dates around the US.

The Silks (Matt Donnelly)– We recently released our debut album Last American Band which was produced by Paul Westerberg (The Replacements) @ Flowers Studio in Minneapolis, MN.   We’ll be tryin’ to sling that around town for sure.

The Ballroom Thieves (Martin Earley)– We’ll be promoting our new, eponymous EP, as well as a string of tour dates that extends beyond summer and into the fall. Our touring schedule has definitely expanded since last year, and we’re excited to be hitting the road! We’ll be getting into the studio to work on a new project this summer, but we’ll have to keep you in the relative dark there, for now.

Ruby Rose Fox– I am currently writing and recording songs for an album to be released this Fall.  That is my focus right now.  But more than anything I am going down to promote the Boston scene, support my friends and see what SXSW is all about.

OldJack (Dan Nicklin)– We will have some copies of new record which is done but has no release date.

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