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Maimed & Tamed is beyond proud to sponsor this year’s South by Northeast aka SXNE showcase in Austin taking place on March 14 and 15 at Big Bang Bar on 6th St. For those of you who aren’t in the know about this wonderful BOS-AUS event, we’ve got you covered. We went straight to the source, Mr. Dan Nicklin of OldJack, to get you the info you need to prepare for Boston’s 48 hour hostile takeover of Austin. Read on for what Dan had to say about the origins of SXNE, what it means for the Boston scene, and more. And don’t forget to check out the Facebook event page for the full SXNE lineup and RSVP info.

Maimed & Tamed: Tell us about how South by Northeast got started, where did the idea come from and who was involved?

Dan Nicklin: Crystal [band manager Crystal Margolis] and I were trying to get the Chicago house together for SXNE, which we threw as an impromptu party last year, with our friends Pete Boyd and Richard Bouchard.  Turned out they made it a wine bar.  So we went looking for a new space.  The idea is to give our friends and New England area bands that are making the trip a second show to play, or even a first one to get the momentum started.  Once Crystal found the venue we were able to reach out to Defunct Tees for some sponsorship and get the two days for the Festival locked in.  Then I started checking with friends who were going down this year or who needed a show and we booked the first 14 acts.  With the recent news of the Outlaw Roadshow canceling we once again started hitting up folks for sponsors and locked in the Friday night as well.  We were able to land a few, as you know, and we shuffled around the schedules and were able to land another 7 New England area bands.

M&T: How does holding this showcase down in Austin help to foster growth in the local music community here in Boston?

DN: Anytime you get a group of bands together from a region it always benefits the bands.  You see it with the Rock n Roll Rumble, the Outlaw Roadshow, last year’s SXNE, etc.  Since we booked this show OldJack has already booked two gigs with The Silks, and I would think all the bands will do similar things.  There is something about it, you will see.  Moe Pope and I really met through the BOS-AUS Digg show a few years back and he is playing SXNE this year.

M&T: Obviously the lineup is amazing from front to back, but who you are you most excited to share the stage with? Anyone that you’re excited to play with that you wouldn’t normally have the chance to in Boston?

DN: I have played with almost every band on the bill except The Silks, Tan Vampires and Friendly People, so I am excited to fill that void.  But to be honest, seeing J.Clark Webber and Josh Buckley are really the treats for me.  Webber was in the first band I produced and recorded, and both he and Josh are Boston area guys that have moved away.  I actually think they are both from Acton?

M&T: What are some tips you can give to local bands who may have never been to SXSW before?

DN: Take it all in, Pace Yourself, and buy a portable cell phone battery (or two).

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