SXNE 2014 Feature: Friendly People

If you’ll be descending upon Austin for SXSW like so many others in the music/tech biz, you’d be remiss to not catch a set from Maimed & Tamed favorites Friendly People. The Boston/Brooklyn based band will be performing 3 sets during music week, including official showcases presented by Sonicbids and Berklee plus the South by Northeast showcase sponsored by yours truly. Ahead of their trip down to Austin we caught up with Friendly People lead singer, Pat McCusker, to chat about their return to Austin, a brand new video, trail mix, and more. Read on for the full interview and the band’s SXSW schedule, but if you won’t be down in Austin for SXSW you can still catch the band this Sunday March 9th at Middle East Upstairs (tix below).

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Maimed & Tamed: Is this your first time at SXSW? If so what are you most excited for? If not what is the most important thing you learned from your last SXSW experience?

Friendly People: This will be our second year in a row at SXSW.  The biggest lesson we took out of last year was to not overbook ourselves.  We did something like eleven shows in four days.  Because of that, we got super exhausted and weren’t able to devote enough attention and promotion to each show.  This year, we’re trimming it down and choosing our shows wisely!

M&T: The South by Northeast lineup is loaded with awesome local talent, for you what makes the Boston and larger New England music scenes so great?

FP: Boston is such an appreciative music community.  Everyone goes out to each other’s shows and supports each other’s music.  The fans are so supportive and it’s always exciting when a local band comes out with a new record.  It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by such a humble music scene.

M&T: What will you be promoting during your trip to SXSW? A new record in the works? Upcoming tour dates?

FP: We just came out with a brand new video for a song called ‘Hello Montana’.  We will be spreading the word about this video and plan to release the song on a record later this year.

M&T: Boston to Austin can be a long trip depending on your mode of transportation, what’s your go-to snack on the road?

FP: Trader Joe’s Omega Trek Mix!  Nuts and berries fo dayzzzz.

M&T: Give me two adjectives to describe what fans can expect from your set at South by Northeast.

FP: Energetic.  Dynamic.

M&T: Finish this sentence– In 2014 Friendly People will…

FP: In 2014, Friendly People will release new music.

Friendly People @ SXSW 2014 
Thursday 3/13 at 1230pm – Berklee Official Showcase – Brush Square Park West Tent 409 E 5th St
Friday 3/14 at 2pm – Sonicbids Official Showcase – Maggie Mae’s (upstairs) 323 E 6th St
Friday 3/14 at 910pm – South by Northeast Showcase – Big Bang Bar 415 E 6th St
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