M&T Best EPs of 2013

2013 is almost over, but we’ve still got a few more days to share our favorites from the year that was. This time we’re kicking things off with our favorite EPs from 2013. Some may argue that EPs should be lumped in with albums when it comes to end-of-year lists, but we like to do things the logical way here at M&T so we’ll be comparing apples to apples and keeping the oranges separate. Check out the list below and subscribe to a playlist of one track from each EP here.

10. The Vaccines- Melody Calling EP

A prime example of a British band that does not get the credit they are due here in the States. Following the release of back to back full-length records in 2011 and 2012, the West Londoners slightly slowed down their creative output with the 3-song (plus 1 remix) Melody Calling EP. Although the band has released nearly 30 songs over the last 3 years, they certainly haven’t lost their knack for writing catchy rock songs as is clearly evidenced by Melody Calling standout “Do You Want a Man?”


9. Tan Vampires- Ephemera

On Ephemera Tan Vampires have dug deeper into the sound they created on 2011’s For Physical Fitness, an album that we absolutely adored here at M&T. Although it’s a bit lengthy for what is commonly perceived as an EP these days, every track definitely deserves its place. There’s no filler whatsoever and maybe that’s what grabbed James Franco’s ear too.


8. Wildcat! Wildcat!- Wildcat! Wildcat!

This EP racked up a ton of plays on my Spotify this year and solely between the songs “Mr. Quiche” and “Garden Grays”, the other two tracks aren’t bad either. Hopefully a full album and the festival circuit await their future in 2014.


7. Rubblebucket- Save Charlie

Rubblebucket’s EP Save Charlie has it all. A great opening single in “Save Charlie”, a Doobie Brothers cover in “What a Fool Believes” and a couple of remixes featuring artists that make doing a cover of a cover an electronic treat.


6. Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard- Stuck on the Sunrise

Our favorite folk singer turned sunglasses-wearing-BAMF and jack-of-all-trades producer returned in 2013 with Stuck on the Sunrise, their 4 song follow-up to 2011’s New Men Old Boys. Jake Hill and Charley Hustle turned out yet another EP of catchy yet contemplative tracks highlighted by “Never Seen Runaway,” a tune that perfectly blends Hustle’s smooth vocals and expert production alongside Hill’s signature snarl.


5. Joy Kill Sorrow- Wide Awake

The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” has been a staple of the band’s live show over the last few years, but we hope the beauty of that cover doesn’t distract you from the rest of Wide Awake. Songs like “Was It You” and “Jake” are both perfect examples of Jacob Jollif’s virtuoso mandolin skills and Emma Beaton’s sultry vocals, big reasons why we fell in love with JKS in the first place.


4. TV Girl- Lonely Women

5 perfectly packaged tracks of synth-pop bliss. With the subtle laid back nature of the EP it’s tough to say that it “screams SoCal” but you’ll get what we mean after one listen. Also one of our favorite acts of CMJ 2013, look for TV Girl to continue making waves in 2014.


3. Tango In The Attic- Crushed Up

In 2012 the Scotsmen of Tango In The Attic took the prize of M&T’s top album with the absolutely stunning Sellotape. Their 2013 follow-up did not fail to impress either as Crushed Up continues to explore the band’s innovative approach to songwriting that was established on Sellotape.


2. The Ballroom Thieves- The Ballroom Thieves EP

2013 was a big year for these Boston locals- an opening slot for Dispatch at Summerfest, the release of their follow-up to 2012’s The Devil & The Deep, a sold-out headlining show at The Sinclair, and that’s all just in the last 6 months. Their self-titled EP includes 4 tracks familiar to those who have attended a Thieves show over the last year, and also does an incredible job of capturing the trio’s live sound. Each song deserves its own praise, but with every listen “Coward’s Son” never fails to raise the hair on my neck and cover my arms in goosebumps. The EP version captures the exact raw energy and passion that the band brings to every live show, so if you’re not privy to The Ballroom Thieves then buy this EP and go see a show.


1. The Griswolds- Heart of a Lion

Undeniably catchy from top to bottom, so much so you’ll find yourself singing along after just one listen. When creating our November Spotify playlist, I had to have listened to this EP at least 15 times in a row, each time making it more difficult to decide on which one track to include. Going in to CMJ each year there’s always one band that I absolutely must see, in 2011 it was Gotye, in 2012 it was Wild Cub, and 2013 was The Griswolds. Their short, but oh so sweet performance at the Delancey for this year’s Aussie BBQ was a highlight for many. If we had to choose one band that we predict to breakout in 2014 it would be The Griswolds without a doubt.


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