The Ballroom Thieves Set To Release New EP + Play Sinclair 10/4/2013

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of local trio The Ballroom Thieves round these parts. Their debut EP was one of our favorite releases of 2012 and we had an incredible time traveling to Summerfest with the band, documenting their journey to open for Dispatch in Milwaukee. This Friday the band is set to release their self-titled follow-up to The Devil & the Deep at The Sinclair, where they will be joined by fellow M&T favorites Caroline Rose and Tales of Olde. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the EP, and all we can say is that you are in for quite the treat. Ahead of this Friday’s gig we exchanged emails with Thieves frontman Martin Earley where he gave us the inside scoop on The Ballroom Thieves EP. Read on below for the full interview and remember to get your tickets for this Friday’s show while they last!

Maimed & Tamed: Tell us a little bit about the recording process for the new EP. Where was it recorded? How long did it take? How sweaty did Devin get?

The Ballroom Thieves: Well, we had ventured out to Oakland, California to record 12 songs in early January, but when we got the masters back later on in the year, we realized that the band had progressed quite a bit in the meantime and no longer felt comfortable releasing those tracks. We were adamant about the idea of delivering the energy of our live show on the record so we started over from scratch, right here in Boston. We worked with Mike Davidson (who also recorded our previous EP, The Devil & the Deep) at his Plaid Dog Studio in Allston, MA, and we got the whole thing done in just under a week. We were working hard because wanted to make sure we got everything done before October 1st, so (as you can imagine) Devin got extraordinarily sweaty. The whole process was a great time, and we can’t recommend Plaid Dog and Mike enough.

M&T: The band utilized a Pledge Music campaign to help fund the EP, what were your favorite pledge rewards to fulfill?

TBT:  We had an interesting balance between serious rewards and more whimsical, funny ones. The framed lyric sheets were really nice to produce, just because it’s fulfilling to know that someone actually wants my words in a frame on one of their walls. The dispensable cameras (which we’re still working on) are one of the more fun rewards; the people who got those may not have realized what they were signing up for…

I also know that Devin had a great time designing the drum heads, and that he’ll probably be knitting until next summer to get all of the scarves done.

M&T: For fans who have seen the band live [Editor’s Note: You’re dumb if you haven’t] we know that you’ve got more than four new songs in your repertoire that didn’t appear on 2012’s The Devil and The Deep. How did you choose the four tracks that ultimately made the cut for the new EP?

TBT: Like I mentioned above, we recorded 12 songs in California, and then we wrote about 2 or 3 more in the following months, so the decision-making process wasn’t easy. We wanted to produce a coherent set of songs that would be appealing to our long-time fans, while giving those people who haven’t seen us play live a taste of what it’s like to be at a Ballroom Thieves show. The EP doesn’t come with whiskey or sweat, though.

M&T: You guys have a new cellist since we last saw you, could you tell us about her addition to the band and how that fits in with the release of the new EP?

TBT: Callie had her work cut out for her, but she’s done amazingly over the last week and a half. Not only has she learned our repertoire of songs (on cello and vocals), but she’s also written new parts to several songs, including a brand new one that we may or may not debut at the Sinclair on October 4th. Oh, and she’s done all of that while putting up with the other two-thirds of the band. We couldn’t be more excited to have her with us, especially since this new EP is in many ways a rebirth of the band. Our first EP was a bit of an exploration; we were still trying to find our own sound. It took two years, but I think we’ve found it, and we couldn’t be more excited for Callie to help us shape the direction of the band in the future. 

M&T: After The Sinclair gig on Friday what else is in store for the band? What can your fans expect for the rest of 2013?

TBT: We’re closing out the year with some really fun shows, including an opera house performance with The Last Bison, who happen to be one of our favorite bands at the moment. We’ve got some surprises in store for all of our friends in Boston, and we’re psyched to make a trip out to the West coast – not solely to escape the inevitability of the New England winter. These are really exciting times for the band, and we can’t wait to share the experience with our accomplices.

M&T: Who is your favorite blogger in Boston?

TBT: I can’t mention his name but it rhymes with Schmeric Schmea. [Editor’s Note: Does that rhyme with Eric Shea?]

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