M&T Exclusive: On The Road With The Ballroom Thieves

As a music junkie who was never quite good enough at guitar to progress beyond the high school battle of the bands scene (although I thought myself to be a modern-day Hendrix), there’s always been a part of me that’s utterly fascinated with the idea of being a part of a touring band. Well now that I’ve come to grips with the fact that my guitar playing is more like this than this, I’ve finally landed my chance to hit the road with one of my favorite bands. No, I won’t be playing any guitar (thank god), but I’ll be playing Cameron Crowe to The Ballroom Thieves’ Stillwater if you will.

If you don’t know who The Ballroom Thieves are, you will soon enough. We wrote about the Boston trio back in December as they were preparing for a show with the Apache Relay and we still can’t praise them enough. If you have had the pleasure of catching their live show you’ll understand like we do that they have “it.” I can’t describe what “it” is, but when you see it you’ll get it. That’s why we are beyond excited to be hitting the road with The Ballroom Thieves next week as they travel to Milwaukee in what may be their biggest gig to date– opening for Dispatch at Summerfest. The festivities will begin next week with a send-off show at Great Scott on June 25th (info here) that we highly suggest you all check that out, after you stop by Tommy Doyle’s of course.

We’ll be serving up exclusive content throughout the trip and sharing the inside scoop on how rising rock stars party on the road, er at least I’m imagining this as one big party. Stay tuned to Maimed & Tamed and all of our associated social channels as we take to the highway to give you all an inside look into the world of the Ballroom Thieves. So buckle up for a wild ride kids, and as the Thieves say in “The Callow and the Hale”– “let’s get outta here”

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