Phox: A Best of 2013 Already?


There’s been an abundance of excellent folk/indie/whatever popping up lately, but one thing tends to be missing for me: the element of surprise. Enter Phox. This Wisconsin septet (and recent SXSW darling) just released Confetti, a six-track album that provides a listening experience equivalent to riding Space Mountain: you have no idea where you’re going or what’s coming next, but all you know is that IT’S FREAKING AWESOME. Exhibit A: “Slow Motion” begins with a rhythm as random as a dripping sink. In under six minutes, the song manages to incorporate a mellow clarinet solo, a mid-song electro break-down, a whistle interlude… oh and that backbeat? It’s created by the tapping of paper cups on a table. No joke. Now friends, please remember all of these aural treats are packed into the opening track alone. And the very best part? Confetti never sounds crowded at all. The unpredictable twists and turns within each song end up making perfect, quirky, gorgeous sense.

If the outlandish creativity of Phox hasn’t piqued your interest thus far, the vocals surely will. Lead singer Monica Martins is one of those lucky ladies with an androgynous timbre that you truly have to be born with. Martin’s voice is timeless, limitless, and just another reason why Phox is my early pick for Best Band 2013.

To see Martins and crew at work, I implore you to watch their video for “Slow Motion” below. It’s the most fun five minutes I’ve had sitting in front of a screen, ever.

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