The Ballroom Thieves, Mean Creek, and Little Green Cars at Sinclair 3/23/2013

For the Maimed & Tamed crew the bill for Saturday night at the Sinclair is just too good to be true. When the show was first announced I had to rub my eyes and pinch myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. If you checked out our end of year lists in 2012 you’ll know that both of the opening bands made appearances. Mean Creek’s Youth Companion was our #15 album of the year, while The Ballroom Thieves’ “Loose Lips” took #28 in our best songs of 2012. The Thieves are also hard at work on their new album which you can find out more info on here.

It’s easy to see that we enjoy the recorded material that both of these bands have produced, but the reason why we are so excited for this show is that these are two of the best live bands in Boston right now.

With an acoustic guitar, a cello, and a djembe, you may not think The Ballroom Thieves to be a rock band, but with the energy that they bring to the stage they can unquestionably be classified as just that. With Mean Creek, frontman Chris Keene is somewhat of a punk-rock Bruce Springsteen, both in his on-stage flair and incredible storytelling abilities. All of this and we still haven’t come to the headliner…

Ireland’s Little Green Cars are certainly a contender for buzz band of the moment, having booked a headlining tour in the US and an appearance at Coachella without even releasing their debut album in the States. Normally this would be a head scratcher, but take a listen to lead single “The John Wayne” below and you’ll understand why people are springing at the chance to catch them in action.

Tickets are still (somehow) available for the show, so if you’re looking for the best Saturday night in town click here.

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