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Local rocker Will Dailey is back in the studio working on his next album, and like so many indie artists he has embarked on an intimate journey with his fans to help fund his new venture. We caught up with Will and talked about his new album, crowdfunding, where he draws inspiration from, and of course, alpacas. Read on below for the full interview–

Maimed & Tamed: What prompted you to use a crowdsourcing platform to help fund your album?

Will Dailey: Well, for starters, I’ve seen a lot of fellow musician friends have great success with it. I started sending bands (that I produce on the side) that way to get their funding. But the real reason was the reaction I had after pledging to a couple of artists that I’m a fan of. I was driven by that feeling and connection, that I now have to their music, because I was a part of getting it made. It’s not just a way to raise money anymore but it’s a way to make a real connection in our mad dash digital world. I knew it would really push me and I was looking for a different experience with this album.

M&T: How has crowd funding changed the way that an independent artist approaches the process of recording an album?

WD: It is a huge hustle and task that you add on top of that already huge hustle and task of actually recording. However, it strengthens and comforts the process exponentially. It’s a lot more work but totally worth it.  It’s inspiring. You don’t realize how many people are actually willing to back your music and trust your artistic vision until you give them that opportunity to express that. Pledge Music allows artists in any area to work communally with their fans instead of just for their fans. The constant support continues to propel me forward and seeing the pledges come in while we are recording a new kind of emotional rush I have not experience in the studio.

M&T: What do you think is the most intriguing/fun reward that you are offering to fans in exchange for their support as part of the pledge music campaign?

WD: Music. The music we are making is the most intriguing thing that I am doing, honestly. I feel there is a real primal excitement surrounding these songs. The rest of the exclusives are really just a bonus but I’m also offering insider access to our process with weekly updates that include a whole bunch of media taken right from the studio. It’s a great thing when you can offer rewards for support.. It’s really rather karmatic, you know?  But it is much harder than you think trying to come up with incentives you think people might want. It’s a damn good feeling when I can offer up a Skype guitar lesson to some fans in France or someone wants my typed lyrics on my vintage 1931 Remington. I’m pretty excited to see who goes for the one-on-one hot chocolate hang sesh or my personal tape deck complete with a mix tape I put together myself. It’s gold! Gonna be tough to depart with that, actually (haha). There’s even an option to sponsor side B of our album, which I never even thought of until I teamed up with Pledge. I’ll even record a ringtone of your choice. I like knowing there’s something up there for everyone and that what we offer is what surrounds my personal musical experience.

M&T: Any good anecdotes from the recording of the new album? Any horror stories? Anyone sell their soul to the devil for some badass fiddle skills?

WD: I’d say 5 people sleeping in the studio for 7 days straight has been pretty wild. We figured we’d save on hotels and rough it. Bounty, the alpaca right out side the studio door, has a judgmental yet beautiful gaze. She makes us think twice.  The worst thing to happen is that my best acoustic guitar cracked from the super cold and dry weather. THAT is certainly a casualty.

M&T: Who or what were some of your influences while making this album?

WD: Seeing the pledges coming in has been the most unique influence I’ve ever had. I can see each name when they come in and more often than not someone will write a special note that honestly makes me choke up once or twice. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Turkish funk music from the 70’s… Not sure how it will influence the whole thing but it might.

These songs represent all of my musical experiences to this point only with the gloves off. I’m always trying to make the last album I’ll ever make. It adds an urgency and a risk factor. Of course it’s never the last one but this one feels like my band and I have reached new heights.

M&T: Most important question– Pepsi or Coke?

WD: Coke for cleaning my car battery and Pepsi 2 liter bottles for arts and crafts projects.


For more info on Will and his new album check out the links below–

To Pledge: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/willdailey

‘Sunken Ship jam’: http://vimeo.com/58195999

Facebook: www.facebook.com/willdailey

Twitter: www.twitter.com/willdailey

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