New Music Mondays: And The Giraffe

Last fall we featured Gainesville’s And The Giraffe and their debut EP Something for Someone, and last week the band independently released the follow-up Creature Collector. The new release is highlighted by the dark yet alluring vocals of lead singer Nick Roberts, who we previously compared to The Low Anthem’s Ben Knox Miller. Creature Collector presents a sound that is certainly more mature than ATG’s previous release and it is one that delivers beautifully layered soundscapes which the group has dubbed their own brand of “dream-folk.” The opening track “Find My Name In The Sun” builds from an ethereal island melody into a cacophony of percussion, horns, and distorted guitar while tracks like “Sorry” and “The Silent” take a more airy, and beatific approach similar to the tracks from Something for Someone.

You can stream “Find My Name In The Sun” below and support these wonderful indie artists by purchasing your own copy of the record.

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