New Music Mondays: Mean Creek

Boston quartet Mean Creek has been around for a while, but in an interview with the Boston Phoenix, lead singer Chris Keene said of their new album Youth Companion, “I feel like this is our first record in a lot of ways– we found our sound on it.” All of us here at Maimed & Tamed are quite happy that the group’s search for their sound proved to be fruitful as Youth Companion is certainly a triumph for Boston music. After officially hitting the shelves on October 16th, Youth Companion is an album that makes me proud to be a Boston music blogger. Knowing that music like this is created by others who also call Boston home gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over that makes me totally forget about the dismal season that our Red Sox just had (sorry I had to go there).

Youth Companion is an album that you will find yourself listening to on repeat, from the opener “Do You Know” to the epic finale “The Comedian,” as the track for track strength of this album is a rarity in this age where there is such a focus on the “single.” When listening to the album and deciding which track to feature on our November Spotify Playlist of the Month, it felt almost like choosing our favorite child. It was a difficult decision, but in the end we would have felt great about any choice. If you want to hear what we decided on you will just have to subscribe to our monthly playlist and wait for November 1 to roll around when the playlist will refresh. For now check out the video for “Young & Wild” below.

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